Friday, August 29, 2014

Navnath Bhaktisar to Solve all Problems

In an earlier post, I have explained the use of the Navnath Bhaktisar Pothi, the divine Navnath composition, in facilitating marriage problems. In this post, I will explain how other problems like Vastu Dosha, Sadness, lack of funds and money, enemy troubles and lack of progress can be sorted out by the Parayan of the 5th Chapter or Adhyay as it is commonly referred to in the Marathi language.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nostradamus on India - Pakistan Undeclared War

This is a yet to be interpreted prophecy of Nostradamus, described an undeclared or some kind of proxy or unofficial war or conflict going on between two groups or nations.  It could also refer to the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan, which has been underway for over 25 years, first over Khalistan and after that over Kashmir.

Narasimha Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana

The Veer Tantra mentions the existence of 52 Veers, each having a specific role and purpose.  Veer literally signifies brave or fearless and these 52 forms signify the fearless aspect of certain Hindu deities and mystic beings. Out of these 52 Veers, the Jagruti or awakening of these dormant forces, the awakening of 31 Veers, is done through the Dakshin Marg or Satvik Sadhana and 21 Veers is done through the Vaam Marg or Tamas Guni Sadhanas.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Future Cable Lifts carry Ocean Water in Space

The proposed huge high orbiting Cyl & Ring Seas would require huge amounts of ocean water volumes.  If a load vessel in the geostationary cable lift could raise an effective 20m cube of water up into a high Earth orbit, all the water for the proposed orbiting seas could cost 18,000,000 loads!  If 1 such load/hour, that's about 750,000 days = 2050 years!  Wow!

Narendra Modi will bring Acche Din - Nostradamus

The prophecy made by Nostradamus in the Quatrain given here had been previously attributed to the name and identity of the, third Antichrist. However, this prediction could also refer to another person, the one who delivers a great nation and people from repression, bondage, exploitation and abuse and the one who is not necessarily the third Antichrist. The Nostradamus prophecy could also refer to Narendra Modi, seen by many Indians as the one to bring back the “Acche Din”. Acche Din or Good Days will come back once again, was the election slogan and promise of Modi.

Vichitra Vashikaran Yantras

The Indian science of Vashikaran Yantras contains numerous unconventional, bizarre and weird experiments, which cannot be easily practiced in these modern times. Such Yantra experiments make the use of the most unlikely items to put a person under the spell of Vashikaran. In this post, I will be explaining about two such Vashikaran Yantras, to attract, enchant and control women.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shabar Mantra for Paining Ribs

Rib Cage Pain can result from a number of causes, including physical injury to psychological cones, like severe anxiety. The paining ribs can be a cause of severe discomfort while eating, breathing, and coughing and during pregnancy. The Shabar Mantra in this post is believed to cure and give relief to those people who are suffering from this condition.