Talisman for Making Two Lovers Fight and Break Up

A Yantra or Talisman Spell that has been attributed with the Occult Powers of breaking up the love and affection between two persons has been described in this post. This Love Break-Up Talisman is some sorts of combination of a Uchchatan and a Videshan Yantra.

Uchchatan means to remove an enemy, rival or any other person from your life and Videshan mean to create enmity between two or more persons and separate them them.

Normally a Tantrik, Black Magic Spell Caster or any other practitioner of Black Magic or Aghora Tantra will try such techniques to separate two lovers or remove the other man or woman from the life of his clients.

These techniques can also be practiced for breaking up the relationships between two friends or business rivals.

There are two techniques that can be used to make and use this Love or Friendship Breaking Talisman, both these techniques give the same result and have been described below.

Occult Spells for Making Two Lovers Fight and Break Up

1] The Numerical Talisman shown in this post should be written on white paper using black ink and then worshiped by lighting an oil lamp and incense stick before it.

Then, it should be put in fire and burnt to ash. The ash can be thrown out of the house.

This ritual should be practiced only on a Saturday.

2] The Talisman should be written on white paper using coal and then worshiped by lighting an oil lamp and incense stick before it.

Then, it should be shown to the two persons or lovers whom the practitioner seeks to separate.

Notes- In both the instances of this Talisman, the words Amuk and Amuk should be replaced by the names of the two persons who are sought to be separated by the practitioner.

Even though, this paranormal remedy to divide and separate two people appears simple, it is fearsome in nature and success depends upon the intensity with which it is practiced.

The Hindi language video of this Love Break Up Talisman Experiment will be published soon on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/Prophet666channel

Using such paranormal remedies without intensity and just for fun or trivial purposes makes them ineffective and they do not work as expected.

Many such Talismans and Paranormal Remedies to separate people or resolve enemy related problems can be seen in the sections on Mantra and Tantra for Enemies, Yantra and Charm-Talismans and Amulets


  1. Sir, could you please put some garuda mantras and yantras. I could find any info about Lord garuda in this site. Kindly request for this info.

    1. मन्त्र महार्णव -देवताखंड के ग्यारहवें तरंग में हरिवाहन गरुड़ मन्त्र प्रयोग ,
      गरुड़ माला मन्त्र ,गरुड़ स्तव का वर्णन है .मन्त्र महोदधि के तरंग 14
      में विष्णु सम्बन्धी मन्त्रों के अंतर्गत गरुड़ मन्त्र हैं ."क्षिप ॐ स्वाहा "इस
      पंचाक्षर मन्त्र के विनियोग,न्यास,ध्यान के बाद ५ लाख जप का
      प्रावधान है .गरुड़ माला मन्त्र का विधान दस हजार जप का है .गरुड़ के
      १२ नामो को प्रातः या शयन के समय पढ़ने से विष का प्रभाव नहीं पड़ता ,
      कार्यों में निर्विघ्नता रहती है .

  2. Guruji ,please provide any easy yantra,talisman to be free from disease ,skin disease like liphoma..

  3. दो प्रेमियों में विद्वेष उत्पन्न करना क्या उचित होगा ?यदि यह उनके हित में है या फिर आप प्रतिस्पर्धी हैं ,तो अवश्य प्रयोग कीजिये.
    एक शाबर विद्वेषण मन्त्र इस प्रकार है --
    दोनों व्यक्तियों के फोटो लें .फोटो न हों तो दोनों के पहने हुए कपडे के टुकड़े भी ले सकते हैं .यदि ये भी न हों तो दो पत्थर के टुकड़े ले लें .
    बुधवार रात्रि को इन (फोटो /या वस्त्र के टुकड़े /या पत्थर )पर सम्बंधित दोनों व्यक्तियों के नाम काजल से लिखें और किसी पात्र में रख दें .
    अपने पूजास्थल या एकांत जगह में इस पात्र को रख तीन दिन तक निम्न
    शाबर मन्त्र की 21 माला रोज जपें .
    दिशा-दक्षिण ,वस्त्र आसन-यथासंभव काले ,माला -काला हकीक
    मन्त्र--ॐ खं फलाने को फलाने से विद्वेषय विद्वेषय मारजटा आदिपुरुषाय
    हूँ .
    (फलाने में पहला नाम उसका रहे ,जिसके लिए प्रयोग किया जा रहा है .दूसरे फलाने में उस व्यक्ति का नाम हो ,जिससे सम्बन्ध अयोग्य हैं और नुकसानदायक )
    तीन दिन के बाद चौथे दिन फोटो /वस्त्र के टुकड़े /पत्थर पानी में विसर्जित कर दें .

  4. Sir ,

    how can we measure the intensity during the prayog

  5. Suppose If someone has did it on us. With evil intensions how can we reverse this spell? Or break this tantra to save our love relationship?


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