Mantra for Precognition and ESP

This is a Mantra Sadhana to acquire the gift of Precognition or ESP; this is the science of looking into the future and visualizing the happenings of the future. Gaining Siddhi over such Sadhanas depends upon the inherent qualities found in the individual; such Sadhanas are not for everyone; only those with the aptitude for such pursuits.

This Sadhana is one in which the practitioner gains the knowledge to be able to understand the language of Crows and with it comes the gift of Precognition. Hence it is known in Hindi as   “Kak Swar Gyan Sadhana".

The Sadhak has to take a used white cloth which has been used to enshroud a dead body during a Hindu funeral rite. Then at midnight he has to sit on that cloth and chant this Mantra 6000 times. This Sadhana is said to give success in the pursuits mentioned above.

Mantra for Precognition and ESP using the knowledge of the language of Crows
Mantra for Precognition and ESP

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  1. The ritual seems more terrific as one cannot buy or find dead body enshroud cloth easily.Please help me with the simple mantra as mentioned above but with simple ritual as well for past, present, future except yakshini mantra. I am looking for any dev or devi mantra for this. please suggest as you are my last hope.

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  3. sir the body itself is covered with that cloth so how can we take that cloth....


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