Paranormal remedies to cure Tuberculosis

An adverse position of the Sun is responsible for the disease of Tuberculosis. A malefic Sun has an adverse effect on the lungs and is responsible for causing Tuberculosis. Till a few years T.B. was a life threatening disease; but now, with the advancements of medical science it can easily be cured through medication.

I am giving here in this post a couple of Paranormal Remedies which are practiced in India and are suitable for those who are affected severely.

During the period of Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra [Beta Leonis on any Sunday the patient has to throw a piece of copper or a copper coin in a river.

On any Sunday at the time of Sunrise the patient has to remove his ring [that is if he wears a ring] and dip it in Cow’s milk and Clarified butter made from Cow’s milk and face the Sun and then put the ring back on his finger.

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