Ashta Siddhi Mantra

There are eight or Ashta Siddhis which are spoken about in the ancient Indian scripture the Rig Veda. The Siddhis spoken here are those of super human abilities. These Ashta Siddhi are –

Anima -The ability to reduce yourself to the size to the tinniest particle and turn invisible.
Mahima- The ability to grow to the size of the largest thing in existence.
Garima – becoming the heaviest thing in existence.
Laghima -The ability to become like the lightest particle and fly.
Prapti - Being in any or all places at the same time.
Parakamya -The ability to manifest your thoughts into reality.
Istva -The ability to make all act as per your wishes.
Vastva -The ability to attain the absolute.

These Siddhis have also been spoken about as being the ability to make your consciousness do absolutely anything; the expansion and contraction of the consciousness. The abilities to become a Superman on the mental level. These abilities I have noted are on the mental plane similar to the state of Non -Duality.

The mantra which is given is a Shakti Mantra the meaning of which is – I seek the blessings of the Goddess who grants the eight Siddhis.

Hindu Mantra to obtain Ashta Siddhi
Ashta Siddhi Mantra
This mantra will work on the deepest levels; the person chanting the mantra has to be a Spiritual person in the advanced stages of evolution.

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  1. Dear Sir it is really very interesting to read so many articles on knowledge written by you. In history we have read about rishi munis who become invisible...Hanumanji becoming the size of a giant or becoming as small as a fly. With the darkness of kaliyuga we dont witness all this freely but still there are great knowledge seekers and those who are bairagis who still have such great abilities. Hope to read more interesting articles from you...thank you

  2. Thanks you to post such a great article. as you have mentioned to attain siddhi for all the mantras. what is the procedure to attain siddhi for Ashta Siddhi Mantra. like any auspicious day, time, count of Jaap and all.

    Thanks - Shailesh Charkari

    1. hi can any one please explain what is (siddhi) mean?thanks...

    2. Siddhi means to attain ashta siddhi means to attain 8 powers

  3. Dear payal, siddhi is when you attain perfection of a specific ability, power or mantra

  4. Dear Sir Pranam:

    You have missed out how many lacs has the astasiddhi mantra to be chanted?


    1. This is a Mantra for meditation on the Ashta Siddis and hence can be chanted as many times as one likes

    2. it is written that Mantra Siddhi is done by 1.25 Lakh Jap

      Is take to chanted 125000 times, representing 108 seed of maalaa is called Purashcharan.
      if sadhu chant 1250 round of time periods of 40 days(31 maalaa per day) approx 10h .

      The repetition of the Mantra as vowed for a particular number of times by the worshipper, normally 125,000 repetitions of a Mantra - this practice is called a Purashcharan. This is equivalent to 1250 rounds of a Maalaa in 40 days - 31 Maalaa per day. If somebody takes some 20 minutes to recite the Mantra 108 times, 20 Maalaa will take approximately 7 hours, and 10 Maalaa 3 hours and 30 minutes. Sometimes food and living discipline are also to be followed during the Purashcharan.

  5. is it good to chant this mantra?is it kshudra vidya?which god/goddess will give us this power

    1. Rug veda is gods holy books the veda is not black magic on listening veda or spelling veda the bad bacteria around us will die for more info go to lord

  6. Dear Neel Sir,

    Kindly explain a little more-- How would I know if I am "a Spiritual person in the advanced stages of evolution". And If I am not spiritually advanced then what will happen if I chant this Ashta Siddhi mantra.

    kind regards

  7. sir!
    i want to read other mind (thinking ) is there any mantra to know anybodies inner feeling and past and future life happens as will as past births and future birth details

    1. Mai ye par ke tantrik ban gaya ghar bar sab chut gaya ab mai garib hu

  8. i want to know normal person cant chant this, what it means by spiritual person can chant? do we get the 8 mention siddhi?

  9. can i chant this any whear any time

    1. Yes, you can chant this mantra anytime and anywhere.

    2. Why chanting and meditating do I have to focus on the power that I want

  10. Please help! Is there any method to perform this sadhna? Like starting from first to last or just to meditate with the given mantra? In how much time we can gain the siddhi?
    Thank you.
    Jai Mataji. Jai Bhole

  11. Sir can you please help us to locate a person who knows ashtha ma sidddhis

  12. well Its very nice but the viewers are strucking vith these siddhis only. through this u can not go beyond bhuvarloka. these are nothing, it will distract us from our main goal i.e liberation soo be carefull

  13. She requires your devotion before you can gain anything. Please be sure that you can deliver before recite mantra

  14. pranam guruji
    can u write an article abt how to gain siddhis by layman

  15. For how many daysor months. these siddhis. Will obtain tell approximately as per our experience

  16. How many days it takes to gain siddhi?


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