Secret superior human chromosome genetics

Genetics R&D (research & development) experts partly involved in studying human genetics kept learning more about what makes us what we are. One useful productive method was to have the genetics of cell samples from big groups of many people analyzed by tireless automated equipment. Eventually some developmental features found in at least a few could be linked with the apparent causing developmental genes or with gene regulating chromosome sections.

Gradually such R&D experts kept learning ever more fine details within our evolved controlling genetics, more than just related to how healthy or unhealthy, and disease resistant or susceptible some might be.

The few researching some possible improvements for humans even better than the best from natural genetic varieties continued finding some possibilities they could genetically replace within single-cell embryonic human zygotes they specially prepared, which would develop through several stages into embryos over an 8-week period. A trial one could then be implanted in a most helpful willing woman. Still later that developing fetus would be safely extracted to be studied and analyzed in great detail.

Any such trials for superior human chromosome genetics had to be kept hidden from the general public. In some nations, any such trial would be judged as murdering a human (fetus). And of course this needed to be fully hidden from some deadly conservative religious foes, very hateful against any possible modifications for humans away from what they proudly devotedly insisted had been God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) proclaimed Perfect Intelligent Design of His Created Preferred Superior top life form, believed most Specially honored to gain Eternal Souls: Humans.

Of course much more became learned than just genetic details related to how healthy someone might become. Some of what these human genetics R&D experts had been learning included body size. New "moderns" could be designed not merely healthier, but also of efficiently shorter and smaller body sizes. Then they might more quietly avoid much notice in public settings. Some could also helpfully be designed to mature a bit more safely average looking.

But "moderns" were being designed to mentally develop well above average, to become among the brightest possible complex thinkers. Naturally they would likely become much interested in such improvable genetics. Several then gave some free time to study human genetic varieties. Sometimes some of them happily gave some time to help the R&D experts with complicated subtasks associated with possibly refining ever better genetics for future more improved moderns. They might ultimately gain even better future new young.

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