Meaning and Importance of Sashtang Namaskar

Sashtang Namaskar means devotional salutations done in a most humble, sincere and truthful manner by touching the eight body portions to the ground. These eight body portions are the Two Hands, Two Legs, The Knees, The Chest and The Head [Forehead]. Sasht in Hindi means Eight and Ang means Limb or Body Portion, hence the word Sashtang means Eight Limbs or Body Portions.

Sashtang Namaskar in the Hindu religion denotes the most humble way of letting go of one’s self [ego or identity] at the feet of God. It also means submission of all [symbolized by the Eight Limbs] at the feet of God.  This all includes the Mind, which is symbolized by the touching of the Head to the ground.

Sashtang Namaskar thus is the complete surrender of the Mind and Body at the feet at of God and is the most devotional form of Salutation or Prayer.

Some Hindu religious scholars recommend that a certain number of Sashtang Namaskars for some Hindu deities.
Sun [Surya Dev] – Seven
Shiva- Six
Vishnu or any of his Dashavatars-Five
Shri Ganesha-Three

However, in my opinion, a Namaskar, being a most humble devotional submission to God, those unable to perform Sashtang Namaskar can bow their heads or fold their hands before God. It is the feeling and emotion with which the action is performed, which is as important as the physical act.

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