Most Powerful Remote Maran and Mohini Mantras

In this post, I have written about a Maran Mantra for destroying an enemy that should be used as a last option or resort and a most powerful Mohini Mantra to enchant any desired man or lady. Both these Maran and Mohini Mantras can be used as remote destruction or attraction spells that can be cast from far-away places or sitting in your home to destroy an enemy or gain the love and affection of any desired person.

I have written about both these Maran and Mohini Mantras in the same post because they originate from the same Tantra and make use of some of the Beej Aksharas of the Great Death Conquering Mahamrityunjay Mantra of Lord Shiva.

Hence, these Mantras have the capacity to generate tremendous destructive or attraction energy or Shatru Vinashak or Vashikaran Shakti, depending upon the motive for which they are used.

Maran Mantra to Remotely Destroy an Enemy:
This Maran Mantra should be utilized as a last resort weapon when everything else has not given the desired results. Success in this Maran Mantra Prayog will ultimately depend upon the confidence and intensity with which the Mantra is chanted because as explained in many earlier posts, the Mantra will only act as a vehicle for transferring the destructive energy from the practitioner to his enemy.

ॐ जूं सः अमुकं मारय मारय घे घे सः जूं ॐ ||

Om Joom Sah Amukam Maaraya Maaraya Ghe Ghe Sah Joom Om ||

Note: The Hindi language video of this Shatru Maran Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Sirf Naam Lekar Dushman Ko Nasht Karne Ka Shatru Maran Mantra

Mohini Mantra to Remotely Enchant any desired person from Far-Away: This Mohini Mantra will give the desired results and make the practitioner attractive, seductive, charming, and desirable in the eyes of the targeted person. This enchantment spell will give success if there is a connection between the practitioner and the targeted person and the practitioner really loves that person and desperately seek his or her affection. This Mohini Mantra can also be practiced on an unresponsive or unloving husband or wife to come close to them and gain their affection.

ॐ जूं सः अमुकं मोहय मोहय सः जूं ॐ ||

Om Joom Sah Amukam Mohaya Mohaya Sah Joom Om ||

Note: The Hindi language video of this Mohini Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Ghar Baithe Door Se Kisi Ko Bhi Vash Karne Ka Mohini Mantra

How to practice these Maran and Mohini Mantras: The procedure of practicing both these Mantras is the same and there is no Puja-Vidhi or any other rules applicable for practicing these Mantras.

The Mantra Chanting can be commenced on any day and the practitioner should chant the Mantra for at least 5-10 minutes daily or as much as he wants with confidence and intensity. If the practitioner wishes, he can chant the Mantra for a fixed number of days or until his purpose has been met.

While chanting the Mantra, the word [ Amukam] should be replaced with the name of the targeted person.


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