Amal to Get Magical Powers and Strength

Today, I have given information about  a very simple but a long and steady Sadhana for attaining Magical Powers. This is a Amal that is capable in giving you Ruhani Kuwwat, Kuwwat is power or strength. - Post By A Sadhak

The procedure of practicing this Sadhana for gaining Magical Powers is given below.

1] Start the Sadhana from Nauchandi

2] Sit facing the west direction

3] Light 2 incense sticks

4] Use a white colored Asan and white colored clothes

5] Do the Amal with Tasbeeh

8] Chant the Amal for a fixed number of chants daily

Before starting and after completing the chanting of the Amal read the Darood Sharif 11 times.

Amal to Get Supernatural Powers

Ya Rahmano
 या रहमानो 

This Amal needs to be chanted 18 lakh times or 1.8 million chants in all.

By doing this Amal Sadhana you will experience an increase in your outer and inner luster,  attraction powers and charm,  strength and power and some paranormal powers getting the vision of Peers and Fakirs and magical entities etc

After completing the Sadhana you will get the power to call Pirs and get their help.

You can also get the powers to remove any sort of black magic or Jinn or Shaitan from someone who has been possessed.

You will be able to know many things about others and get many such supernatural powers

To get full success in this Sadhna use Tofai Murtaza Naksh or Yantra.

Note- See the section on Muslim Mantras and Tantra for more such Magical Islamic Rituals. 


  1. Cud u pls also give us a sadhana for superhuman strength?

  2. Loved the article. Keep posting up the good stuff.

  3. What is the mantra sadhana to increase height?

  4. can we do it in morning and night ...means 2 time daily ...

  5. wat is meant by tofai murtaza yaksh sir?


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