Mantra to know sounds made by Pigs

This is amongst those rare and uncommon Indian mantras; it’s a mantra to know the meaning of the various sounds made by pigs. I am writing this post for the purposes of giving interests facts about the various and specific Mantra Sadhanas; and not to ask anyone to put them in practice. If you feel like a fool after doing this Sadhana, don’t blame me.

The Sadhana has to be commenced at midnight by standing in a watery muddy place like a marsh; normally a place where pigs like to move around and are comfortable in and chant this mantra 70,000 times.

On completion it is said that the Sadhak gains the power to know and understand the meaning of the various sounds made by pigs; the language of pigs.

Indian Voodoo Occult Spell for knowing the language of pigs
Mantra to know sounds made by Pigs

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  1. Great info.
    Moreover is there any to understand the language of birds e.g pigeons, doves, or even cats?

  2. this is a humorous write up, it's as if you are already telling not to do this. Anyway, this sadhna requires one to dwell and live like a pig to be able to listen to pigs?


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