Future of the Arvind Kejriwal Revolution

A massive churning process is underway in India at the present moment. As we speak about the future of India, this process started just over a couple of years back; around the time of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. The period around October 2010 marked a change in the pattern of the cosmic cycle of India. Such changes stem from actions [Karma] of the past and have far reaching consequences; drastic changes.

The beginning of this cycle saw unprecedented scams and acts of looting and corruption by those responsible for governance being exposed, one after the other. The skeletons in the cupboards had accumulated to such an extent that it was impossible to keep the crowd hidden. A lot more are on the verge of tumbling out.

The commencement of this cycle also saw the coming to the fore of people like Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and Arvind Kejriwal. These people were soon joined by others; including the just retired Chief of the Indian Army General VK Singh. These people are as I have said in earlier posts are nothing but the manifestation of the common mans anger and hatred for the looters. The last named is significant as he adds a new dimension to the manifestations.

About cosmic cycles of change; once the wheels are set in motion there is no going back. Thus people who think that the looters will neutralize the agitators are mistaken; the more sleaze and force they apply to crush them; then more powerful will be the reaction. This is the simple theory of Karma. The looters have to meet their Karma; there is no escape. They might crush one movement by sheer force and sleaze but another more violent one will erupt.

The India Against Corruption moment headed by Arvind Kejriwal is gaining momentum and has changed the rules of exposing corruption. The holy cows or the untouchables are also not being spared. This is disturbing for those at the root of corruption in India. These people who have abetted and spread corruption for their own selfish motives; once uncovered will resort to desperate measures. Its one thing exposing their disposable underlings; when it comes to them, then they will take desperate measures to save their legacy.

Are we in heading for a revolution? Yes; the revolution has already commenced, we are now somewhere in the preliminary stages. There is much more to come. Will the Arvind Kejriwal revolution succeed? Yes; it has already succeeded as it has set the irreversible wheel of action in motion. The further they venture; more the success. Now they have to go the whole hog and declare a total revolution; as that is what is going to ultimately succeed. It is only the agent of change who is going to taste success.

This is exactly what the Prophecies of Nostradamus foretell. The same tools on whom the looters depend to safeguard their kingdoms are going to turn against them. They have completely misjudged the extent to the pent up anger which will erupt and then its curtains. This is a most likely prediction on the near future of India.

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