Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vashikaran Mantra for Faraway Person

This is an Akarshan Spell to attract and bring under a Vashikaran Spell a person who is living in a far off place.  This Vaskikaran Mantra is again a variation of a very popular Vashikaran Mantra, and more than one attraction experiments can be performed using this mantra.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cable Strands for Space Lifts in Future - 2

Now some more numbers.  A load up/down the geostationary cable lift used special tracks attached to the cables.  A load had tall strongly electromagnetic lifting units of "c" cross section, which strong supports reached out fixed to, to get moved frictionless up/down a pair of tracks.  Such units got lifted by suitably fast moving electromagnetic force fields which the tracks produced, with the tall units kept well stably centered frictionless on the tracks, (not significantly touching them).  Electricity was used to accomplish such lifting, or could be regenerated while a load was descending or decelerating.

Four Blood Moons Earthquake and Tsunami

The rare Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was witnessed predominantly in North America on the 15th of April. This is the first occurrence of this astronomical alignment; the second occurrence will take place in October, the third in April 2015 and the fourth in September 2015. These astronomical phenomena have generated great interest among those trying to interpret the timing of the Destruction and Wrath prophesied in the Bible Prophecies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kinds of Kalash in Mantra Puja Vidhi

The Kalash or Kalasha [कलश] is an Indian Water Jug, which is extensively used in most rituals, Puja- Archana-Vidhis, Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogs. The main function of the Kalash in these rituals is to store the water needed for the rituals. Tantra Shastra has prescribed the use of certain kinds of Kalash for some specific Sadhanas.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Diwali Yantra for Gambling Success - 2

In India, the period of the Diwali festival is considered most auspicious for success in gambling. Many people try their hand at games of chance, especially cards during this period. In this post, I will explain how a Yantra is prepared and energized for gambling success during the period of Diwali. There are also a couple of other Yantras and Charms, already given for the same purpose in earlier posts; however, each one is different from the other.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beneficial Mantra for Shri Yantra

It is mentioned in the Puranas and Upanishads that miraculous benefits can be gained by chanting a specific mantra along with the Shri, Shree or Sri Yantra In this post, I will explain how this simple Sadhana can be performed, even by a layperson, not well versed in Hindu Traditions.

There are some specific mantras, which are believed to be the Beej Mantras of the Sri Yantra. However, the one given below is believed to give the maximum benefits. This Mantra is a popular Mahalaxmi Mantra, and needs no introduction.

How to make Space Cables in Future

The geostationary space cable lift can have 4 parallel cable lines held out at the ends of frequent horizontal Hs.  It would be good to have multiple parallel cables to guard against any possible future bad strike from rare big enough space debris not deflected away, which might damage a cable.  If ever that happened, then the other 3 cables, 2 normally for opposite direction travel from the damaged one, would allow sending there all needed to repair the damaged one, (after anything possibly using those other 2 had passed up or down out of the way).