Advice for Enhancing Vashikaran Techniques

The meaning of this famous verse contained in the Divine Scripture, the Ramcharitmanas, which is shown in the image, is- There is absolutely no doubt at all that one gets the one whom one truly loves. The verse has also been recommended by many as a powerful Satvik Vashikaran/Akarshan or Mohini Mantra to attract a desired beloved.  However, in my opinion, the verse, along with the prescribed Vashikaran Mantra Experiments is also great piece of advice to all the true lovers of this world, including the regular practitioners of Vashikaran Techniques who are striving to attract a desired beloved.

Ramcharitmanas Love Advice for lovers
Ramcharitmanas Verse

This is so because it is very easy to attract a desired lover, if one is truly in love with that person. Here must be noted by Vashikaran Sadkaks that true love should be differenced from infatuation, which is a short-lived intense longing or obsession for a desired lover that subsides over a period of time.

Practitioners of Vashikaran Siddhi should always keep in mind that true love is never extinguished and the vibrations generated by true love are a most powerful Satvik energy form, generated by the most powerful thought forms of true love.

It become very easy to succeed in any kind of Vashikaran Mantra-Yantra or Tantra Experiment, if that technique is backed by feelings and emotion of true love as it greatly multiplies the power and enhances the force and potency of the Occult experiment.

Note- The purpose of writing this article is primarily meant as advice for the practitioners of the Vashikaran Tantra who regularly follow this site to gain Siddhi over the various Vashikaaran Techniques featuring on this site..

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  1. Neel ji, namaste,

    How to gain siddhi and how to use it.Please explain in detail

  2. Dear guruji,
    How to gain sidhi over this mantra? How to use? Please clarify it.
    Bless us. Jay shree raam, jay hanuman.

  3. hello neel ji... how to perform this mantra? can one combine this mantra with other vashikaran mantra? i am performing a vashikaran mantra. can i use this mantra after thar perticular mantra?

    1. See the reply below for practicing this Mantra.
      It is best to concentrate on One Vashikaran Mantra or Tantra at a time for a specific person.

  4. To both of you who have asked the question.
    An easy way to use the Vashikaran Mantra is to chant it 108 times with an mental image of the desired lover,
    Any Rosary can be use to count the Mantra Chants.

  5. ear neel n i am not receiving your mail these ays -what is the reason thanks

    1. All subscriptions are automized, may be there is a bug at your end, you can re-subscribe by filling in the subscription form.

  6. ji how many days should we chant and on what time is good for this to perform morning or evening
    thank you

    1. Try the Vashikaran Prayoga for One day and see if it works for you. The better time for chanting the Mantra should be during the evening of night.

  7. After knowing the difference between true love and infatuation, if i have sumptoms of both, what do you think? Will any vashikaran mantra show its effects?

    For how long this sadhhna should be done?

    While performing any mantra i get random thoughts, sometimes sexual thoughts for my ex love, angry on her behaviour, love, sad.. do all this decrease any vashikaran mantra Effects?

    In that case what can i do to not have those thoughts and do sadhhna with full concentration?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Success in Vashikaran or for that matter any Mantra Sadhana depends upon the sincerity of the practitioner, Mantras chanted half heartedly will never work.

    2. Thank you very much for you reply Neel sir,

      How can someone achieve the concentration?

      and which feelings should one have while doing these kind of sadhna?

      I am about to forsake everything for her, if that is not enough as true love, i dont know what it can be (after a year of separation and having not seen her face)

      and if i'm wasting my time, and its not going to work due to my lack of sicerity or concentration.. Im ready for the worst

      The only thing preventing me commit suicide now is the idea of who will take care of my parents....

      I think i dont need much concentration for suicide...


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