Third Antichrist advance into Spain

A futuristic Nostradamus prophecy; not yet fulfilled. Speaks about a Persian chief’s advance into Spain and the capture of Cyclades; a Greek group of Islands in the Aegean Sea. A fleet will challenge him. This leader the quatrain says will set up a base in a port in the adjoining Ionian Sea.

This leader will the prophecy implies advance from Partha and Media; this implies bases inside Iran. It has been said in the past that this leader will be the great chief Iran is waiting for; for the action takes place in areas near Iran like Greece and Spain. In the past interpretations  I have also interpreted about a fleet being destroyed in the Adriatic Sea; all these are adjoining water bodies.

This Nostradamus prophecy I think ties up and is a part of the other prophecies concerning the attack on Iran which acts as a trigger to the World War - 3. The Persian leader is probably the one who comes to the aid of Iran; Third Antichrist. This also ties up with the advance of the third Antichrist into France; this probably looks like the route he takes.

There are a lot of isolated quatrains which Nostradamus has composed which if tied together could help decode the exact sequence of events leading to World War 3.

Century 3 - 64.
Le chef de Perse remplira grands Olchades
Classe trireme contre gent Mahometique,
De Parthe & Mede & pilliers les Cyclades,
Repos long temps au grand port Ionique.

The Persian chief will gather in great Spain. A fleet shall advance against the Mohammedans for Partha and Media. He will take the Cyclades and rest in the great Ionian port.

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