Agni Purana Mantra to immobilize enemies

The mantra given below is from the Phetkarini Tantra; a secretive Tantrik ritual which forms a part of Shakti worship. This mantra which is a Stambhan Mantra find a mention in the ancient Indian work the Agni Purana.

Stambhan as already explained in previous post is the immobilization of enemies . These mantras are rare and the end effects of practicing them have not been documented fully; hence they should be practiced with caution as they are basically Tamsik [destructive] in nature.

This mantra is said to put a full stop to enemy activity and redirect the harmful schemes back to them. The Tantra says that the process of Siddhi [mastery] has to be commenced from midnight on any Saturday. The mastery is obtained when you remember and the mantra and pronounce it correctly.

Agni Purana Mantra Chant to immobilize enemies
Agni Purana Mantra to immobilize enemies

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  1. pranam guru ji,
    it's not mention in the mantra above,please advice how many times we have to recite this mantra and for how many days.

    1. Please read the post carefully, it mentions that mastery is acquired when you are able to fully remember and pronounce the mantra correctly.

  2. नीलजी,
    मेरी राय मे इस मंत्र की द्वितीय पंक्ति मे ...मम शत्रूणाम्‌ देवदत्ता नाम मुखम्‌ स्तम्भय....में "देवदत्ता नाम"के स्थान पर अपने सभी शत्रुओ का नाम उच्चरित करना चाहिए. इस प्रकार के मंत्रों / यंत्रों मे जहाँ"देवदत्त"शब्द आता है,वहाँ देवदत्त की जगह नाम लिखना / उच्चरित करना अपेक्षित होता है.
    विद्वेष करने वाले बहुत होते हैं,जिनका नही चलता ,अतः "सर्व विद्वेष्णाम"शब्द के साथ देव दत्तानाम का प्रयोग नही हुआ है.

    1. Yes, that is right, Mam Shatru- My Enemy/Enemies- Devdutta Naam- Name of Enemy/Enemies.

  3. Sir how to use this mantra we gain mastery

  4. Guruji sir please, how to use this mantra after gaining siddhi with memorization and pronunciation? How many times do we need to recite? Just once or 108x per sadhana? Please advise, thank you.

  5. Before attempting this mantra pray to Agni & ask for his blessing. Do breath of fire or pant fast like a dog with your tongue out for about 15-30 seconds right before starting pre-siddhi practice & every time before starting post-siddhi practice. After gaining siddhi face East (preferably during either the Summer or Winter if able) and say the mantra 108x using a black agate, fire agate, black tourmaline, red tourmaline, black obsidian, tiger's eye or agnitite mala. Use one of these malas during pre-siddhi practice process also. Once after gaining siddhi and again after gaining victory over your enemies, make an offering of prayer & thanks to Agni using dhoop, ghee daya & a small kalash of cool water.

  6. Yes, replace it with the name of the enemy.

  7. Is it a vidveshan mantra too? It contains "sarva vidveshanaam" in mantra!
    And if there are more than one enemy, should we say "sarva shatru" at devdatta instead of one enemy name?

    1. It is a Videshan and Stambhan Mantra, yes you can say Sarva Shatru.


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