Thursday, August 21, 2014

Enemy Maran Yantra Tantra

This is an enemy killing Yantra [Talisman] from the Indian Black Magic Arts. This Talisman is used for destroying the enemy by hardened practitioners of the Indian Black Magic Tantra and Witchcraft. The experiment given in this post is not for the ordinary person and only for the advanced Aghori Tantric, the one who is devoid of feelings and emotions.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Future Cylinder Sea in Outer Space

As was usually done after new (very low cost) major robotic constructions, the robotic equipment used while forming the new bigger high Earth orbiting cylinder settlement was simply saved here (for possible much later future uses).  This increasingly tempted some settlers considering having formed nearby some big orbiting refuge for Earth life, such as an imagined cylinder sea.

Muslim Naqsh for Women to Avoid Divorce

This Muslim Naqsh is a specific Yantra for those women whose husbands are in the process or likely to divorce them.  The Yantra has to be prepared during the ascendancy or period of Jupiter on any Friday. Given below is the procedure of preparing and using this Yantra by those women facing the serious problem of an impending divorce and the husband leaving them for another woman or bringing home a second wife.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vashikaran Putli Mantra Sadhana

This Vashikaran Putli or Doll Mantra experiment given in this post,  differs from the other three published on this site, because this spell is especially for a woman desiring to put a Vashikaran Spell on a man and control, enchant him, and make him act as per her wishes by invoking this love and enchantment spell.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sudarshan Chakra Protection Mantra

There are numerous specific mantras to invoke and seek the protection of the Ultimate Divine Weapon, the Sudarshan Chakra of Bhagwan Vishnu. In the past, I had published some specific mantras to invoke the Sudarshan Chakra. However, the one given in this post appears to be the best of the lot. This Mantra was practiced by the Yogis of the Nath Sampradaya, to put a protective shield around their bodies, for protection from each and every kind of danger, including unseen paranormal and mystic dangers.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lal Kitab Remedy for Domestic Peace - 2

Here is another one of the unique, but easy to practice remedies from the Lal Kitab to restore peace and tranquility in your home. Those people having a disturbed and turbulent atmosphere in their homes resulting from personal, family, financial, job, health, legal related or any other problems disturbing the mental peace in their homes can try this Lal Kitab remedy.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Artificial Sea in Future Outer Space Settlements

The high orbiting cylinder and Fullball world settlements had what many down on Earth might consider invonveniences, such as no farmed animals or pets, (which might messily not do well in light weights and other artificial living conditions here).  Also rocket rides up had been expensive.  In contrast, the geostationary cable lift would now let folks move up much cheaper.