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Paranormal remedies to make medicines effective

These are a couple of Indian paranormal remedies which are followed if medicines are found to be ineffective or have no effect while treating an ill person. There is a strong belief in paranormal circles that this is due to some invisible energy field or sickly aura around the sick person which makes medicines ineffective.

Paranormal properties of Bear Hair

There is a belief that the hair of a Bear are said to have strong and powerful paranormal properties. A couple of really interesting paranormal remedies which make the use of the hair of a Bear are given here for information and educational purposes and not to harm the Bear.

Paranormal remedy for chronic Cough and Colds

If you suffer from a recurring cough or cold even if the weather is other wise fine and not conducive for cough and colds, in spite of this if cough starts accumulating in your chest, then if you believe in astrological remedies it has to be due to the ill effects of a malefic Moon in your horoscope.

Prediction of collapse of governance in India

The prophecies of Nostradamus concerning India appear right of course towards fulfillment. These are self fulfilling predictions. This site has earlier given a detailed description of the prophecies of Nostradamus on India; in the month and years since then, the cards are beginning to fall in place.

Lucky Charm for fame and prestige

This is a lucky charm for fame and prestige in society. This charm is useful for those who wish to pursue a career dependant on the general public; like politics. You can prepare this charm at home as it does not require much time of effort.

Paranormal remedy for mental weakness

Mental weakness as per astrology arises from a weak and malefic Sun or the transit of a malefic Sun in the horoscope. Astrology attributes mental diseases and ailments to the Sun. This leads to hesitant and uncertain mind, fearfulness, lack of confidence and enthusiasm, forgetfulness. A weak mind may also lead to frequent fits migraine and physical weakness.

Paranormal remedy for Asthma

This is a simple paranormal remedy for breathlessness and asthma. These ailments are a result of a malefic Budh [Mercury] in the horoscope or an adverse transit of Mercury. A person suffers from discomfort if he is suffering from any ailment; and the pain is much more. In the case of diseases related to breathing.

False Gods of Armageddon

It has been predicted by ancient prophets in the Old Testament that seven cycles will manifest themselves simultaneously; in the events preceding Armageddon. These are “false gods”, revolutions, wars, famines, the toxic atmosphere on earth, climate changes, natural disasters and plagues. The prophecies of Nostradamus also speak prominently about the peaking of these frightening events. These events; are not something which are going to manifest out of the blue. They are the peaks of seven cycles which were set in motion since the beginning of Kali Yuga; it’s just that they are peaking now and simultaneously. This is the true world climax .

A interesting Paranormal Belief

A most interesting Indian Paranormal belief which is followed by some in India, while going for some important work, is to follow a specific practice, for each day of the week, just before leaving the house. These practices, it is said ensure success in the important work you are going for. This is not to spread superstition; but to give interesting information, on the numerous paranormal beliefs prevalent in India .

3D world expansion

Around the two supportive towers for expanding a Fullball world, join metal very large suitable hexagon or pentagon somewhat convex new outer shell parts, recently robotically assembled from peices which had been sent from the source asteroid(s). Seal them together air tight. Stabilize these by temporary cables out to their outer corners from a bit higher up the towers. All is virtually weightless, very easy to robotically assemble, with merely .000,001 of Earth gravity weights if expanding around a .4km radius Fullball world, (.000,01 if around a 4km radius world).

Lucky Charm for Education

This is a lucky Indian charm for the increase of knowledge, education, brain power and benefits from knowledge. This charm worn as an amulet on the body is beneficial for those in the field of education.

Mantra for the Riches of Life

The Ashta Aishwarya or the eight riches of life are broadly - first and foremost spiritual wealth then not necessarily in this order - money, food, animals, children, strength, victory and knowledge. This broadly corresponds to the Ashta Laxmi or the eight manifestations of Laxmi. These Ashta Aishwarya were the considered as the wealth of life by the ancient Indians; it’s the same now.

Simple attraction spell for the day

This is a most simple Mohini attraction spell to commence the day with. This attraction spell is to ensure that you get good and friendly vibes from all the people you meet during the course of the day. This makes sure the day goes well and the positive and helpful vibes from all those whom you meet, make the day a success.

Love Spell to attract Women

This is considered to be a most powerful Vashikaran Love Spell to attract women. This is a most secretive Indian love spell and is not to be misused for wrongful purposes. All the spells have a life and existence of their own and should not be misused as it might rebound back on you.

Prophecy of Revolution in Italy

This is another stunning prophecy of Nostradamus which I have decoded. This one is an obvious description of a Revolution in Italy. This is one of those frightening prophecies fated to be fulfilled in the near future; as we hurtle towards the world climax. This is a period when wars, natural disasters and financial collapse and revolutions go hand in hand. The “key” here is the word “profligez” or “profligates” meaning needlessly extravagant or unnecessary utilization of resources. The Italian governments over the year are blamed for spending more than its revenues as a result it has incurred a €1.9 trillion debt which is 120 per cent of its annual income. Just a few days back its credit rating was downgraded by Moody’s to Baa2.

Charm for Epilepsy

This is a protective Charm for Epilepsy patients from the ancient Indian texts. The unfortunate person suffering from Epilepsy is prone to do some actions over which his mind has no control when a brain seizure takes place. This can be dangerous not only for the patient; but also others, who come in contact with him.

Talisman for Bankruptcy and Debts

This is a most powerful Talisman from the ancient Indian scriptures which is said to help those facing Bankruptcy and Debts. Even in the olden days people facing bankruptcy and debts received no mercy; these poor people were left praying for divine intervention. In the present times the protective angels have been replaced by Lawyers and God by the Judge.

Lucky Charm for Popularity

There is no person in this world who does not wish to increase his popularity. Success is only a by product of popularity. The Lucky Charm for Popularity given here in this post promises to substantially increase your popularity.

Nostradamus and interpretation of the Olympic games 2012 saga

This post about the Nostradamus prophecy on the London Olympics Games 2012 is an interesting contribution by Mrs. Meyer. "The year of the great seventh number accomplished it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter. Not far from the great Millennial age, when the buried will go out of their tombs." This is how I see this. Everything that is said over here has happened already but, it appears at the time of the Games of Slaughter . A realization.

Mantra for Birth Control

Ancient Indian composers of mantras knew and understood the importance of Birth Control or Garbh Nirodhak ; as it is called in Hindi; hence the need to compose this specific was felt. This is amongst some of the unique mantras composed to enhance family life.

Lucky Charm for Shopkeepers

This is a Lucky Charm for Shopkeepers and Traders to increase business and trade and achieve success. This simple Yantra, consisting of a geometrical configuration of unique numbers is to be written down of a blank piece of paper with any ink. Then it has to be worshipped by offering Dhoop [incense].

Hanuman Mohini Mantra

This is Really a most potent and strong Mohini Mantra which invokes Shri Ram and Hanuman; again I have to tell you this is a Satvik [pure] mantra, so it won’t work for malicious or harmful pursuits. This mantra has to be chanted 108 times during the period of any eclipse, Solar or Lunar to gain Siddhi [mastery]. After attaining mastery over the mantra, if one wishes to use it, then a small piece of Supari [betel nut] has to be infused by holding the Supari in your right hand and chanting the mantra 21 times. Then this infused Supari has to given to eat to the person you wish to attract.

Populating Fullball World

Those who'd learned about new human DNA improvements, such as for improved health and reduced aging, had tended to be among or mated with the better educated in advancing technology. In their secret discussion groups they had been concluding it might be better for those who could afford it to leave Earth, due to increasing hateful killings around the world of some producing or some born starting with good new cellular or genetic improvements.

Bhagavad-Gita mantra for medicines

I pervade the earth and am inside all beings and I am the life inside the moon, I am the life in all plants – This is the meaning of the verse from the Bhagavad-Gita which is given below.  The Bhagavad-Gita is the spoken word of God and hence all these verses are fully energized and live mantras of the most powerful kind.

Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Hanuman Vashikaran mantra; this is a powerful Satvik Prayog [pure experiment] to attract one and all. This attraction mantra is a combination of Vashikaran and Mohini Prayog. First of all the Sadhak has to pray to Shri Ram and then pray to Hanuman in order to invoke him for the use of this mantra.

Bhagavad-Gita mantra to clean the body

This mantra is as potent and powerful as the other mantras from the Bhagavad-Gita which have been given on this site. This one is recommended for cleaning the body of all infections and viruses that enter the body through food. The food we eat is one of the most important factors in determining our health. Let’s have a look at the meaning of this verse -- I am the light in the Sun that illuminates the whole world and also in the Moon and the light of the Fire.

Mantra to get love back

This is a Kamdev Mantra to get the love back of your wife or if there was no love at all in the first place, then the mantra is said to make your wife love you. Kamdev is the Indian God of Love and invoking him ensures success in love matters. This is strictly a love mantra for the husband and wife only, so due care should be taken not to use it for other purposes.

Vashikaran protection mantra for women

The ancient Indian composers recognized the hard fact of life that unscrupulous elements in society would try Vashikaran, Mohini and Attraction Vidya to put a woman under their spell of attraction. Hence special spells were made available especially for women to protect themselves from Vashikaran and Black magic experiments.

Mantra for frustration

This is a mantra which I have recommended for those suffering from frustration. Frustration occurs due to a variety of reasons; the common ones being disillusionment and lack of success. A frustrated person may react by taking his anger on everything; or simply by going into his shell or even deep depression.

Rare Vashikaran Mantra

This is one of the more interesting and most rare Vashikaran Mantras for attraction which I have come across. The language used, a mixture of the Marathi and Hindi of the middle ages appears to be funny and poetic; but it contains the secret keys to activate the unique frequencies of attraction . This is a strong and potent Shabar Vashikaran mantra which invokes the Black Crow; this is a symbol of the frequency which the composer uses to activate the mantra.

Prophecy of great Leader of the World

Nostradamus describes a very powerful world leader sometime in the near future. The description given had been broadly interpreted by this site more than three years back as one which indicated THE THIRD ANTICHRIST . The particular prophecy of Nostradamus “There will be a great freezing in the air and water. The one who they come to venerate on Thursday; will not be as fair as them” – Century 10 -71.

Effective remedies for Kaal Sarp Yog

Kaal Sarp Yog; the astrological configuration, in which all the planets are placed between Rahu [ North Node] and Ketu { South Node] is a much feared planetary combination in the horoscope as the other planets are hindered and unable to give benefits to the native.

Yantra for Jaundice

Sometimes a person suffering from Jaundice does not get well soon and the illness turns serious. The patient then becomes weak and sickly. The Yantra given here is an amulet which is prescribed as a charm in India to control and cure Jaundice.

Protective Charm for House

A special house Protection Yantra is used as a protective charm and amulet to protect your home from all kinds of harmful vibration and energies; including spells and black magic. Such negative energies vitiate the atmosphere in your home and this leads to all kinds of problems including health, money, fights and disputes.

Mantra for Vision of Mother Goddess

A unique Shakti Mantra Sadhana dedicated to the Mother Goddess which is practiced to have a Darshan [Vision] of the Mother Goddess. The mantra implores the Mother Goddess Ambe Mata or Bhavani Mata; who mounts a lion to manifest before the devotee and give him a Vision which will remove all his sorrows for ever.

Simple exorcism rite

This is a most simple Indian exorcism rite. This procedure is practiced to remove all sorts of negative energies; including ghosts from the being of a possessed person. The simple Yantra, which is a geometrical diagram consisting of four unique numbers has to be prepared on a blank white piece of paper. After preparing this Yantra , it has to be rolled and filled with white Mustard Seeds.

Shani Shanti Yantra Sadhana

Saturn or Shani Dev in Hindi is the most feared of the planets according to traditional Indian astrology . Any malefic transit of Shani like the Sade Sathi sends shiver down the spines of most people. In this post is given a simple Shani Shanti Yantra Sadhana or a simple remedy to rectify the effects of a malefic Shani in the horoscope or during an adverse transit of Shani. The simple Yantra given here has to be prepared on a square black piece of paper and written with charcoal.

Genetics development in children

New "moderns" children were cautiously raised to avoid giving all fully correct answers in school classes and education tests. Thus they didn't seem unusually bright, and escaped special notice. But secretly they studied and learned exceptionally well.

Dhan Prapti Yantra - Mantra

Dhan Prapti means the accumulation of money and wealth ; theYantra and mantra given in this post is a Dhan Prapti Yantra – Mantra Sadhana. This Yantra is prepared on any auspicious day falling on the 2nd Tithi [second day] of the Shukls Paksha [bright half of the Hindu Lunar Calendar].

Prediction of NATO Forces defeated

A Nostradamus prophecy which appears closely connected to the Battle of Armageddon; the third World War. There are two “Keys” in this Quatrain “the submerged island” and “the navel of the world”. The aimless army which is hastily mobilized and moves from Europe is most certainly the NATO Land Army along with it fleet; this is the fleet seen folding up it standard near the navel of the world.

Shiva Meditation Mantras - 3

These are 4 short and simple Shiva mantras useful for meditation on Shiva. The meaning of all these 4 mantras is – I bow before Shiva; the Lord of the Universe or I bow before Shiva the Lord of Kashi. Kashi is an ancient Indian holy town; now part of the city of Varanasi. This city is home to one of the holiest and most revered of the Indian temples – The Kashi Vishwanath temple or the Kashi Vishweshwar temple. It is believed that those who visit this temple attain Moksha as the drishti of Shiva is always on those who visit this temple.

Shiv Someshwar Yantra - Mantra

Someshwar is one of the numerous names of Shiva. Shiva is often portrayed as adorning the crescent moon on one side of his forehead. This symbolizes Shiva as the master of the Universe; the origin of the Hindu Lunar calendar. The Hindu Lunar calendar is based upon the various phases of the moon and hence Shiva is in the ancient Indian tradition as the all encompassing Kaal or Time.

Vighna Haran Yantra

Vighna means obstacles and Haran means defeat; thus Vighna Haran means defeater of obstacles. This is a special Yantra specially prepared and worn on the body to defeat obstacles. The Yantra is papered on the auspicious occasion of the festivals of Holi or Diwali. It is written on a Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha by a pointed stick of the pomegranate plant.

Simple Rudra protection Yantra

To make thing as simple and as easy as possible for the readers of this site, some of the simplest paranormal Indian experiments are given. In the continuation of this endeavor in this post a most simple Rudra Protection Yantra has been given. This Yantra has to be kept in the money purse so as to dispel harmful and negative frequencies coming your way.

Yantra to carry for good work

A most simple Yantra to keep in your wallet or purse while going for some good and perfectly legitimate work. The Yantra will make the person you are going to meet favorable and sympathetic towards you and aid in completing that work. This simple Yantra does not require and complicated mantra Sadhana and is especially prepared for the layman; a kind of lucky charm.

The discovery of God and creation

The discovery of the elusive “God Particle” by the scientists working on the Large Hydron Collidor project at CERN could be the biggest scientific discovery of this century. This great discovery will most certainly revolutionize science and enable gigantic strides in the up gradation of most technology . The most talked about topic is if the Higgs Boson can ultimately lead to the discovery of how the big bang occurred, what caused it and how creation took place. This some say could also lead us to the discovery of God.

Shakti Mantra for Intuition

This is a Shakti mantra to elevate the Chetna [the deepest life forming consciousness] in the human body to its higher level of functionality. The Shakti mantra is a devotional mantra for the Bhakti of the Universal Mother Goddess in some of her more visible primordial forms or manifestations. The only movement of pure Bhakti is towards it source and this is what this mantra aspires to do.

Third Antichrist advance into Spain

A futuristic Nostradamus prophecy; not yet fulfilled. Speaks about a Persian chief’s advance into Spain and the capture of Cyclades; a Greek group of Islands in the Aegean Sea. A fleet will challenge him. This leader the quatrain says will set up a base in a port in the adjoining Ionian Sea. This leader will the prophecy implies advance from Partha and Media; this implies bases inside Iran. It has been said in the past that this leader will be the great chief Iran is waiting for; for the action takes place in areas near Iran like Greece and Spain. In the past interpretations  I have also interpreted about a fleet being destroyed in the Adriatic Sea; all these are adjoining water bodies.

All needs fulfilling Yantra

A simple all needs fulfilling Yantra; requires no complicated mantra Siddhi; suitable for the layman. This Yantra is known to fulfill all needs required for a contented existence. The Yantra has to be written just like how I have prepared it. On a white piece of paper with red ink. Then it has to be stuck on the inside of the main door of your home. Then another similar Yantra has to be prepared and it has to be kept in your purse or wallet.

All tasks fulfilling mantra

This is an all tasks fulfilling mantra Sadhana. The mantra given in this post is an 8 letter or an Ashtakshara Mantra; adding the specific Beejakshara or the root letter of the specific purpose gives the desired vibrations needed to fulfill that task. The continuous chanting of the mantra with the Beejakshara of the desired task which you hope to be fulfilled is said to ensure success.

Paranormal remedy for loss of appetite

Your appetite is a reflection of your overall health and well being. Loss of appetite might signify many things; including ill health and disease. Such a person becomes lazy and there is no motivation or inclination to take any kind of initiative.

Secret superior human chromosome genetics

Genetics R&D (research & development) experts partly involved in studying human genetics kept learning more about what makes us what we are. One useful productive method was to have the genetics of cell samples from big groups of many people analyzed by tireless automated equipment. Eventually some developmental features found in at least a few could be linked with the apparent causing developmental genes or with gene regulating chromosome sections.

Prediction of alien sighting

A very interesting prophecy made by Nostradamus regarding some landmark and world shaking event; witnessed on the day of a solar eclipse. So far no such event of sighting has ever been witnessed; obviously a futuristic prediction. The popular description of a world wide famine does not jell; this could mean many things; with Nostradamus one can never be sure. I have been trying to decipher this quatrain for some time now, the nearest I can predict is an alien sighting.

The day millions of people vanish

In the somewhat neat future, a most miraculous event is likely to take place. It is the Bible prophecy from the Rapture “the day millions of people will vanish from earth”. The Biblical prophet Paul describes this miraculous event as the “second coming of Christ” This in fact is the as per the Kalki Avatar prophecies the manifestation “tenth manifestation of Vishnu” – the Kalki Avatar.

World War 3 comes suddenly

The world has over the centuries gone by witnessed great wars, but I am sure that the one described by Nostradamus in this prophecy is the biggest one; the one we are waiting for World Was 3. Nostradamus does not indicate in this prophecy who will start this war; but in the past interpretations,  I have made it clear that the World War 3 will be cause by American brinkmanship. Two major flash points are Iran and the much harped on encirclement of China.

Mantra for Guru Purnima

Today is Guru Purnima; the full moon day in the month of Ashad as per the Hindu Lunar calendar. This day normally falls in July or August. This day is also known as the Vyasa Purnima after Vyasa or Ved Vyasa; the composer of the Mahabharata and the one who is said to have categorized and simplified the Vedas by putting them under four broad categories. He is in Hinduism; the immortal teacher.

Yantra - Mantra for Bandhya Dosha

This is a specific Yantra and mantra Sadhana invoking Shiva as the only savior of the unfortunate woman suffering from Bandhya Dosha. Bandhya Dosha is the incapability of a woman to conceive a child.

Vedic Vashikaran Yantra – Mantra Sadhana

Due to a great demand from the subscribers of this site I am giving here a Vedic Vashikaran Yantra – Mantra Sadhana. This is a most potent and effective Vashikaran Sadhana of attraction which invokes Vishnu.

Putra Prapti Yantra-Mantra

This is a Putra Prapti Yantra or a Santan Prapti Yantra. This Yantra is prepared to beget a child of the gender of your wishes; boy or girl. The Yantra and the mantra are both dedicated to Shiva and Durga Mata as the Shakti.

Mantra to cure gland disorders

This is a very specific Shabar health mantra to treat and cure diseases and ailments caused due to gland disorders; including cysts, boils, Mastitis and fibrocystic disease. The ancient Indians who composed these mantras had a remedy for most problems in life; including health. This mantra like many other Shabar Mantra invokes the God of infinite strength Hanuman .

Yantra Sadhana for lifelong income

This is a Yantra Sadhana for lifelong income. The Sadhana has to be commenced on a Tuesday or Thursday. The Yantra has to be prepared with the ink of Ashtagandha and written with the stick of the pomegranate plant on a Bhojpatra.

Uses of Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is not only the most powerful of the Indian mantras for mental illumination; it can also be put to a variety of uses for specific purposes. I will give some of the more beneficial ones for the most pressing problems in daily life; using the immense protective vibrations of the Gayatri Mantra.