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Nostradamus - New York destroyed in an instant

This is arguably one of the most frightening of the prophecies of Nostradamus; the destruction in an instant of New York City. See this Quatrain 6- 97 – “Fire approaches the great NEW CITY. In an instant great widespread flame jumps up. As we demand proof of the Normans”.

Mantra to know sounds made by Pigs

This is amongst those rare and uncommon Indian mantras; it’s a mantra to know the meaning of the various sounds made by pigs. I am writing this post for the purposes of giving interests facts about the various and specific Mantra Sadhanas; and not to ask anyone to put them in practice. If you feel like a fool after doing this Sadhana, don’t blame me.

Sai Baba Raksha Mantra

This is a Shirdi Sai Baba Raksha Mantra for protection from enemies, dangers, evil spirits, ghosts, accidents and calamities of all kinds. There are countless followers of Sai Baba; the world over who would like to protect themselves the Satvik [Pure] way and not resort to fearsome Tantra – Mantra for the protection of the self, family and friends. This mantra is especially for these people. The meaning of this mantra is – I seek the protection of SAINATH; the one who protects the world in the form of the SUPREME PERSONALITY. THE Sai Baba Bhakts can chant this mantra continuously whenever they foresee any of the dangers mentioned above.   Sai Baba  Raksha Mantra Related articles Hanuman Raksha Mantra ( Mantra to attract a Genie ( Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana ( Yakshini Mantra for any purpose ( Simple Meditation Mantras ( Simple Mrityunjaya Mantra ( Shiva Mantra

Shiva Mantras for Strength

These are a couple of really most simple Shiva Mantras for Strength, to be chanted when one feels weak and drained to energy and vitality; both inner as well as physical. These are easy Shiva Mantras for the layman; simple yet effective. Any one of the two mantra which you like can be chanted for some time which you feel the symptoms given above. You will feel and sense that the power of Shiva entering your being and giving you strength and vitality.

The one and only way to improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa is the website which monitors the traffic of all the browsers in the world who have the Alexa Toolbar installed.. It then ranks websites according to the data collected from the Alexa Toolbars all over the web. This ranking is of utmost importance to webmasters especially in deciding the advertising rates of their sites and also new advertisers bidding for slots.

Good Luck Charm for getting Job

Here is a Good Luck Charm for getting Job. Those who are unable to find a job or any sort of gainful employment can prepare this Yantra on a plain white piece of paper with red ink. This Yantra should be kept in the wallet or money purse.

Superior Food in the Future

By 2000, some biochemistry experts had begun conceiving beneficial genetic changes, good for ever more improved health and happy living, to gradually produce better humans, then in addition for future humans , ever more greatly advanced "moderns". Such genetics experts developed ways to have the best found natural evolved genetic varieties put into what could successfully develop still natural new human embryos for new somewhat superior good descendants. Let's expect that increasing numbers of parents will want to pay for such good benefits, giving them superior healthy happy still genetically pure natural best evolved human descendants.

Use of Thumb in Healing Pain

Maharashi Shukracharya is the Guru of the Rakshasas. I use the word “is” because Shukracharya is said to be immortal. He is also said to be “Smartugami” – he who manifests on just remembering him. Shukracharya is the one who is the originator of Mritasanjeevani Vidya; which gives life and is said to bring a dead person back to life.

Simple Mrityunjaya Mantra

This is a simple; yet powerful and effective Mrityunjaya Chant, Mrityunjaya is also another name of Shiva. The meaning of this mantra is “I pray to the immortal SHIVA; who grants victory over death”. This simple mantra is also as effective as the other longer versions.

Vishnu Mantras and Prayers

Vishnu; the Protector has his own unique place in the Hindu religion. Vishnu and his Avatars like Ram and Krishna are arguably the most revered and worshiped of the Indian Deities not only in India but the world over. Vishnu is the one that protects and hence the protection of Vishnu has become most essential in this crucial period of the Kali Yuga which the world finds itself in the present period of time.

Shiva Mantra for Purity

A short and simple Shiva Mantra for Purity. This mantra is for the ordinary man; not complicated and time consuming to practice. The meaning of this mantra is “I pray to SHIVA ; the ONE who is always Pure “. Each and everyone commits many impure actions in the course of their lives. Most of the times such action prey on the mind and guilt complex takes roots in the sub-conscious mind. The person who goes on and on thinking about the sins he has committed is never a happy and contented man.

Astrological remedies for stomach problems

If you go by Astrology Rahu [North Node] is the planet which affects the stomach most. If in the horoscope Rahu is placed in an adverse house then the native suffers from chronic stomach ailments and diseases. Medication has limited or no effect and the native suffers from sever discomfort and pain.

Navagraha Shanti for Malefic Planets

The nine planets or Navagraha; Moon, Rahu and Ketu, also considered as planets in Indian astrology are known to vibrate positively to a certain set of material and paranormal actions. A specific set of remedies are prescribed to pacify and negate the ill effects of malefic planets in the horoscope or that of an adverse transit.

Try this for Bad Breath

In spite of practicing Oral Hygiene, most people suffer from bad breath. Mouth fresheners like brushing your teeth have a temporary effect. The causes of bad breath are numerous; but what they really cause is embarrassment and discomfort; especially if one suffers from chronic bad breath.

Daily Mantra for Women

A simple daily mantra for women is given here. This mantra addressed to the Mother Goddess is to invoke the Mother Goddess to fulfill the most important needs and wants of any woman. This is a Shakti .Mantra.

Powerful Durga Mata Sadhana

For the devote worshipers of Durga Mata; and there are many; here is an extremely powerful and devotional prayer or prarthana . This Sadhana is sure to shower the blessings of Durga Mata upon her sincere and dedicated devotee.

Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

These are the Yakshini Mantra Sadhanas for Jaya Yakshini and Vijaya Yakshini. These are two of the Ashtanayikas or the Eight leading Yakshinis. Indian Tantra has given a detailed description of their role as guardians of specific energies and tasks. Now a day they are primarily seen as idols in front of the main gate of the temples and Shrines of Vishnu as guardians.

Mantra for Job Interview

This is an Attraction Mantra to get success in any kind of interview; especially a job interview. The Mantra Sadhana process is not very difficult or time consuming; the only thing to remember is to have faith in what you are doing. Mastery over the mantra is gained by chanting it 1008 times; sitting in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Mantra to attract a place

This is a unique Vashikaran mantra to attract a particular place like a house, office, stage or a shop. Places like human beings also vibrate to a particular frequency. Every place is known to have its own aura and vibratory frequency. Attracting a place makes that particular area vibe positively towards you and also to be lucky and favorable to you.

Controlling and improving Human Genetics

Over recent centuries we've been ever more greatly improving how we can live ever better and nicer, greatly expanding new technology developments advanced far beyond what had long been our ancient natural rather crude poor far simpler ways of living. Such good very helpful advances got spread around our world, letting people then live ever easier and better.

Mantra - Yantra for Skin Problems

This is most specific Yantra - Mantra Sadhana for Skin Diseases. Even severe, chronic and painful skin problems are said to be eradicated by the practice of the Mantra – Yantra Sadhana. The Yantra which I have given below has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra and written with the paste of Ashtagandha. One prepared the Yantra has to be energized by holding it in your hand and chanting the Mantra given here.

Hanuman Mohini Mantra 2

This is another unique Shabar Hanuman Mohini Mantra Sadhana which makes the use of water for attraction and bringing people under your spell of attraction. This Mohini Sadhana is part of the Shabar Gram Mohan Mantra Sadhanas.

Try this tip to stop hair fall

Try this tip; a simple traditional Indian remedy if you are face with the alarming problem of hair fall and bald patches and wish to stop it and enable regrowth. This is a cheap do it yourself remedy which you can prepare at home. All you have to do is to take about 200 milliliters of Coconut oil and mix into it 2 tablespoons of Castor oil. Here you must be careful that you have purchased unadulterated ingredients.

Mantra for Precognition and ESP

This is a Mantra Sadhana to acquire the gift of Precognition or ESP; this is the science of looking into the future and visualizing the happenings of the future. Gaining Siddhi over such Sadhanas depends upon the inherent qualities found in the individual; such Sadhanas are not for everyone; only those with the aptitude for such pursuits.

Charm to remove misery

A simple to prepare; do it yourself charm to remove misery is given here. This Yantra to be prepared on a piece of paper with the paste of Gorochan and written with a pointed sandalwood stick. If you are not able to get Gorochan then the ink of Kesar {Saffron] will do.

Prosperity Charm

This is a Prosperity charm; also called in India as a “Barkat Yantra”. Barkat means growth and prosperity. If this charm is kept in the place where you store your food grains there will be no shortage of food. If kept in your safe or wallet there will be no shortage of money and if in the Jewellary Box; no shortage of gold. Thus wherever you keep this lucky charm; it ensures the growth of that thing.

Mantra - Yantra for Hernia

A charm along with a mantra to control and give relief from Hernia is given here. Hernias are categorized into numerous types, resulting in numerous kinds of complications, depending upon the type diagnosed.

Countdown to World War 3 started

The count down to World War 3 now appears to have started and is entering the crucial final stages. This site has been repeatedly warning that assassinations; a series of connected ones will be the key in starting World War 3. There is a huge conspiracy going on behind the scenes which is manipulating and pulling the strings in  the series of connected assassinations and will continue to do so; there final aim; World War 3 .

Simple Meditation Mantras

To simply mantra meditation I have give a simple mantra for meditation; there are two versions of the same mantra; the meaning of both of them is the same. You can chant any one of the two which you feel most comfortable with. This is a mantra for spiritual upliftment and expansion .

Great Good Luck Charms

These are a couple of really great and powerful good luck charms. These charms are Yantras dedicated to two of the most divine of the Indian deities; Shri Ram and Shri Krishna; both of them require no introduction from me or anyone. Worshiping both or any one of these two Avatars of Vishnu will give the same benefit and fruits as that of worshiping Vishnu.

Future humans will be more attractive

As should be expected up in the high orbiting settlements , moms for new moderns had been choosing their starting improved genetics from several good options beyond simply superior health plus frozen mid-20s adult aging, like for youthful better learning natures and maturing mathematical and scientific high tech creativity, also for good playful social and happy fun mental natures. And chosen options also included their early developed cute quite nice appearances, and then very nice attractive maturing beauty or handsomeness.

Charm to control husband

I have given in this post a special Charm for women to control a husband. This charm which is a Vashikaran or attraction Yantra; comprises of unique vibratory combinations of 5 numbers and a letter.

Good Health Charm

This is a Good Health Charm. This Charm is a Yantra which comprises of the Mantra Shreem [श्रीं]; a mystical word, often seen in many Indian mantras. It is also the Root Mantra of the Goddess of Prosperity Mahalaxmi. This Charm is said to remove diseases and ailments and give health protection.

Mantra to attract a Genie

This is a Tantrik Mantra Sadhana to attain Siddhi [Mastery] over a Genie. Indian folklore has the Genie in various names and forms; Veer Vetal, Vetal or Betaal; the foremost. The Veer Vetal is said to be a powerful mystic being, probably a combination of a Demon and a Vampire. Most people; have over the ages longed to have a personal Genie; like Aladdin, at their beck and call; to do their bidding. The practitioners of Tantra in India have some secret rituals to have a Genie under their spell of attraction ; and do their bidding. The ritual which I am giving here is one such Sadhana.

Great Kaal Bhairav Vashikaran Mantra

This is the Maha or the Great Kaal Bhairav Vashikaran Mantra. This is considered as one of the most effective and potent of the Indian Aghori [ fearsome] Vashikaran Mantras. This is a specific Kaal Bhairav Mantra to attract and bring women under your spell of attraction. I am publishing this as an interesting post and not to induce anyone to practice such mantras.

Mohini Mantra for Love - 2

This is another Mohini Mantra to attract the love and affection of one and all you come across. The only difference between this one and the previous one I have given in the earlier post is that you have to attain Siddhi [mastery] over the mantra. The Mastery has to be gained by chanting the mantra continuously 1000 times.

Mohini Mantra for Love

This is a Mohini Mantra for love which does not require any chanting or the acquisition of Siddhi; hence it is most suitable for non Indians or those have difficulty in pronouncing Hindi words. This Mohini Mantra is said to be a spell that works to attract and get the love of all those whom you come across.

Gayatri Mantra Sadhana for Students

A specific form of Gayatri Mantra worship for Students is what I am giving in this post. The Gayatri Mantra is one such potent mantra which illuminates the mind and makes it sharp and brilliant. If one is suffering from weak memory or grasping power this Gayatri Mantra Sadhana will most certainly remove these flaws and it will be far more easier to pursue knowledge.

Charm to see a ghost in dreams

This is a Charm to see a ghost in dreams. This charm which is a Yantra comprising of the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4, is amongst the rare Indian supernatural charms and spells. The Yantra has to written on a plain paper with the juice of Gunja [Abrus precatorius]. This done it has to be kept near your pillow while going to bed at night.

Ram Mantra for good luck

This is a Shri Ram Mantra for good luck. This verse from the Ayodhya Kand of the Ramcharitmanas if chanted with faith is said to convert the bad luck into good luck. The mantra also helps in overcoming bad luck emitting from malefic planetary transits and adverse planets in the horoscope. This Mantra Sadhana if done with faith ensures that divine blessings come your way.

Free Housefly Repellent

The common housefly is one of the most dangerous carriers of disease and sickness. This pest which one takes for granted primarily feeds on the food as well as the excrement of humans and also excretes all over the house.

All tasks fulfilling mantra 2

This is a continuation of the post on the All tasks fulfilling mantra which I had given earlier. I feel it is proper to write a brief description on the origin and the nature of that mantra for better understanding the mantra.

Curative Charms for Hemorrhoids

These are two kinds of Curative Charms for Hemorrhoids. These Indian charms are said to control and cure Piles and give relief to the sufferer. Both these charms which are numerological Yantras have to be worshipped by offering flowers, incense and lighting an oil lamp. Any of the two Charms can be used depending upon the kind of Hemorrhoid one is suffering from.

Shiva mantra for pleasure

This is a Shiva mantra for pleasure; however you can also dedicated this mantra to any deity you please. The meaning of this mantra is – I pray to Shiva who always remains in the state of inner pleasure. The purpose of chanting this mantra is to attract the pleasurable vibrations in nature and remain in a state of perpetual inner pleasure and experience it.

Modified females in future

For even better "moderns", more could be genetically improved. Attitudes including often good friendly relations with others were affected by mental developments before and after birth, (and then could be further advanced better by fond careful kind helpful upbringing plus good education). These had gotten caused and then usefully developed better thanks to moderns' starting good developmental genetics. These included maturing mood tendencies, also good future loyal mating helpful behavior tendencies.

Charm for protection from Snakes

It’s quite natural for a large section of the world’s population to harbor a fear and dread of snakes. There are some who have a phobia or an unnatural dread of snakes; this dread is known in scientific terms as “Ophiophobia”. There are others living in the countryside or on farms who have to protect themselves and their families; especially kids against snakes. This is a natural kind of fear.

Try this free repellent to protect books

There are a large variety of pests which fall under the category “Bookworms”. These pests infect and destroy books and anything which is made of paper by boring through paper and eating it up. This is more so in moist and humid climate.

Hanuman Raksha Mantra

This is a Hanuman Raksha Mantra. Hanuman Worship as stated before in this site is one of the most powerful form of worship for all and any kind of protection; from all and any kind of danger. The worship of Hanuman is practiced for visible or invisible dangers; natural or supernatural dangers.

Repel ants cockroaches lizards for free

Try these simple home remedies to repel ants, cockroaches and lizards. These remedies might sound funny, strange and senseless; yet they are used as repellents to drive away ants, cockroaches and lizards. They cost nothing; so no harm in trying them out, for some people in India use these natural repellents and say that they work.

Most Powerful Guru Mantra For Pain

Guest post collected provided in service of fellow humans by Durbha Shreenivasa Murthy I would like to mention a mantra given to me by my Guruji C.V.V Subramanyam (great Astrologer & Professor of Astrology in Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad) who gave this mantra to me with for attaining good health and remove my health problems. I personally experienced the power of chanting this mantra and also of other persons whom I gave this mantra to.

Charm to complete work quickly

A special lucky charm for those facing deadlines to complete a task or assignment quickly. Many people especially those working in Information and Technology as well as those in Marketing appear to be under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines; this has an adverse effect on their health; physical as well as mental. Such a situation is commonplace in today as the controllers of business and industry are only bothered about saving costs; and not the welfare of their employees.

Make Mosquito Repellent at home for free

This is a very interesting; yet effective and simple alternative to the mosquito repellents which are available in the market. This simple do it at home repellent can be prepared for almost free and does not have any side effects nor does it give you any allergies or odors. This remedy to fight mosquitoes is cost effective; almost free and suitable to the poor as well as the rich.

Yogic remedy to beat excessive heat and cold

This is a Yogic remedy to beat excessive heat and cold which is experienced especially during the hot and cold seasons. This remedy is a variation of Pranayama ; the Yogic science of breathing; detailed in Yoga. In the system of Yoga our left nostril is connected to Moon and the Right nostril with the planet Sun.