Prediction of hostage crisis by Nostradamus

This Nostradamus Quatrain appears to be descriptive of a typical hostage crisis. However this has to be huge event as it has been found worthwhile by Nostradamus to have included it in his prophecies.

This Quatrain appears in Century 10 which has some of the most disturbing prophecies; yet to be fulfilled. Some of these have already been interpreted by me as concerning the much awaited World War 3.

Century 10 - 85.
Le vieil tribung au point de la trehemide
Sera pressée captif ne deliurer,
Le vueil non vueil le mal parlant timide
Par legitime à ses amis liurer.
The old tribune on the point of trembling, He will be pressed not to deliver the captive: The old yet not old, speaking timidly of the evil, To deliver to his friends in a lawful manner.

The old tribune is a renowned world leader of a major nation; excluding the USA or Russia. This person appears to be of an advanced age and is probably a mild mannered person.

The hostages/hostage as well as the captive both appear to be of great importance. I have a feeling that this prophecy of Nostradamus  goes deeper than it looks and has far reaching consequences.

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