Mantra to do Sammohan of Someone you Love

Today, I am giving a Mantra to captivate anyone or to do Sammohan of someone you love or for any other good purpose, then, this Mantra will attract them towards your aura. Post By A Sadhak

Now a days, the internet is flooding with Vashikaran Mantras, but Vashikaran,  Akarshan, Sammohan and Mohan Mantras are different types of Mantras.

I will describe all these things and even how these Mantras work in detail in the next post.

For now you can try this Mantra and see the result by yourself. This mantra has been tried successfully and the results were positive.

Mantra to do Hypnotism of Someone you Love

It creates a very good and attractive environment for both the persons and hence, it is a boon for lovers but remember don't misuse this Mantra because it is not good and also because the power of the Mantra is quite high so use it with wisdom.

The procedure of practicing this Sadhana has been given given below.

1] Start the Sadhana from a Friday in the Shukra Hora

2] Chant the Mantra given below108 times

Kling Kling Kling Aing Akarshay Kling Kling Kling

3] Kling Kling Kling needs to be chanted on the Hridaya Chakra or Heart Chakra, which means that while chanting Kling focus on your Heart Chakra, it will vibrte.

And Aing on the Agya Chakra or the Third Eye and Akarshay on the person and again Kling Kling Kling on the Heart Chakra.

4] Do this for 11 days.

5] After 11 days to use it take the photo of the person or imagine the picture in your mind and chant the Mantra 108 times. Do this in the night time.


  1. Despite doing yantra and mantra against enemy nothing is working against him. Please help with something so that enemy can face trouble and leave me and my family, something effective

    1. उड्डीस तंत्र में शिवजी रावण से कहते हैं -मारण प्रयोग व्यर्थ किसी के ऊपर न करना चाहिए .इसका प्रयोग अपनी रक्षा करने के निमित्त उस समय करना उचित है जबकि प्राण जाने की संभावना हो .(मारणं न वृथा
      कार्यं यस्य कस्य कदाचन ,प्राणांत संकटे जाते कर्तव्यं भूति मिच्छता )
      मारण कर्म में श्रम और धैर्य आवश्यक है .टोटकों से मारण नहीं होता ,न छुटपुट मन्त्र ही काम आते हैं .मारण के लिए नृसिंह महामंत्र को ही लें .पंचोपचार पूजा ,संकल्प के बाद नृसिंह कवच का पाठ कर दो पंक्तियों के मन्त्र का जप १६ मालाएं (१०८ x १६ )करना है .पुनः कवच पाठ करना है .ऐसा २१ दिनों तक करना है .शत्रु विध्वंशिनी त्रिशरा देवी प्रयोग में विनियोग,न्यास ,शापोद्धार मन्त्र की एक माला जप के बाद विध्वंशिनी मन्त्र दस माला (१०८ x १० )के साथ स्तोत्र का १००० पाठ ३ दिनों तक कर १००० आहुतियां देनी है .इसी तरह से बैरी नाशन महाकाल भैरव मन्त्र ,या महाकाली का कवच मन्त्र,या उड्डीस तंत्र में वर्णित आर्द्र पटेश्वरी देवी के मन्त्र है .इनमे प्रतिदिन ५-६ घंटे लगते हैं .इतना श्रम और धैय हो ,तभी सफलता मिलती है .

  2. Is Shukra Hora the same as Brahma muhurata (time op sunrise)? Am not Indian, so little bit difficult to understand. Thanks a lot.

  3. Dear Guruji, do u have a Kamdev stotra to become as handsome like Kamdev?

  4. Dear Guru sir,
    Pls give us a simple sadhana to increase height to 3-4 inches?

    1. Goat juice and you need to do prayers to Lord Shiva within bramha murta period


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