Friday, September 19, 2014

Vashikaran Yantra Mantra for Boss Co-Workers

This Vashikaran Tantra involves a Yantra and a Mantra to gain popularity, becoming influential and appear attractive and enchanting in the workplace, not only to the boss and other superiors, but also to colleagues and junior co-workers. In this post, is explained the specific Sadhana to make this Vashikaran Experiment work.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Best Mantra for Depressed Women

This is an excellent Shakti Mantra for women who are depressed due to any or all kind of problems and sorrows; including physical and psychological ones.  This mantra is dedicated to Chandi Mata, the Mother Goddess and is extremely helpful in giving strength and courage to the depressed woman and helping her overcome her grief and make her mind calm and composed.

Vashikaran Mantra for Sister in Law

This is a unique Vashikaran Mantra for putting a Sister in Law under control. The Sister in Law mentioned here is the wife of a husband. In countries like India, which have a joint family culture, where many members of a family live together under the same roof, a married woman faces numerous family problems from many quarters and Sister in Law problems are one of these troubles.

Plant and Animal Life in Future Space Seas

Islands for Cyl Sea had been formed actually floating.  About twice daily, the amount of floating was raised and lowered some to effectively simulate tides in Earth seas.  (This was good for more successful beach life varieties.)

Island plant seeds, plus good very young fruit bushes and trees, had been sent up, plus what would start coral reefs.  Later sent up were young fish and other animals.  These included young birds, and what would mature into colorful butterflies and more.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mantra for Becoming a Medium for Seance

This is a mantra, which is said to enable the practitioner to go into a trance by becoming processed by a supernatural invisible being. This mantra works to call and invoke the invisible being to enter the body of the practitioner and enable him to answer question related to the past, present or future or visualize things as they are occurring in the past, present or future as a Medium.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kshetrapal Mantra for Enemy Removal

Kshetrapal, क्षेत्रपाल in the Hindu religion is regarded as the mystic, invisible figure that guards a particular territory, there are many temples devoted to these guardians in India, including remote villages. The Kshetrapal tradition is also popular in Jainism, which is replete with example of specific Kshetrapals and their worship.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bhairav Baba Atma Raksha Mantra

A simplistic Shabar Mantra for self-protection, easy to pronounce, remember and to practice. This mantra known in the Hindi language as the Bhairav Baba Atma Raksha Mantra is useful for safeguarding yourself against each and every danger and calamity. The mantra is dedicated to Bhairava, known sometimes as Bhairo Baba.