Populating Fullball World

Those who'd learned about new human DNA improvements, such as for improved health and reduced aging, had tended to be among or mated with the better educated in advancing technology. In their secret discussion groups they had been concluding it might be better for those who could afford it to leave Earth, due to increasing hateful killings around the world of some producing or some born starting with good new cellular or genetic improvements.

The high orbiting Fullball world had available homes they could move into. Folks who'd previously been approved to move up there nicely tended to be younger, more liberal minded, not at all hateful against improving human health, possibly with less aging.

As some more obtained permission to move up into the Fullball world, one of the genetics R&D (research & development) experts partly involved in such human improvements also moved up here, then also another. This was a safer place for such experts to quietly freely expand good R&D for genetically improving humans. Also beneficial food plant genetic improvements R&D could be done better up here for better fractional gravity growth of more food. (And up here there might likely be several in the growing liberal minded population who would eventually like to try new better developed human biochemical or genetic improvements good for improved health and reduced aging, at least for their new young.).

As more move up from Earth, expand the Fullball world. If 10 more/week, that's over a thousand more in a couple years. If initially .4km radius, good for 3,350, then 200m radius increases to 1km radius would allow 11,300, 26,800, then 52,400 folks!

Preparing to expand a Fullball world, extend higher the 2 towers holding out the slow spinning Solar light to electricity conversion disk films. This would be done with prepared parts sent from their source asteroid(s). Carefully expand and raise each disk film, avoiding excessively disturbing their slow spins too long. This would be easy to do orbiting up in space, since they were virtually weightless here.

Do Fullball world expansion by first having two temporary support towers robotically made at opposite points outside the old outer shell, (to keep all expansion changes well balanced around the world). These could conveniently simply use the now higher extended towers having the now expanded now higher Solar energy converting disk films.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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