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Shiva and Lakshmi Mantra for Money and Beauty

In this post, I have written about a small but powerful Mantra of Lord Shiva that removes all money and wealth-related problems of poor, needy, and helpless people and a Beej Mantra of Lakshmi Devi that gives prosperity and beauty at the same time.

Maas Akarshan Bhootni Mantra Sadhana

In this post, I have written about a fearsome Maas Akarshan Bhootni Mantra Sadhana from one of the many versions of the Bhoot Damara Tantra. Maas mean flesh and the meaning of the term “Maas Akarshan Bhootni” means a female flesh-eating ghost who can be attracted by the flesh.

Uchchatan Spell to Remove Enemy in 3 Days

A very powerful Tantrik Prayog for the Uchchatan or removal of any enemy from the life of the practitioner in 3 days has been described in this post. This is an Aghora or fearsome enemy removal Voodoo Black Magic Spell that is actually practiced by some Tantriks and Aghori Sadhus.

Lakshmi Mantra to Possess and Enjoy Wealth

In this post, I have written about a very effective Mantra of the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance Lakshmi Devi for becoming Sampanna or Self-Sufficient in every kind of material wealth and enjoy it to the fullest.

Is there a Healing Mantra for Coronavirus

Many of our readers keep on asking me if there is any Healing Mantra for treating or getting relief from Coronavirus or COVID-19 or which are the best and most effective Mantras for fighting and surviving this Global Pandemic.

Vashikaran Mantra Using Beauty, Jewellery and Clothes

A very interesting Vashikaran Mantra Experiment for fascinating any desired man or woman by wearing good clothes, adorning yourself with jewelry, and looking attractive and beautiful by doing makeup has been described in this post.

Mantra and Remedies for Scorpion Sting

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for safety from scorpion stings and some Indian Tantric Remedies of Upay for getting relief from scorpion bites and also for removing scorpions from your home or any other place.

Yantra for Marriage of Girls

A unique numerical Yantra that is said to be is helpful in facilitating the marriage of girls who are not getting suitable marriage proposals or not finding a groom of their liking has been described in this post. This procedure of making and using this Yantra is totally different from most other Yantras.

Vishnu Mantras to Have a Nice Day and Punish Enemies

In this post, I have described 2 small but most powerful and beneficial Vishnu Mantras for having a nice and trouble-free day and 1 Mantra to punish any enemy or enemies who have intentionally wronged the practitioner.

Mantra to Make Anyone Talk in Sleep

In this post, I have written about an unusual and unique Mantra Experiment from the Aghori Tantra to talk in sleep or make any other person talk in sleep.

Secret Vashikaran Powder for Lifelong Vashikaran

In this post, I have written about a secret formula to prepare a Vashikaran Powder or Churna that is said to possess the supernatural capacity to cast an unbreakable Vashikaran Spell on any desired man or woman and make that person a life long slave of the practitioner.

Banyan Leaf Remedies for Fulfilling Wishes and Gaining Money

In this post, I have described two simple but effective traditional Indian paranormal home remedies using the Leaves of the Banyan Tree or Bargad Ka Ped in Hindi for fulfilling wishes and desires and gaining money and wealth.

Attraction By Body Dirt and Trilok Vashikaran Kajal

In this post, I have written about two Vashikaran Mantra Experiments that are practiced using the same Vashikaran Mantra to cast a love spell on any wished-for man or woman, including an unresponsive lover or spouse. The first Vashikaran Mantra Prayog uses body waste and the second one is Trilok Vashikaran Kajal Mantra Prayog.

Uchchatan Mantra Prayog from Bhoot Damar Tantra

In this post, I have written about two Uchchatan Experiments that are described in one of the rare versions of the mystical Bhoot Damar Tantra, which contains Aghori or Fearsome Tantrik Experiments of all kinds, including those related to the resolution of enemy related problems, like Uchchatan, Videshan, Maran and Stambhan Experiments.

Most Powerful Voodoo Doll Vashikaran Mantra Prayog

In this post, I have written about the most powerful Doll Vashikaran Prayog to attract any desired woman and put her under a very strong and unbreakable Voodoo Love Spell. This is a Doll or Putli Vashikaran Prayog from the Aghora Tantra.

Stambhan Mantra from Bhoot Damar Tantra

In this post, I have written about Stambhan or Immobilization Mantra Experiments for shutting down the nefarious activities of enemies or unfriendly people. These Paranormal Remedies are contained in a particular version of the Bhoot Damar Tantra.

Shabar Healing Mantra for Getting Relief from Cataract

A Shabar Healing Mantra for getting relief from Cataract or Aankh Ki Phuli or Motibindu in Hindi has been described in this post. This is a Shabar Healing Mantra that has to be Siddh or Mastered during the period of a Solar or Lunar Eclipse.

Effective Yantra to Progress in Education

A simple but potent numerical Yantra or Charm for progress in education and all activities related to learning and knowledge has been described in this post. This numerical Yantra is a simple variation of the Yantra for the Planet Jupiter or Guru Graha.

Vashikaran Remedy for Women to Attract their Husband or Boyfriend

Hello, readers today we will give you a very nice, which is especially for women and girls who are unable to attract their husbands, boyfriends, or their partners. All women and girls who want to be attractive in order to attract their lovers or partners and to get respect in society can try this very simple Vashikaran Mantra Prayog – Post By Guru

Bhavishya Gyan Mantra to Know which Decision to Take

In this post, I have written about a rare Bhavishya Gyan or Future Knowing Mantra that enables the practitioner to take the correct decision or right course of action for any task or choose the best solution for any problem.

Mantra to Gain Money and Love at the Same Time

In this post, is given a Fortune Opening Mantra that also brings love into the life of the practitioner. This is a very beneficial Satvik Mantra from the Jain Tantra that attracts love, happiness, and prosperity at the same time.

Most Powerful Vashikaran Spells from Bhoot Damar Tantra

In this post, I have written about the most powerful standalone Vashikaran Love Spells from a version of the Bhoot Damar Tantra. These Vashikaran Spells do not need the use of any Mantra, Yantra, or Worship to make them work.

Most Powerful Kali Mata Mantra Prayog

Whenever a person thinks that he has lost hope in life, he lacks energy or his energy levels are very low at that time he should take shelter in Maa Kali because Maa Kali is very kind and gives results and benefits very quickly to her devotee. - Post By Guru

4 Bhoot Damar Tantra Remedies for Becoming Rich and Prosperous

In this post, I have described four paranormal remedies for becoming rich and prosperous, which are contained in one of the versions of the Bhoot Damara Tantra. These are standalone remedies that do not need the chanting of any Mantra or Prarthana or the use of any Yantra.