Goddess Tara Mantras

The Goddess Tara is a form of the Mother Goddess; the eternal Shakti; the one which fuel and powers this universe and is its life. She is an important part of the Dasa Mahavidya, in the Hindu religion. She is also worshipped in the Buddhist religion and also finds reference in other ancient cultures and civilizations across the world.

In reality all the Dasa Mahavidya, Shiva, Vishnu, Laxmi and all the other Gods and Goddesses are one and the same Adi Shakti; the Primordial One. This Eternal Energy is worshipped and Meditated upon in which ever form you visualize it to be.

The spiritual person meditates upon this energy without attaching any self serving wants and motives. The only motive of this Satvik person is to gain the Divine Knowledge of the Adi Shakti. Once the Sadhak is blessed with some of this knowledge, he knows he is on the right path as envisioned for him.

There are 3 different Beej Mantras of Tara Devi; any one of these 3 Devi Mantras can be chanted to Meditate upon the Goddess.

Mantras to meditate upon the Goddess Tara
Goddess Tara Mantras

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  1. pls kindly suggest me some tantra books to learn mohine vidya
    my id is milyapc@gmail.com

  2. Tara mantra is om hring string hoom phat chant daily one mala you will get unlimited wealth my email I'd is corporatesidharth@Gmail.com

    1. Namasthey can we get all siddhis(powers) through Maa Tara sadhana are there specific mantras for that???

  3. Dear Neel Sir ,
    Will you post artcile on Mahavidya Bhuwaneshwari
    and Her Authentic Sadhana Procedures ?

  4. Guru ji it is hreem streem or hreeng streeng because I have listen both

  5. Hello, can the mantra "Om Hrim Strim Hum Phat" be chanted by someone who is not initiated by a guru ? Is there any specific ritual you have to follow to chant this ?

  6. Somebody was telling on internet that Tara Devi Moola mantra is so dangerous because it is tantrik beej mantra and so many stuffs. My understanding it that it may be recited by male and female of all ages. He told not for householders. What is truth, please Neel ji?

    1. That depends on the level of the Sadhak, if someone is scared or doubtful, then it is better not to chant such mantras.

    2. Sir I want Tara devi mohini mantra plz


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