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Mantra Before Attacking or Being Attacked By Enemy

In this post, I have written about a Stambhan Mantra that is chanted before attacking an enemy or before being attacked by the enemy. This Stambhan Mantra can also be used to defeat an opponent in physical contact sports, like wrestling, boxing, judo-karate and other similar sports, which involve fighting.

Sammohan Mantra to Fascinate Any Man or Woman

Today,  I have described a Mantra to fascinate anyone or to do Sammohan of any man or woman you love or for any other noble purpose or motive. This Mantra will attract that person towards your aura in the same way that iron gets attracted towards a magnet. - Post By A Sadhak

Talisman to Make a Shop or Office Grow and Prosper

A simple to make and use numerical Talisman for making any business conducted from a shop or an office grow, prosper, make more profits and attract more customers has been described in this post.

Voodoo Black Magic Spells to Ruin an Enemy

Two Voodoo Black Magic Spells to make an enemy or any other person fail in everything that he does and to ruin an enemy have been described in this post. These are standalone revenge spells, which are free from any kind of prayer or Mantra.

Yantra to Get Benefits from Rahu and Ketu

In this post, I have described the method of making and using a Numerical Astrological Yantra to remove the malefic or ill-effects of Rahu and Ketu and at the same time get immense benefits from these most powerful invisible planets of the zodiac.

Mantra Remedy for Removing Delays in Work or Projects

Many a times there are unnecessary delays and obstacles in our work or some project which we are going to start, hence, with the help of this simple remedy these obstacles or unnecessary delays that are delaying any project will be resolved. - Post By A  Sadhak

Enemy Maran Yantra Using Human Bone

The Vidhi or procedure of a  Shatru Maran Prayog using a human bone has only been given in this post to apprise readers about the deadly and fearsome techniques adopted by Sadhus and Tantriks of the Aghor Panth for taking the lives of their enemies or harming them in a most severe manner.

Mantra to do Sammohan of Someone you Love

Today, I am giving a Mantra to captivate anyone or to do Sammohan of someone you love or for any other good purpose, then, this Mantra will attract them towards your aura. Post By A Sadhak

Vashikaran Using Mud From Under the Feet of Desired Person

In this post, I have written about one of the most simple of the Vashikaran Remedies, which make the use of mud or dust from under the feet of a desired lover for attracting and putting a Voodoo Love Spell on that desired man or woman.

Amal to Get Magical Powers and Strength

Today, I have given information about  a very simple but a long and steady Sadhana for attaining Magical Powers. This is a Amal that is capable in giving you Ruhani Kuwwat, Kuwwat is power or strength. - Post By A Sadhak

Vashikaran Yantra for Husband Wife Love

In this post, I have written about a magical Vashikaran or Akarshan Naksh / Wazifa to bring about an increase in the attraction, love and affection between a husband and wife or two lovers. The two methods of using this Wazifa, which a special kind of Numerical Yantra are described below.

Yantra to Make Enemy Friend or Repay Debts

A Yantra having the three different uses of enabling the practitioner to repay debts or to trouble and cause problems for an enemy or to make an enemy a friend has been described in this post. This Yantra is a Wazifa / Naqsh , which has been given in the English language.

Aghor Tantra to Make Enemy Suffer in Every Way

In this post, I have written about a Aghor or Fierce Tantra to make an enemy suffer mentally and physically in every possible way with the help of a Ghost. This Tantra uses objects that are used in Hindu Cremation Rites to attract the Ghost and unleash it on the enemy.

Magic Yantra to Bring Back Separated Lover

A Magical Yantra Prayog to bring back a separated lover, family member or a husband or wife who has left the practitioner and gone to an unknown place, another city or country or is missing has been described in this post.

Remedy to Remove Black Magic from Shop or House

A simple home remedy without the use of any Mantra, Yantra or Worship  to remove black magic or any other Voodoo Spell, Hex, Curse or harmful energies and vibrations from a shop, office, business place or even a house  has been described in this post.

Shi Ram Yantra for Victory and Success

A Yantra dedicated to the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram for getting victory and success in every work, job or task has been described in the post. This is a most powerful and effective devotional Yantra that gives success in everything.

Vashikaran Yantra to Make Beloved Yearn and Come

A Vashikaran Yantra Prayog to make a beloved come to the practitioner on his or her own has been described in this post. This Yantra Totka is said to make the desired man or lady restless and yearn for the practitioner and come to the practitioner on his or her own.

Mantra to Reopen Closed Business and Remove Debts

A special Beej Mantra for reopening or restarting a closed shop or business, becoming free from debts, removing all kinds of finance and money related problems and getting money and wealth has been described in this post.

Powerful Vashikaran By Sarson Ka Tel

In this post, I have written about a very powerful Vashikaran By Sarson Ka Tel or Mustard Oil Yantra Experiment for casting a strong and accurate Vashikaran Attraction Spell on any person for any motive, including love and marriage.

Yantra for Weak Jupiter in Horoscope

In this post, I have written about the use of the most effective Chautisa Yantra for removing the ill-effects of having a weak, unhelpful or malefic Jupiter or Guru in the horoscope or during a harmful transit of Jupiter and gaining the benificial effects of a strong Jupiter.

Talisman to Remove Injustice

In this post, I have written about a Talisman for removing any kind of injustice, including being a victim of false and bogus allegations, unjust suspension from job, false legal cases and unfair arrest or unlawful detention.

Yantra to Make Enemy Poor and Bankrupt

A very unique Yantra Prayog that makes the use of an Anar or Pomegranate, a Bhonpu or Horn and a special Numerical Talisman to make an enemy poor and bankrupt has been described in this post.

Talisman to Increase Sales and Customers of Shop

A Talisman for increasing the sales, customers, income and profits of a shop or any small business that operates from a shop or office has been described in this post. This Talisman is a unique Numerical Yantra that can be helpful for those shopkeepers or small business who are facing problems in their business.

Vashikaran Mantra to Impress and Convince Boss

In this post, I have written about a Most Powerful Three Words Shabar Vashikaran Mantra for attracting, impressing and convincing your boss or other important persons, like ministers, financiers and bankers, judges and top government officials.

Yantra Using Name and Needle to Harass Enemy

A very effective and dangerous Yantra Remedy to give all kinds of problems to an enemy by writing a Shatru Nashak Yantra and his name on paper and piercing that Yantra with a Sui or Needle has been described in this post.