Remedy if your child avoids studies

Modern day education is taking its toll on kids; especially in India. Children are burdened at an early age with loads and loads of books to study in the school as well as at home. It is no secret that kids find this repulsive and try to find ways and means to avoid studies. At times they become tired and lethargic when the word study is uttered.

A friend of mine mailed me the simple paranormal remedy to make kids concentrate on studies. Take some Whole Masoor Dal, [Whole Red Lentil] with the outer skin intact and tie it is a small piece of red colored cloth. Then hide this piece of cloth in the school bag of the child.

This I am told this makes the child concentrate on his studies and he dose not feel repulsed by the sight of books. You can try this remedy if your child falls within the above category.

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