Future humans will be more attractive

As should be expected up in the high orbiting settlements, moms for new moderns had been choosing their starting improved genetics from several good options beyond simply superior health plus frozen mid-20s adult aging, like for youthful better learning natures and maturing mathematical and scientific high tech creativity, also for good playful social and happy fun mental natures. And chosen options also included their early developed cute quite nice appearances, and then very nice attractive maturing beauty or handsomeness.

Unsurprisingly, moms producing such new male moderns liked being able to have them mature with appearances which others would find quite attractive. Then matured females, when seeking a possible future mate, were quite happy with how most all looked. But it was some male's especially compatibly developed good happily close thinking nature which primarily determined her future mating selection.

Such a future mating would then usually develop most mutually pleasing. And they would mentally further mature to happily become even more intimately like-minded long term best companions, on into the far future.

Intelligent thinking nature is of course much determined by how one's brain develops. This results from genetic programming, (also from good upbringing by parents and schools). Gradually over time, more genetic details influencing such mental developments, useful for future better maturing creatively brainy moderns, got increasingly well extensively researched and ever better developed, covering ever more useful new found extra good genetic findings.

Also any genetic ways discovered which seemed to contribute to maturing with better sexual pleasure capacities were passed around within the special secret R&D (research & development) networks of the human genetics experts. It seemed good to let improved moderns nicely enjoy more good fond times with future mates over their long very healthy lives. This would be better than only sharing in extra advanced deeply creative high tech thinking. Both sexes approved.

With ancient reproductive sex no longer used for any genetically randomly produced new infants for moderns, it became agreed there was no good reason to need to leave the strongest sexual responses confined to only the ancient reproductive primary sexual organs. E.g., there was lots of good surface area over the upper chest, in the past not needed for any extra special sensitivity, except for happily letting babies usefully nurse from breasts as long as they liked. The upper chest could be very easily reached to be nicely fondled by a loving partner. So good strong sensual responses previously only found at the old primary reproductive places could also be well developed elsewhere, like exploiting all over the ample upper chest surfaces of new moderns.

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