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Most Powerful Muslim Voodoo Spell

In this post is given a most powerful and diverse Islamic Spell, which is believed to grant the one that Master the Spell the paranormal physic powers to cast a most powerful and effective Spell. The Voodoo Spell can be used to remove an enemy from his path, the power to remove an unwanted tenant, guest or employee [Videshan and Uchatan] or to put any person under a Voodoo Spell of enchantment, control and management [ Vashikaran , Mohini and Akarshan Prayog].

Importance of Shankhnaad in Hinduism

Shankhanaad is the sound, which emits from a conch shell after it is blown by someone. Shankhnaad has always had great relevance in the Hindu religion and culture, including during the times of the great battle of Kurukshetra.  One often comes across scenes of Shri Krishna, Arjuna and other great warriors blowing the Shankha before going to battle as also numerous other scenes from Hindu Mythology, which show the Shankha being blown before the commencement of an important religious ceremony, rite or even a Yagna.

Mantra for Morning Urine and Stools

This is a post for those spiritual aspirants who meditate early in the morning, especially during the auspicious timing of Brahma Muhurta. These aspirants are worried about the impurities, which they might come across because of the unavoidable morning urine and stools. However, there is nothing to worry for these Sadhaks as Sabar Vidya prescribes certain Mantras, which not only remove the impurities but also attract positive spiritual vibration.

Santoshi Mata Mantra for Marriage

This is a Hindu Shabar Mantra, which invokes the Mother Goddess Santoshi Mata for removing obstacles and problems, which come in the way of any kind of arranged or love marriage. The Mantra is suitable for those unable to get married due to poverty, family opposition, physical handicaps,  caste barriers and other such factors, which may hinder the marriage prospects of a girl of marriageable age from getting married.

Vashikaran By Photo Mantra

Vashikaran, Mohini, Sammohan and Akarshan Tantra though a photograph is becoming very popular these days, though, it would be most appropriate to add that the Mantra and the will power of the practitioner work together. The stronger the will-power of the practitioner, the stronger are the chances of getting success in putting a Voodoo Spell over someone, just by concentrating on their photo. The Vaskikaran Mantra given in this post is believed to cast a Love Spell over a desired woman lover.

Mantra for information of Theft in Dream

I get lots of mail requests from readers, who are at the receiving end of a theft, those whose money, valuables and other items have been stolen and there is little likelihood of the stolen goods being recovered.  The Mantra, published in this post, is different from the earlier ones because this Tantra is said to give the information about the thief and the location of the stolen goods to the practitioner in a dream.

Paranormal Kada to Remove Gas and Ghosts

In this post, I have written about an Indian Paranormal Tantra to remove chronic stomach gas, evil and harmful spirits, and mystic entities . The paranormal remedy uses a simple Kada. The Kada or Kara is a kind of plain metal bracelet, which is worn around the wrist, somewhat similar to the Kara worn by the Sikhs and other Punjabi people. Given below is the procedure of preparing the Kada, known in Hindi as the Vayu Gola Nashak Kada and practicing the Tantra.

Indian Remedy to Reduce Number of Eyeglasses

The Gorakhmundi, botanical name - Sphaeranthus Indicus, known in the English language as the East Indian globe thistle and in Sanskrit as the Mahamundi has always been used in traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda to treat specific ailments. Though normally used as an ingredient in stomach, skin and infection related ailments, the fruit of the Gorakhmundi is prescribed by some healers in India to treat eye-related ailments and diseases and to reduce the number of the spectacles.

Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra

In continuation of my efforts in bringing to the fore rare and unique experiments on unknown and unheard of Yakshinis, in this post is given a Mantra Sadhana to invoke the Vibhrama Yakshini.  The meaning of Vibhrama is universally taken to be found of love or sexual desire; however, it is uncertain if this has anything to do with this Yakshini.

Santoshi Mata Goddess of Kali Yuga

The worship of Santoshi Mata gained immense popularity in the wake of the blockbuster Hindi film Jai Santoshi Mata.  The word Santoshi should be correctly interpreted as “the satisfier” and not “satisfaction”. Hence, she should be seen as the one who satisfies the Satvik needs and dreams of Pure and Unselfish Souls.

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Mantra for Ladies

Sarva Mangala Mangalye…, Sloka from the Durga Saptashati, is arguable one of the most famous, popular and most chanted devotional mantras in India. This mantra symbolizes the auspicious aspect of Durga Mata and sees her divine form in all that is auspicious.  The benefits of chanting this Durga Sloka are immense and millions of devote Hindus all over the world chant this Sloka for different purposes using different methods in order to find happiness in life.

Remedy to Increase Memory Power of Child - 2

This is a Totka to increase the memory power of a child, this Indian remedy uses a slightly different Tantra than the other paranormal remedies for increasing the memory powers in children.  The Tantra does not make the use of any other related Mantra-Yantra or Puja-Vidhi and can be practiced as described below by anxious parents of children having weak grasping and retaining powers, that if they are followers of Indian Tantric remedies .

Lime and Needle Voodoo Mantra

Voodoo Spells making use of a Needle to prick a Lime, in order to trouble an enemy are one of the most common and popular of all Voodoo Spells, which are practiced by the practitioners of Black Magic and other Black Arts all over the world. In this post, I have described a Shabar Hindi Mantra, which involves the Lime-Needle combination to trouble an enemy or enemies.

Yakshini Mantra for Rare Items from Patal Lok

This is a Yakshini Mantra Experiment, which is commenced on a day when there are dark clouds in the sky. The Mantra invokes a Yakshini called Mahendra, about whom only a handful of people would have heard about. I do not have a description or the special traits attributed to this Yakshini , nor have I heard about anyone who has ever invoked the Mahendra Yakshini. Nevertheless, I will describe the invocation process in this post.

Shankhini Yakshini Mantra for Wish Fulfilment

The Shankhini or the Conch Woman is a one of the four major classes of women as per the Indian erotic text the Anaga Ranga. These classes were broadly divided and further sub divided according to the looks and characteristics, including sexual traits. In the Yakshini Tantra, there is also a Yakshini known as the Shankhini Yakshini, whose Mantra Sadhana , I have described in this post.

Muth [Black Magic Spell] Rokne Ka Mantra

This Shabar Mantra is known as the Muth Rokne Ka Mantra or the Mantra to stop any kind of Black magic Spells, including harmful Jaran-Maran Spells and also malefic Mohini and Vashikaran Mantra Spells or Totke. The Mantra as you can see invokes the Mother Goddess as Chandi Mata and Shri Narasimha, the half Man-Lion Avatar of Vishnu for self-protection from the malefic Black Magic Spell.

For Spiritual Upliftment Read Tripura Tantra

The Womb of the Universe comprises of countless diverse objects and the Mind is also one of these objects. When the Mind is engaged in a specific thought, it takes the shape and form of that specific object. However, due to the continuous inflow of different thoughts, the Mind is unable to concentrate on a single thought and hence the thought becomes weaker and weaker as the more and more thoughts pile up inside the Mind and make it stray.

Mohini Mantra for Angarki Sankashti Chaturthi

Going by the large crowds seen at Ganesh Mandirs, most devote Hindus will be aware of the importance of worshiping Ganesha on the day of  Sankashti Chaturthi, this is the Chaturthi Tithi or fourth day of the Krishna Paksha or the Dark Fortnight of a Hindu Lunar Month.  This post contains a unique method for a Mohini Mantra experiment using a popular Ganesh Mantra .

Vashikaran Tilak prepared inside a Human Skull

In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Tilak to put an enchantment spell on a desired lover, which makes the use of a Human Skull. Even though the Tantra makes the use of a Human Skull and Tantras, which use such items, are considered as Tamsic, the experiment does not appear like an out and out Tamsic Vashikaran experiment .

Bhootnath Kartikeya Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Vashikaran Mantra, which is believed to invoke the Hindu deity Kartikeya to bring a person under control and management by putting a Vashikaran Spell upon that person. Kartikeya,  also known as Murugan is the son of Shiv-Parvati and the younger brother of Ganesha . Shiva is also known as Bhootnath because after the birth of Kartikeya, Lord Shiva created the ghosts [ Bhoot Yoni ] to look after him.

Future New Brains in the Breasts

Instead of disruptive big volume operations to somehow stuff into the male belly or female breasts any wanted advanced full sized molecular matrices complex computers plus body heat to electric energy converters, it was decided it should be much better to simply inject just tiny good very capable starting seeds.

Daily Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra for Peace

A most popular and beautiful method of worshipping Ganesha for all and every kind of want, need, wish or simply for peace of mind or to increase your physical and mental beauty is given below in this post.  This Ganpati Mantra Sadhana if practiced daily is also in itself a most effective and powerful way to worship Ganpati, remove negative thoughts and emotions from the aura, and lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Animal and Plant Tantra to stop Loose Motions

In this post, I have included two different Hindu paranormal Tantras, which are believed to stop loose motions, dysentery or diarrhea.  One Tantra uses an animal part and the other a plant part. These Tantras are amongst the numerous traditional Indian remedies, some of which are still actively practiced by some practitioners of the Tantra.

Money Making Totka

We get all kinds of requests for posting more and more paranormal remedies to gain money, wealth and property. Taking into consideration the wishes of our readers, we have posted the most diverse range of Money Making Totke for this purpose. In this post, is given an extremely uncommon Tantra, which is believed to fulfill the wishes of the practitioner.

Paranormal Tantra to Walk Tirelessly

A few years back, I had written about a rare and unique Mantra, which had to be practiced along with a specific Tantra, which enabled the practitioner to walk tirelessly for a long period of time, without feeling any kind of fatigue or pain.  Such Paranormal Tantras were very much in practice during the middle ages when walking was the most common mode of transport for the masses. In this post, I have written about another Tantra for the same purpose, the only difference being that this one does not require any kind of Mantra to be mastered and only practicing the remedy is said to be sufficient.

Future Modifications of Female Breasts

Unsurprisingly, female moderns now safely off Earth felt quite contented with likely winning some extra approving interest from males, such as after gaining fully well developed noncellular new brain volumes expanded within their breasts (normally little needed other than for just the quite small volume fraction producing good milk for nursing a new baby).

Vashikaran Tilak Totke for Sunday

Some Vashikaran Totke, those, which do not depend upon a Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra, are believed to be more potent and powerful if performed on a particular day of the week. In this post, are included two such secret Vashikaran Tilak experiment which are said to be more effective and have more chances of success if performed on Sundays.

Hanuman Mantra Remedy for Indigestion

To make thing simpler and easier for the practitioners of Hindu Health Mantras, especially the layperson, I have started giving simpler and simpler sickness relieving mantras, including Vedic and Shabar Mantras. In this post, is included a common Hanuman Mantra , which if chanted in a specific manner, is believed to give relief from indigestion and acidity.

Future Attractive Large Breasts in Women

Women had long been well aware of attractive usefulness of bigger than average breasts. Some past clothing was better for revealing good development here. This could attract more favorable interest from possible desired males, including for sexual mating, maybe ultimately leading to a desired permanent marriage. (Some clothing showed off what was actually faking volume padding.)

Remedy Invoking the Night Sky to Resolve Problems

If troubled by any kind of domestic, financial, enemy, health, education, marriage, job, business or any other kind of problem or worry, you can try the remedy, which has been given in this post.  This particular remedy, which was given to me by a learned and spiritually developed person, involves invoking the night sky to sort out and resolve your worries and problems .

Vashikaran Mantra Spell using Nails

There are some very specific Vashikaran Spells, which make the use the nails of the hand and feet to cast a spell of enchantment on a desired person, be it a man or woman. Some such spells with and without using a Vashikaran Mantra have already been given in earlier articles. The Vashikaran experiment given in this post infuses the human nails with a Vashikaran Mantra to cast a spell as part of a unique and rare experiment which is explained below.

Hanuman Mantra Remedy for Sunstroke

A lot of people are prone to be Sunstroke resulting from excessive heat, which can be a serious condition, depending upon the physical constitution of the concerned individual.  This can again trigger off other complications including serious ones like heart related problems. In this post, I have given a simple home remedy, which used the Tulsi [Holy Basil] leaves infused with an easy to chant Hanuman Mantra.

Neem Bath Remedy for Skin Disorders

The parts of the Neem tree, Indian Lilac in common English [Azadirachta indica] are extensively used in traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda. This tree known as Nimba in Sanskrit appears most prominently in most ancient Hindu works related to traditional Indian medicine and healing and these texts contain a diverse range of diseases and ailments, which can be cured using the parts of the Neem tree. In this post, is given a home remedy , which is specially practiced to get relief from any skin disease related disorders, including skin infections.

Manikarnika Devi Mantra

As per Hindu scriptures, Manikarnika Devi is said to a form of the Divine Mother; she is worshipped as the Shakti and is associated with holy city of Kashi, which dates back even before the Puranas.  She is worshipped for blessings to remove fear, gain in wealth and money , gaining progeny, marriage and marriage related matters, Moksha, and spiritual advancement.