The Future of India

To know the future of India and what the future hold for Indians one has to first understand the real Karma of India and Hinduism . Yes! Karma; every region and religion has its own specific Karma. The future of that region and religion is predestined, it cannot be changed.

The word “Hindu” is what one associates India with most. The original meaning of Hindu was the description of the people who lived in the settlements along the Sindhu River. So also with the word India; used to describe the inhabitants of the Indus valley civilization.

The words Hindu and India go hand in hand. The word Hindu is commonly mistaken for a specific religion; which it is not. It is a way of life; the step by step evolution of mankind. Like Mahatma Gandhi stated – its pure at its source, like the River Ganga, and like the Ganga as it weaves it course through the Himalayan range, through the Gangetic plains of Northern India, it get polluted, then once again it become pure as it merges its existence into the ocean.

The course of Hinduism and India can be compared to the Ganga. Pure at its source, as the maker intended it to be, it has accumulated some morbidity on its course. It will finally shake of the morbidity and burst open with a new radiance.

When looking at the future of India one has to look at the immediate future and the future some years down the line. The immediate and near future of India is full of chaos and change. One does not need to be a Nostradamus to visualize what is going on and what will happen.

This is a period of pollution and morbidity which we are experiencing at the present moment. The current political happenings; the corruption; the looting is part of the churning which is going on. Like the Sagar Manthan, the churning in India is to bring the poison to the fore. The poison has to be identified first, for a proper dose of antidote to be administered. If we look at the current happenings, the poison is identifying itself on its own. It just coming out in the open from everywhere; this is nothing but the natural course of events.

Like I said before in my earlier posts, beginning 2012, a period of change commences. This will be a period of political upheavals and revolutions. Regeneration cannot commence without destruction, they go hand in hand; this is what is happening and will happen in the near future. This will be accompanied by natural disasters, war and food shortage.

This period which we are in at the present moment, is predestined; it had to come. Once this period is over; like the dark night, India and Hinduism will burst open with a new radiance, just as the maker intended it to be.

Over the past few years I have been studying a lot of prophecies from various sources on India and the future of Indians. You can look at these detailed interpretations in the sections given below. I will be adding more to this, readers can contribute their knowledge for the betterment of all.

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