Paranormal Indian remedy for winning court cases

This is a paranormal Indian remedy which is used for success in winning court cases and litigation. The remedy makes the use of a simple mantra. The remedy is quite simple to practice and does not require much effort or time.

Before the due date when you have to appear in court for the arguments, evidence or any other court proceedings all you have to do is to think of the opposing party; bring his image in your mind and repeat and dedicate the simple mantras given below 108 times to the opposite party.
Hum Fatt


  1. Namashkar / Hello Neel Ji.

    Could you kindly clarify few aspects

    (1) Is the mantra only 2 words 'hum fatt' ?

    (2) How to say this mantra (For example If the person's name against whom the case is 'X' , should I just bring image of that person 'X' in my mind and chant 108 times (or) should i chant mantra as 'X hum fatt' ?

    (3) What time of day or which period of day is best suited to chant this mantra ?

    (4) Any restrictions on our food, clothes we wear etc.. on the day of chanting etc ? Also should we keep any particular God/Goddess idol/photo when chanting this ?

    (5) Any other restrictions ?

    Thank you so much Neel Ji in advance for your response and for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

    1. The mantra is only 2 words; there is no need to take the other persons name; only a mental image will do; there are no restrictions

  2. Namshkar sir, what if the case is againsr some institute for example Upsc, cbse etc

  3. Kindly tell the mantra for success in upsc. I ever worked hard but this time due to 100 % attempt the score was 25% in two papers. I wad damn sure sone manuplation occured while checking. Please give me a mantra for success an save myself from the sight of manuplators in exam. Thank u sir

  4. Dear Sir,

    Kindly suggest a mantra for overcoming fears. Suffer from nervousness and panic-attacks. Always repeating thoughts in the mind. Thank you very much Sir.

    1. Om gram greem grom raksh gurvenamaha lmantra for confdence! or gayatri mantra for all sai ram! any 1 mantra u can try for @lest 108 times

  5. Dear Sir I am facing problem of court cases with my neighbour..She has put false police case against me and also we have a case running on house also.. Please suggest some satvik solution to get rid of this problem.. I shall be very thankfull to to.

    Warm Regard

  6. Dear Sir, My wife has left home 1.5 months back with all her belongings. She has also taken our only son along with her. She is a working lady and has a support in the form of monthly income. No parents or relative in this city. She has registered a case of domestic violence. She allowed me to meet my son only on saturday sunday. Last week she has moved another application for withdrawl of her commitment where i and my son could have met. I do not know why? Is there any mantra to let her come back along with child? Can the case be disssolved as i am in mentral pressure? My mail ID is

    1. Your reply can make my family unite. Neeraj

  7. Is the mantra to be recited daily before due date or only once just once before due date? Please reply.

    1. As explained in the post, chant the Mantra 108 times, on the day just before the due date.
      Think of the opposing part while chanting the mantra.

  8. न्यायालयी प्र्करणो मे विजय हेतु इस पोस्ट मे दिया गया मंत्र प्रभावशाली है..इसके साथ ही इस मुक़दमा विजयी यंत्र (1200) को कागज पर किसी भी पेन से लिखकर पूजागृह मे रखें.-
    592 599 2 7
    6 3 596 595
    598 593 8 1
    4 5 594 597
    (.चौकोर खाना बनाकर उक्त अंक भर लें)
    न्यायालय जाते समय पूजागृह मे हनुमान मुर्ति/ चित्र को दिया,धूप,अगरबत्ती,.लड्‍डू/ गुड़चॅना अर्पित करें.
    court की case file पूजाघर मे रखा करें.

  9. Hello, This mantra for the court case have started working but the judgement is getting delayed. Can you please let me know another option as well. Regards, Smita bangera


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