Bisexual reproduction in future humans

Secret communications among some DNA R&D (research & development) experts and some trusted others had gradually been revealing some developing possible beneficial alterations improving new infants some (or occasionally even internally themselves) over old terribly slow natural random limited human DNA evolution. It was foreseen that future possibly intelligently brighter nicely healthier slowed aging humans could maybe become improved so greatly that ultimately each might live almost ageless as adults in superior perfect health for many centuries.

But that would have clashed against ancient terribly slowly progressive natural evolution requiring frequent bisexual reproduction. We had to age and die to let the best rare good genetic accidents get spread wider among new generations in our populations. In ancient times, bisexual reproductive sex had to have been evolved quite pleasureful. Only such good nicely enjoyed sex had decently assured that some of the best recently evolved genetics could slowly naturally become usefully spread wider within future generations, to gradually keep us a nicely surviving evolving natural species.

Thus, only in special organ places helpful for bisexual reproduction, had mammals including humans evolved to helpfully receive rewarding strong pleasures from doing as needed to produce necessary new future reproductive young, to let our species then survive and gradually keep progressing on into the far future.

As such DNA R&D experts advanced able to selectively improve human genetic DNA for continuing cell generations in several body places, then some more liberal more progressive folks around the world, quite understandably much desiring much healthier long lives, at least for their new infants, gradually had eventually begun doing as needed to hopefully gain such DNA genetic improvements at least for such new young.

Several then began somewhat vaguely referring to such new young or to themselves as "moderns", becoming nicely evolved far faster and better than old random most gradual evolution had been able to have very slowly happening in our ancestors. Such new young certainly were indeed increasingly "modern" improved versions of humans, living more and more healthy, with aging also slowed some.

Reproduction for moderns wasn't by old genetically random bisexual sex. New ova were instead externally specially genetically prepared, each then somewhat easily implanted to develop into a preferred new superior fondly raised beloved baby. Moderns then developed physically and also mentally matured better than old average humans. But such new modern ova were costly to obtain, and then get properly implanted and started, to develop into desired superior new young.

Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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