Future New Brains in the Breasts

Instead of disruptive big volume operations to somehow stuff into the male belly or female breasts any wanted advanced full sized molecular matrices complex computers plus body heat to electric energy converters, it was decided it should be much better to simply inject just tiny good very capable starting seeds.

Then these would be well controlled from outside, to often suck in and use needed molecular components to effectively slowly grow over years, to eventually develop into the final wanted sizes. (That would be a bit like our natural maturing not fast growth into bigger adult sizes.) Or in females, much of the present ample breast volumes, not needed for much beyond attracting devoted males, could be slowly gradually converted into new brain volumes plus average temperature (sonic speed random molecular motions) body heat to electricity converters.

Somewhat flexible special often externally closable effective needles, also having in them not too thick communications lines, could be kept there safely covered indefinitely. For females, such special needles could be stuck in near breast centers. These had at needle tip a noncellular seed start with signal channels extending back out through the needle. Over a half month, the skin could seal well around the special needles.

A noncellular seed start then began sucking in fluid supplied to the needle from outside, having wanted molecular matrix components and more, which would be suitably chemically extended from the noncellular seed start. Something similar was done for a noncellular new brain volume in the male belly. Development and expansion would slowly continue over about as many years as for major breast maturing development. All this was well controlled by a monitoring computer at home, to suitably develop proper slow growing molecular matrices new brain volumes, also to develop wanted body heat to electricity converters.

Extra ballooned out breasts could have some attractive eye catching visual similarity to that ancient most important primate sexual target from behind when bent over for sex: in low between ballooned out buttocks. Possibly this is related to why our males are attracted extra to more ballooned out female breasts? (In fact some playful loving couples occasionally gained extra nice fun playful pleasures from somewhat simulating reproductive sex up here.) (Back on Earth, many modern females had actually preferred no more than small breasts, implying maybe not having any significant genetic enhancements violently hated by some others. That might have helped quietly avoid notice from possible foes.)

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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