Genetics development in children

New "moderns" children were cautiously raised to avoid giving all fully correct answers in school classes and education tests. Thus they didn't seem unusually bright, and escaped special notice. But secretly they studied and learned exceptionally well.

Genetics R&D (research & development) experts significantly involved in studying human genetics continued secretly exploring ever more possibilities related to what could make ever better and happier more improved new "moderns" humans. It was useful to try having them develop, and then mature more likely to enjoy being extra helpful with others, fitting well with our ancient evolved social animal nature.

Often, consistent with their careful designs, they early became more fun playful beloved children to very happily enjoy raising, while maybe helping them become better educated in good science and high technology complexities. As should be expected, such good playfulness might encourage their moms to try gaining more such future even more improved happy "moderns" children.

As they then matured, their childish playful happiness became advanced into good fun playfulness enjoying sharing free times with others. Why stifle good shared playful fun as you grow older? With their good brains, some became quite good at conjuring up nice entertainments for fellow moderns. Some such good entertainments could be easily happily shared encoded into what would then be safely communicated with other improved moderns secretly surviving any bad deadly foes trying to eliminate them around the globe. Often their parents also enjoyed sharing in some such new entertainments.

Some enjoyed making good funny cartoons, helped by very capable computers. These were also safely shared encoded and secretly sent to other surviving moderns around the globe. Some enjoyed making up quite funny stories to share around with other moderns.

All such safely shared good fun kept their lives much happier than merely safely quietly hiding at home away from too many intolerant or potential deadly foes, while several worked on possible high tech advances or inventions to maybe be sent to trusted agents, to earn them and surviving parent(s) decent safe quiet living.

Thus it had been quite nice of those secretly devising improved moderns to also include for their starting genetics likely developed improved happy ways for much better enjoying their quiet secure daily living. Much nicer than merely having superior health beyond any past evolved mere limited pure natural humans!

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