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Yantra to do Business in Foreign Country

The Yantra described by me in this post is a Hindu Charm to do business in a foreign country and is suitable for someone who is dealing in the import-export trade or any such trade, industry or business, which relates to business or monetary transactions in another country, including Online trade and businesses.  The Yantra Sadhana is a simple one, which I will explain below in this post.

Disha Bandhan Mantra Sadhana in Shivalaya

Disha Bandhan as already explained in earlier posts is a Tantric Sadhana to stop the inflow of any disturbing vibrations and energies from disturbing the Sadhaka while he is in the process of striving for Mantra Siddhi. The Shabar Disha Bandhan  Mantra described in this post  has to be Mastered in a Shivalaya continuously for 30 days by chanting it 108 times daily. After the completion of the 30-day Mantra Sadhana , the Sadhaka is able to gain Siddhi over the Mantra.

Lal Kitab Remedies to Prevent Abortions and Miscarriages

The Lal Kitab features many simplistic remedies for most problems, including health problems and the Lal Kitab Totke described by me in this post are two of these simple remedies to prevent abortion and miscarriages. Those women who have given birth to still born babies or have had abortions can, if they so desire, practice any one of these two Lal Kitab remedies that is if they have faith and firm belief in such Indian Tantric Totke .

Muslim Vashikaran By Gud Mantra

The Vashikaran Mantra described in this post is a Vashikaran by Gud [Jaggery] Mantra Experiment. The attraction experiment is performed to entice and hypnotize a woman and control, and manage her through a Love Voodoo Spell.   The Attraction Mantra is an Ayat, which originates from the Occult  Muslim Vashikaran Tantra. The procedure is explained in detail in this post.

Siddh Maha Laxmi Bisa Yantra

The Maha Laxmi Bisa Yantra described in this post is believed to be a most powerful Hindu Money, Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity Attracting Charm. This  Bisa Yantra can be framed or laminated and kept in the home, Puja-Place, office, factory, Godown, Cash-Cupboard-Box or any other place, which is considered auspicious for the in-flow of money and business. It can also be inserted in a Silver Locket and worn as a lucky Charm around the right upper arm.

Mantra Remedy using Aloo Bukhara Fruit

The Aloo Bukhara, which is small edible fruit belonging to the Plum or Prune fruit variety, is not only a tasty fruit, but is also said to have certain strong medicinal properties.  There are certain health remedies, which have been traditional practiced in India using the Aloo Bhukara fruit, in the post below, I have explain how to practice a Mantra Remedy , which is believed to resolve some every day health issues.

Freedom From Jail Yantra

The Freedom for Jail Yantra described by me in this post is another one of the rare Hindu Tantric Voodoo Spells, which is believed to set an imprisoned person free from jail. In the past, I have written about some similar Mantra and Tantra experiments for the benefit of imprisoned people and their loved ones, each experiment is different as a different Tantra is used to practice the Yantra or Mantra Experiment. The one described in this post has its own unique procedure, which, I feel is simpler and easier to practice than the earlier experiments for the same purpose.

Vashikaran By Rose Mantra

This is a very easy and simple to practice Vashikaran by Rose Mantra experiment. The Vashikaran experiment, if one goes by the wordings of this Mantra, probably has Islamic origins. I have in the past many years written about many of these Vashikaran Mantras, which have originated from the same Occult Tantra, which infuse a particular object and use it as a Voodoo Attraction Object to enchant a particular person or set of persons.

Chetak Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana

A Chetuk or Chetak is said to be a very powerful ghostly entity, which is cultivated by Aghori Black Magicians and Tantric to perform evil acts like harassing enemies or opponents and causing trouble through mystical paranormal phenomena. The Chetkin is said to be the female version of the Chetak and there is a belief in some sections of society that she is most powerful witch.  In the Konkan, which is the coastal region of Maharashtra, a Chetuk is said to be the ghost of a person belonging to a common person, like a farmer.

Kali Siddhi Mantra to Become Invisible

This Kali Mantra Experiment is most dangerous and hence at the very outset, I will advise the inexperienced practitioners of Mantra Shastra and Aghori Tantra to stay away. This Kalka Siddhi Prayoga is believed to make the practitioner invisible to others and this is the reason why only the experienced Sadhak should attempt the Mantra Sadhana described in this post.

Drinking Water Sindoor Vashikaran Yantra

This Vashikaran Yantra makes the use of both Sindoor and Drinking Water to put a Voodoo Attraction Vashikaran Spell on any person who drinks the water from the Vessel or Water Container on which the Spell has been Cast. The process is basically very simple and suitable for the layperson to practice.  However, I will not guarantee its success as this largely depends upon the strong will power of the Spell Caster and his intentions not to misuse the Yantra for harmful purposes like enticing a man or woman solely for the purpose of physical relations against their will.

Mantra Remedy for Loss of Appetite and Liver Fire

This Healing Mantra Remedy given in this post is simpler than the ones posed earlier for similar purposes. The Mantra remedy works for improving appetitive and for regulating Liver Heat/Fire and hence is suitable for persons who have Liver Disorders and has lost their appetite, given below in this post is the simple way to practice the remedy.

Advice for Enhancing Vashikaran Techniques

The meaning of this famous verse contained in the Divine Scripture, the Ramcharitmanas, which is shown in the image, is- There is absolutely no doubt at all that one gets the one whom one truly loves. The verse has also been recommended by many as a powerful Satvik Vashikaran/Akarshan or Mohini Mantra to attract a desired beloved.  However, in my opinion, the verse, along with the prescribed Vashikaran Mantra Experiments is also great piece of advice to all the true lovers of this world, including the regular practitioners of Vashikaran Techniques who are striving to attract a desired beloved.

Sheshnag Mantra to remove Infections

The method of practicing a rare Sheshnag Mantra to remove poisonous infections is described in this post. Poisonous in the context of this Sheshnag Mantra includes infections such as bacterial, fungal and viral infections resulting from coming in contact with these microscopic elements. It must be kept in mind that such infections were classified as resulting from Zehreele Jeev Jantu in the Early Middle Ages when most of these Shabar Mantras were originally composed.

Eight Food Habits as Preventive Remedies

In this post, I have described eight great preventive remedies for good health. These remedies are related to the consumption of food and can easily be co-opted without much effort into your daily routine.  The overall health of an individual is a combination of mind and matter and they go hand in hand, they react immediately to any disorder in each other. Cultivating these eight food habits with surely enhance the overall physical and mental health of an individual, including the many readers of this site who are striving from spiritual growth, Kundalini Awakening and trying to gain Mastery over Hindu Occult and paranormal practices like Mantra, Yantra and Tantra Experiments.

Prosperity Remedies Using Magical Herb

The Nirgundi Herb, a most powerful Tantric Herb has been written about in a lot of Mantra and Paranormal remedies, which have appeared on this site over the past many years. This Magical Herb, whose botanical name is Vitex negundo and known as Sambhalu in Hindi and Five-leaved chaste tree in English is believed to possess most powerful properties to attract positive and helpful vibrations.

Simple Home Remedies using Rose Flower

The Rose Flower or Gulab as it is called in the English language is since a very long time the unofficially crowned King or Queen of the flowers, Phoolon Ka Raja-Rani. Apart from its beauty and sweet fragrance, the rose has always been used in some simple traditional herbal Indian home remedies.  In this post; I will describe some of the really simpler of these home remedies for every day health problems, which can be practiced using the rose.

Paranormal Remedies with Vulture Body Parts

The body parts of a Vulture have great importance in Indian Paranormal Tantra; mostly the Aghori or fearsome Tantra. They are much sought after Tantric items as it become easier for a Tamsik Aghori Sadhaka to accomplish a variety of paranormal experiments using the body parts of a Vulture. In this post, I have mentioned some of the more famous magical Indian Tantric rituals practiced by Aghori Sadhakas.

Meaning and Importance of Sashtang Namaskar

Sashtang Namaskar means devotional salutations done in a most humble, sincere and truthful manner by touching the eight body portions to the ground. These eight body portions are the Two Hands, Two Legs, The Knees, The Chest and The Head [Forehead]. Sasht in Hindi means Eight and Ang means Limb or Body Portion, hence the word Sashtang means Eight Limbs or Body Portions.

Special Qualities of Ganesha Idols

Ganesha is said to possess each and every quality and attribute in the Universe, which is why he is often identified with the Cosmic Vibration Aum. Hindu scriptures and folklore contain a lot of interesting information about Ganesha , and the information, which, I have written, in this post, on the specific qualities of Ganpati Murtis or idols may be great interest to devote Ganesh Bhakts.Ganesh Murtis are believed to possess certain strong properties or special paranormal qualities and attributes depending upon the type of material, which is used to prepare the Idol.

Healing By Gold Water

As per Hindu Healing Tantra Shastra Gold apart from its glitter and beauty has strong healing properties and these healing properties have been always been used in treating some specific diseases and health problems by traditional Indian healers. In this post, I will describe how to prepare Gold Water and how it is used in a couple of the simpler and easy to practice remedies in treating and getting relief from some common ailments.

Vashikaran Yantra on Vegetable Leaves

As I have been explaining from time to time  over the past few years, there are numerous methods in the Vashikaran Tantra to attract a man, woman, child or animal. In this post, I have described an uncommon Vashikaran Experiment where a Vashikaran Yantra is drawn on the leaves of the Cauliflower Vegetable, known in the Hindi language as the Gobi.

Powerful Shakti Bisa Yantra

The Yantra given in this post is a most powerful Shakti Bisa Yantra, which is also believed to be most effective in resolving all paranormal fear related problems relating to mystical, ghostly, unknown and unseen energies and entities by permanently exorcising them from the house. This Bhoot Pret Badha Nivaran Bisa Yantra is believed to be effective even if it is simple hung on a wall in the house.

Yantra for Getting Wished For Knowledge

Ichhit Gyan in the English language means desired or wished for Knowledge.  The Magical Yantra described by me in this post is for the very same purpose of getting and mastering the hoped for knowledge. The desired knowledge could be of any kind of specialized academic knowledge for students or researchers  or any kind of divine or secret knowledge, including knowledge of the Paranormal, Occult, Voodoo and Mantra , Yantra and Tantra Spells. The Tantra of performing this Yantra Experiment is described below in this post.

Kuladevta Darshan Mantra

This is a special Kuldevta Mantra Prayoga for those people who do not know who their Kuladevta /Kuladevi are and yet wish to worship the deity. This Mantra experiment is believed to make it possible for the Sadhaka to have a Darshan of the Kuldevta in a dream. The Mantra Sadhana for having a vision of the Kuladevta or Kuladevi is described below in this post.

Parivarik Sukh Shanti Yantra

I have always tried my level best to write about all kinds of paranormal remedies, Totke, Yantras, Mantras and Charms, which are believed to be effective in increasing domestic peace and harmony among the members of a family, including the husband and wife. In this post, I have described a Parivarik Sukh Shanti Yantra Experiment, which is believed to greatly increase domestic peace , harmony and tranquility in the home of the practitioner.

Gajendramoksha Stotra for Mental Peace

Many devote Hindus chant the Gajendramoksha Stotra to be free from the sorrows and the miseries of life, to seek Moksha [Liberation from the unending Cycles of Life and Death] and to remove all kinds of sadness from their lives. The Gajendramoksha Stotra is one of the most powerful Mantras to eradicate sorrows and is specifically recommended for removing Chinta [Worry] in women. Women who are facing severe problem in life can either chant or listen to an audio of the Gajendramoksha for finding that elusive Peace of Mind .

Vashikaran Yantra for Marriage

This is believed to be a specific Marriage Vashikaran Yantra to enhance the chances of getting married to the dream girl of your choice. The Tantra is very easy and simple for anyone to practice, but a word of caution before attempting this Vivah Hetu Yantra Prayoga , you must be sure that you truly love the girl you are proposing to; otherwise, you might get into trouble.

Yantra to Get Loans

I describe a special Occult Yantra to Get Loans or Karz Prapti Yantra in this post. Many readers write to me from time to time on ways and means to get easy credit for their personal or business needs and hopefully this Yantra will address their needs, however, there is a special Tantra, which has to be performed to make this Yantra Experiment succeed, which is described below in this post.

Vashikaran By Oil Yantra

This Vashikaran Yantra, which has been described by me in this post, uses a special yet simple method with Oil to cast a Voodoo Vashkaran Spell on any man or woman to control that person and mange him or her for any purpose. The purpose, in the context of this Vashikaran Spell should be noble and not meant to physically, mentally or financially harm the person who has been put under a Vashikaran Spell; otherwise, such Voodoo Spells are believed to revert upon the Spell caster.

Vashikaran By Honey Mantra

This is a Vashikran by Honey Mantra Experiment using a very popular and famous Vashikaran Mantra. This Vashikaran Mantra and its variations have appeared before on this site in the past. The Vashikaran Experiment using Honey, described by me in this post uses the same Vashikaran Mantra to put a desired lover under a most powerful Attraction Spell.

Vashikaran Yantra to Express Love

This is a Vashikaran Yantra, which is believed to make a man express his love and affection for a woman successfully and win her heart. Many men are silently in love with a woman, but find it extremely hard to put their emotions into words and win the love of the woman. This Voodoo Vashikaran Spell as per the Hindu Shastra is believed to enhance the success chances of the silent lover.