The one and only way to improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa is the website which monitors the traffic of all the browsers in the world who have the Alexa Toolbar installed.. It then ranks websites according to the data collected from the Alexa Toolbars all over the web. This ranking is of utmost importance to webmasters especially in deciding the advertising rates of their sites and also new advertisers bidding for slots.

Many sites are continuously on the lookout for ways and means of decreasing their Alexa rankings. Being a webmaster now for over 10 years I have seen scores of articles appearing on the net on how to “game” Alexa.

Most of these focus on the same topics – write unique content, install the Alexa Tool Bar, install the Alexa widget, post to webmasters forums, and claim your site and many other such tips. Alex gaming software and scripts is one such tip, I advise you to steer clear of it as it will most certainly have an adverse impact.

These tips I am sorry to say do not help one bit in decreasing and improving your ranking. True installing the Alexa Toolbar on your browser will decrease your ranking as it will monitor your visits. This only has a limited impact.

The real truth is that most of the Internet users do not know what Alexa is; let alone know about their toolbar. It is only the webmasters and a minuscule percentage that has it installed on their browsers.

What does this mean? The simple answer is Alex will monitor only the visits of webmasters and the minuscule percentage that have the Alexa Toolbar installed. So for example you site has 100 visits and out of them only 2 have the Alexa Toolbar installed it will measure the visits of only those 2. This means if a site which gets 10 visits and 3 have the Alexa Toolbar installed; that site will rank higher than yours.

Again what does this mean? Again the simple answer, those who write of topics related only to Blogging or of interest to webmasters will rank the highest. This is followed by those who write on technical topics; like computers, software and electronics. This followed by those who waste time and energy on webmasters forums.

So trying out most of these tips to improve your Alexa ranking is nothing but a sheer waste of time and energy. The one and only way you can decrease and improve your Alexa ranking is to write on Blogging and topics related to webmasters; that’s all!. I hope this article will demystify all the myths about ways and means to improve Alexa rankings.

This is a guest post by Sujata who writes for Royalchef .

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  1. Alexa ranking explained nicely. Most tips are a waste of effort and time; the tip given by you is the only real way to increase rank quickly.
    Alexa Rank Boosters are also a waste of time; can have an adverse impact.

  2. How to have regional rank in alexa?for my WEBSITE..

  3. Topics related to Blogging, Blogging Templates, Blogging Widgets and Tutorials are the favorite Topics that decreases the Alexa Rankings. Other than the bloggers no one bothers about such article.


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