Mantra to stop enemy gang

Among the unique mantras to deal with enemies are some which are said to even stop and immobilize the army of an enemy. This is one such mantra to immobilize an entire army. In today’s times an enemy army could even mean an enemy group or gang; come to harm or kill you. In Hindi this mantra is known as the Sena Stambhan Mantra.

This Mantra Sadhana is practiced on the night of Durga Navmi in the months of Chaitra or Kartik; as per the Indian Lunar Calendar, by chanting this mantra in a temple of the Devi Mata. This Sadhana is said to give one mastery over this mantra with the blessings of the Mother Goddess.

Then to practice it, take seven pairs of cloves and bind each of the pairs with this mantra by chanting the mantra 21 times. Then throw these mantra infused cloves in front of the enemy’s army or gang; this is said to stop and immobilize them.

Mantra Chanting to stop enemy gang
Mantra to stop enemy gang

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