Charm to placate angry lover

This is a lucky charm to cajole and placate an angry lover; it even means a husband or wife; simply someone who is your beloved. This charm and the mantra acts as a soothing spell to conciliate with your sulking beloved.

This Charm has to be prepared on the day of the Chaturthi or the fourth day falling after the Full Moon as per the Indian Lunar Calendar. The charm has to be prepared on a clean and fresh Betel Leaf with Kesar [Saffron] water; with any kind of pointed stick. Then the name of the Beloved has to be written on the right side of the charm.

Then after that the small two letter mantra given below the charm has to be chanted 1000 times. Then in the morning the charm has to be shown to the angry or sulking lover. This is said to placate your lover. After this you can throw away the charm.

All this is given as information on the rich and diverse Indian traditions and practices; if something goes wrong do not blame me.

Hindu Occult Charm to placate angry lover
Charm for Angry Lover

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  1. chaturdasi is 14 th day not 4 th day after full moon.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typo error; it has been rectified.

  2. How could I possibly show the mantra to the angry lover when the lover does not stay with me? Could I show it to her photograph and expect favourable result?

    1. The charm should be physically shown to the angry lover and not to a photograph of the lover.


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