Talisman to Remove Injustice

In this post, I have written about a Talisman for removing any kind of injustice, including being a victim of false and bogus allegations, unjust suspension from job, false legal cases and unfair arrest or unlawful detention.

This Talisman is a specific kind of Islamic Naqsh / Wazifa that has probably the same origins as that of a Yantra for similar purposes.

The Talisman can be useful for those people who have been treated unfairly and are the victims of the nefarious activities mentioned above.

The procedure of making and using this injustice removing Talisman is very basic and simple and it can either be prepared on a white colored piece of paper using black ink or embossed on a small square piece of metal and kept on the body.

Yantra / Talisman to Remove Injustice

If the Talisman is made on paper, it should be laminated so that it does not get torn and soiled.

As this is standalone Numerical Talisman, there is no need to perform any kind of religious or paranormal ritual while making and using the Yantra.

After the problem for which the Talisman has been prepared and worn has been resolved, it should be immersed in a flowing water body, like river, sea or a canal.

Notes –  Another Talisman for similar purposes, which was published a few years back can be seen here  - Charm for Fear of Injustice

A Jain Mantra Chant for regaining lost status and prestige can be seen here - Mantra for Regaining Lost Position

All information is based on reliable and authentic Tantric Texts. However, this site cannot vouch for the success or failure of these paranormal remedies.


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