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Vashikaran Using Milk and Name

A Vashikaran Prayog that makes the use of Milk along with a Numerical Yantra and the Name of the desired man and woman to cast a strong Love Spell of Enchantment on the desired person has been described in this post.

Talisman for Doctors to Gain Healing Powers

In this post, I have written about a Talisman that can be useful by Doctors and other Healers to gain or enhance their healing powers and be able to successfully treat their patients, earn well and become famous. This Talisman is a Numerical Yantra, which vibrates to the frequency of the number 213.

Vashikaran By Black Dog and Roti

Vashikaran using Roti and a Black Dog is a popular method for casting an Attraction Spell on any person for the purposes of love or business. The simple method of casting this Attraction Spell without the use of a Vashikaran Mantra or Puja has been described in this post.

Talisman for Gaining Success in Worship of God

A Numerical Talisman for gaining success in the worship of God has been described in this post. This Talisman is a simple Sankhyatmak Yantra that can easily be prepared by any person who desires to succeed in knowing about God, coming close to God or having a vision of God.

Talisman for Enemy Attraction or Destruction

A Talisman, which can be used for either for casting an attraction spell upon an enemy or for destroying him has been described in this post. This Shatru or Enemy Destruction Yantra is simple and easy to use in order to resolve all problems related to any enemy who is hell bent on causing harm to the practitioner.

Talisman for giving Birth to a Baby Boy

A very simple Putra Prapti Yantra or a Talisman to give birth to a son has been described in this post. As mentioned time and again in earlier articles, birth and death is in the hands of God, however, followers of Yantra Shastra can use this simple yet effective numerical talisman to enhance their chances of giving birth to a baby boy .

Talisman for Immense Love and Attraction

A Talisman, which works in the same way as a Love Charm , Tabeez or a Yantra for gaining love and affection and immense popularity and co-operation of others has been described in this post. The working of this Talisman is similar to that of a Most Powerful Vashikaran Yantra.

Talisman for Making Two Lovers Fight and Break Up

A Yantra or Talisman Spell that has been attributed with the Occult Powers of breaking up the love and affection between two persons has been described in this post. This  Love Break-Up Talisman is some sorts of combination of a Uchchatan and a Videshan Yantra.

Yantra for Vashikaran, Wealth and Respect

The Yantra described in this post is a Talisman that simultaneously gives three very important benefits to the practitioner. These three benefits are Vashikaran or Attraction of all persons, gain of name, fame and respect in society and attraction of money and wealth.

One Talisman for Success in Everything

In this post, I have written about a single magical Yantra or Talisman for the fulfillment of all wishes, desires, hopes, aspirations and ambitions. This One Talisman for success in everything is a standalone Occult Diagram and the simple procedure of making it is  given below.

Revenge Spells to Separate Enemies by making them Fight

In this post, I have written about two Videshan Prayog or Voodoo Revenge Spells to Separate a man and a woman or all the persons or enemies who are residing together in a house by making them fight with each other and become sworn enemies of each other.

Talisman to Get Out of Debt and Shortage of Money

A Talisman to get out of debts and shortages has been described in this post. This Talisman is similar to some of Karz Mukti or Freedom from Debts Yantras, however, it does not need any kind of energization process to make it work.

Vashikaran Yantra Worn on Saree to Attract Desired Man

A Vashikaran Yantra, especially meant for a woman to attract any desired man, including her husband, lover or ex-lover has been described by me in this post. This Men Vashikaran Yantra can either be worn on a Saree or Dress or written with the juice of Paan and worn on the body.

Vashikaran Yantra to Attract Anyone in One Hour

In this post, I have described a very rare and strong Vashikaran Yantra that is Visarjit or immersed in running water in order to cast a most powerful Voodoo Attraction Spell on any person for any purpose within just 1 hour.

Shabar Mantra for Healing Enlarged Spleen

In this post, I have written about a rare Shabar Healing Mantra Chant to get relief from Tilli Rog or an Enlarged Spleen. This Shabar Mantra Chant  is also attributed with the powers of healing diseases and ailments related to the stomach in children.

Gayatri Mantra Remedy for Trouble Free Pregnancy

In this post, I have written about a Gayatri Mantra Remedy for ensuring a safe and trouble free pregnancy.  This simple and easy remedy, which hardly takes a few minutes to perform is practiced before the pregnant lady is actually taken for the delivery.

Mantra for getting Success During Navratri

In this post, I have written about a Siddhi Sadhana for gaining Siddhi over a Most Powerful and Effective Beej Mantra that is chanted for getting success in any task, work or job that is specifically practiced during the most auspicious and beneficial period of Navratri.

Three Simple Lal Kitab Totke for Quick Marriage

In this post, I written about three simple to practice Totke from the Magical Lal Kitab for Quick Marriage. These Traditional Indian Paranormal Remedies from the Lal Kitab are easy to practice and any girl or boy wishing to get married quickly can practice them without difficulty.

Talismans for Protection From Evil Spirits

In this post, I have written about two most powerful and effective talismans for protection from evil spirits, ghosts, demons, vampires and other evil energies and vibrations. These are standalone numerical combinations, which are free from any kind of ritual or religious worship.

Fast Working Vashikaran By Mud Mantra

In this post, I have written about a Fast Working Vashikaran Mantra using mud / dhool / dust from the ground for casting an Instant Attraction Spell on any person or persons, including a lover, husband or wife, business associate, enemy, rival, influential person, boss and co-worker.

Remedy to Restart Money Flow Stopped By Black Magic

In this post, I have written about a Totka or paranormal remedy for restarting the unhindered flow of money, which has been stopped by a Voodoo Spell Caster, Black Magician,  Aghora Tantrik-Mantrik-Bhagat or any other practitioner of Dark Occult Spells.

Mantra for Dispersing Ants and make them Go Away

In this post, I have written about a very unique Protection Mantra for dispersing ants in every direction and making them run away.  This Mantra is from the Stambhan Tantra and is called in the Hindi language as the Cheeti or Ants Stambhan Mantra.

Yantra for Getting Relief from Chronic Fever

A numerical Healing Yantra for getting relief from old or chronic fever has been described in this post. This Healing Talisman , which vibrates to the frequency of the number 340 is used along with a most powerful and effective combination of Beej Mantras.

Hanuman Yantra for Physical Power and Strength

In this post, I have written about a Hanuman Yantra Sadhana for the gain of physical strength, stamina and power. This Hanuman Yantra is very suitable for people like wrestlers, prize fighters, body builders, soldiers and policemen and others whose profession are to a large extent dependent upon physical fitness.

Crystal Tortoise and other Remedies for Parents of Children

In this post, I have written about three simple but effective remedies for the benefit of parents of children who are worried about the studies, health and well-being of their child. The first remedy is found in both Feng Sui and Vastu Shastra and the second and third ones have originated from the Lal Kitab.