Charm to complete work quickly

A special lucky charm for those facing deadlines to complete a task or assignment quickly. Many people especially those working in Information and Technology as well as those in Marketing appear to be under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines; this has an adverse effect on their health; physical as well as mental. Such a situation is commonplace in today as the controllers of business and industry are only bothered about saving costs; and not the welfare of their employees.

The special Yantra in this post has to be prepared on a plain piece of paper; energized by offering flowers, incense and lighting a Diya. Then the charm has to be inserted in a locket and tied as an amulet on the right hand.

This charm ensures that you complete the work, assignment or task quickly; within the deadline. Again no chanting of mantras is required.

Indian Magic Charm to complete work quickly
Charm to complete work quickly

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  1. Hi Neel Is the above Yantra is correct. I see on the first row the numbers are 4 5 6; on the 2nd row its 1 2 3; however on the third row its 8 9 8, does this should be 7 8 9. Pls clarify as i'm into Sales job and wnto to prepare this yantra ASAP

    1. The Numbers in the Yantra which are given in the Drawing are correct.

  2. Dear Neel Sir
    how much to take time maximum to fulfill a wish?
    Thank You

  3. Replies
    1. If unable to use the Yantra as described in the above post, you can keep it in your purse.

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  4. Dear Neel Ji,
    My Son has his exams from 3rd March(Wed). Is there anything so that he gets good marks and he does not forget his learnings.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  7. 2nd dotted line is bit different from other lines. Is it part of design or printer issue. We can draw straight dotted


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