Rare Mantra to Appease Rudra

The Mantra described by me in this post is a rare and unique Mantra that originates from the Shabar Tantra, and it is said to have the tremendous paranormal power of appeasing Rudra or the Most Fearsome Form of Lord Shiva.

Rudra Dev is the most ancient form of Lord Shiva, which has been described in the Vedas and was worshipped by the masses during those Vedic times. Rudra as per Vedic Texts could symbolize Thunder or Storms and the name Rudra could have evolved from the sound or “Garjana” made by Thunder or Lightning

The term Rudra also means the most powerful destructive force or the Jad, meaning the root or source of the destructive energy prevalent in the Universe. Hence, Rudra also means as mentioned above the Fearsome and Destructive Side of Lord Shiva; the other Side is the Calm or Shant Roop of Shiva.

The Benefits of Appeasing Rudra Dev: 1] One of the most important benefits of chanting this Rudra Mantra could be safety and security from every kind of danger, including danger from Witchcraft and all types of Occult and Voodoo Spells, protection from diseases, accidents, enemies, malefic planets in his horoscope, and harm from dangerous invisible entities, like ghosts and demons.

2] The practitioner will be able to fulfill all his wishes and desires and gain material benefits, like houses, money, and vehicles or whatever he wishes by chanting this Rudra Mantra.

3] The practitioner will be able to remove all negative energies from his body and surroundings and attract positivity in everything and get success in his love or married life and experience peace, harmony, and satisfaction in his domestic and social life.
Mantra to Please Rudra Deva

How to get Siddhi over the Rudra Mantra:
There is no specific Vidhi, or ritual mentioned in the Tantra to gain Siddhi over the Mantra. The Shabar Tantra only mentions that Siddhi is achieved by chanting the Mantra given below 6000 times.

कं रं वं धं उं चं जं जं ॐ टं डं ||

Kam Ram Vam Dham Um Cham Jam Jam Om Tam Dam ||

There are also no rules regarding direction, sitting mat, clothes, or counting rosary prescribed for this Rudra Mantra Sadhana.

Notes; The Hindi language version of this Rudra Mantra can also be seen on our YouTube Channel. Mahadev Ke Rudra Avatar Ko Prasanna Karne Ka Chamatkari Beej Mantra 

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  1. Daily or else it is a one time chant

    1. As per the Shabar Tantra it is a onetime Mantra Prayog.

  2. Pranaam Guruji. Thanks for posting a good sadhana. Please let us know whether the sadhana can be done in one sitting or the mantra to be chanted 6000 times in say 6 days @1000 per day.

    1. The Mantra Sadhana should be competed in one-sitting, taking a break only for the most essential chores.

  3. Is it totally satvik in nature or have it's side-effects?

  4. Guruji,
    after completing 6000 chants for activating the mantra, can we chant daily 108 times to increase its power

  5. after gaining siddhi of mantra japa 6000 times how do we use it to attain the wishes and benefits of it sir

    1. This is meditation Mantra to het close of Shiva, if you succeed you will get everything without asking for it.

  6. Guruji, can we chant the mantra daily for 5 mins after completing one time mantra prayog?


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