Mantra to influence people

This is a mantra from the Agni Purana which is for the specific purposes of influencing people. This mantra might sound like a Vashikaran or a Mohini mantra but I would not like to call it a pure Attraction Mantra.

The Agni Purana contains some of the most powerful mantras, mostly dedicated to the Avatars of Vishnu. This particular mantra is according to me very strong as it seeks to bring under its spell of influence the “Trilokas” – all the three planes of existence; namely the Dev Lok, the Prithvi Lok and the Patal Lok.

The text does not indicate how to achieve mastery over this Mantra; however I think that the continuous chanting of the mantra might start showing results within a few days.

Indian Mantra Chant to influence people
Mantra to influence people

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  1. can i chant it for 108 times daily, is it advisable

  2. In the Sanskrit version it appears to be guhya but in the english version it is written as gruhya. Kindly clarify. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the clarification.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Attracting the 3 worlds altogether ?
    What is this?
    this sounds very heavy ?
    What will happen to the user when they achieve this siddhi?
    Will they be able to handle this type of stuff?
    Please clarify this ?
    Will they be able to communicate with Gods and Spirts at the same time?

  6. Hi sir cAn you please let me know if girls can chant this mantra

    1. There is no bar for women on chanting this Mantra to influence people.

  7. With in how many days it give result.

  8. Is er een video van deze mantra op youtube?


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