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Ayyappa Mantra to Remove Any Danger and Fulfil Wishes

Lord Shasta, also called Ayyappa or Ayyappan is a very powerful Hindu Deity who combines the strengths and qualities of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He is the son of Mohini Roopi Vishnu and Shiva. The worship of Ayyappa is very popular in the southern states of Indian, especially in the State of Kerala.

Ram Mantra to Meditate on the Maryada Purushottam

Shri Rama is the Maryada Purushottam or the Best or Ideal Form of a Human Being as intended by the Creator. Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe, himself manifested as Shri Ram to give an example to all living beings in the Universe about the qualities, virtues, and powers of the Ideal Human Being.

Mantras to Connect with Universal Forms of Hanuman and Krishna

In this post, I have written the most powerful Hanuman and Krishna Mantras to visualize upon their most radiant and luminous Vishwaroop or Universal Form and connect with the tremendous energy and power generated by these Forms, which can make anything possible and give anything to the seeker even without his or her asking for it.

Vashikaran By Chanting Mantra Taking Name and Washing Face

Today, I have explained the Vashikaran Vidhi or procedure of casting a most powerful Vashikaran Spell on any man or woman by just chanting a very simple Shabar Vashikaran Mantra and then taking the Name of the Desired Person and Washing your Face with Water.

Shabar Mantra for Good Luck and Getting Anything

In this post, I have described a Secret Shabar Mantra for getting anything you want by transcending the effects of Good or Bad Karma. This is also a most powerful wish-fulfilling Mantra that can give any desired thing to the practitioner, like a new house, money and wealth, cars, or any other wished-for thing.

Vashikaran By Name Using Powerful Beej Mantras

In this post, I will describe two variations of an effective Vashikaran By Name Mantra that is composed using either Hreem or Kleem, which are among the Most Powerful Beej Mantras that are capable of triggering off tremendous Vashikaran Shakti or Powers of Attraction in the direction of the targeted person.

Vashikaran Mantra Using Wax Doll of Desired Lady

There are numerous Vashikaran Experiments using a Voodoo Doll or Gudiya or Putli to enchant the desired lady for the motive of friendship, romance, or marriage. The one described by me in this post is a rare Shabar Vashikaran Mantra Prayog that uses a Wax Doll or Mome Ki Gudiya to cast a most powerful Vashikaran Spell to bind and control the targeted woman.

Mantra Meditation on the Sun as the Soul

Since time immemorial some adepts have been suggesting that the Sun or Surya Devta is the Soul of the Earth, Humans, and all Living Organisms. This theory is substantiated by the fact that the Earth was a part of the Sun or originated from the Sun.

Rare Mantra to Appease Rudra

The Mantra described by me in this post is a rare and unique Mantra that originates from the Shabar Tantra, and it is said to have the tremendous paranormal power of appeasing Rudra or the Most Fearsome Form of Lord Shiva.

Bay Leaf Paranormal Remedy to Fulfill Any Wish

In this post, I have written about a very popular and effective Indian Paranormal Home Remedy for fulfilling any wish or desire or getting success or victory in any work or task by just burning a Tejpatta, which is also called Tamal Patra or Bay Leaf in English. 

Most Powerful Remote Maran and Mohini Mantras

In this post, I have written about a Maran Mantra for destroying an enemy that should be used as a last option or resort and a most powerful Mohini Mantra to enchant any desired man or lady. Both these Maran and Mohini Mantras can be used as remote destruction or attraction spells that can be cast from far-away places or sitting in your home to destroy an enemy or gain the love and affection of any desired person.