The discovery of God and creation

The discovery of the elusive “God Particle” by the scientists working on the Large Hydron Collidor project at CERN could be the biggest scientific discovery of this century.

This great discovery will most certainly revolutionize science and enable gigantic strides in the up gradation of most technology. The most talked about topic is if the Higgs Boson can ultimately lead to the discovery of how the big bang occurred, what caused it and how creation took place. This some say could also lead us to the discovery of God.

I am giving here in this post some gems from the discoveries of the ancient Indian Spiritualist Adi Shankara; which I have translated and put into simple language for the benefit of all those on the path towards of Discovery of God. I hope this few sentences from Indian Wisdom will be helpful.

In the beginning there was there was no such thing as the existent or the non-existent, there was no sky to enclose everything in; so what was the space everything rested in. Was there water or the Oceans?

Death did not exist nor anything immortal; like God, There was no division between day and night. That only “Thing” existed in its own nature; other that this “Thing” nothing existed.

There existed only darkness and this darkness was a formless void. Then there arose light and from it a “Unit” was born.

Then arose “Desire” and in the beginning it was the source seed and the germ from which the first “Units” discovered the existent and the non- existent.

And from “Desire” were created the boundaries of Heaven and Earth; so were the mighty forces of immense energy.

There is none who can vouch for what really happened for the Gods came after the world was created.

Only the “Thing” knows if it created everything or not. It is the “Thing” which is the only one that knows if it controls the Universe or not.

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  1. While the god particle is very poorly named it has been a great catalyst for conversation. I was talking to a Christian zealot about this issue over at and they had the perspective that it was sacrilege to call it that. I don't agree, in fact wasn't that the Dan Brown movie concept?


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