Superior Food in the Future

By 2000, some biochemistry experts had begun conceiving beneficial genetic changes, good for ever more improved health and happy living, to gradually produce better humans, then in addition for future humans, ever more greatly advanced "moderns". Such genetics experts developed ways to have the best found natural evolved genetic varieties put into what could successfully develop still natural new human embryos for new somewhat superior good descendants. Let's expect that increasing numbers of parents will want to pay for such good benefits, giving them superior healthy happy still genetically pure natural best evolved human descendants.

More ever better genetic improvements will be safely developed for our food plants and animals. They will keep being improved to produce ever richer nutrition and vitamin mixes ever better for us, while also being given nicer well enjoyed good superior flavor tastes. This will most helpfully progressively reduce or eliminate desires for vitamin & nutrient supplements etc., in the past helpful for us.

Ever more such genetic improvements usefully results in a growing variety of ever more and also better ways to accomplish them. (Many families should also enjoy gaining good more playful friendly pets having ever nicer improved slower aging healthy disease free longer lives.)

Increasing food plant genetic improvements, providing better flavors with superior nutrients plus vitamins etc., will expand food source options well beyond the slow ancient plant breeds simple method of occasionally noticing some very mildly useful better growth aspect to become slowly spread around. Who should become at all upset that this is reaching vastly beyond simpler ancient farming methods? Since 1500, increasingly many ever more new technology creations have kept becoming most usefully spread around the world, most conveniently letting human living improve far nicer and ever easier.

One useful result will be making it good to switch to vegetarian living. We won't then require raising and slaughtering lots of cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. Farming will become simpler. And farms will grow able to supply more superior food to support our steadily growing populations. Just using new harvested superior fruits and vegetables will become simpler to prepare good meals from than having to butcher, then cook meat, from old land animals, or fish, etc.

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