This section contains the biggest and most diverse compilation of prepare at home magical, mystic. Rare and ancient Indian Yantras, Charms, Amulets and Talismans. These ancient mystical symbols have been proven and tested repeatedly to vibrate to the mystic and unknowns frequencies in the atmosphere.

Since the Vedic times, these Yantras have been used in India for diverse purposes like marriage, personal life problems, marital disputes, legal disputes, financial and money problems, job and job related problems, problems related to enemies, health, Vashikaran and Akarshan purposes, gain in progeny, prevention of accidents and in paranormal rites for preventing epidemics, drought, famines, wars, natural calamities and other such Hindu rituals to challenge the forces of nature.

We will try to update this section as much as possible to give the widest choice to the readers of this site.

Apart from the main topics given below, there are many Yantras contained in various others topics of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the topics on specific mantras.

Astrological Yantras
Charms, Amulets and Talismans
Indian Healing and Health Yantras
Magical Indian Love Charms
Money Yantras
Vashikaran Yantras


  1. Sir can i make yantra .i am hindu.
    becuse in muslim only aamil can make naqsh.

    1. Chutiyapa.. Everyone can make one. They spread lies. There's ba certain procedure but anyone can become an aamil.

  2. It is very help ful to give details of making copper "Powerful Yantra for Money" (size/dimensions & width) and which day is auspicious for making it, What are process to follow, and kindly if possible please provide on post for all Yantra - Thank You - Sattagalla

  3. hi im facing big problem someone stole my dads money it was in oct now its dec is there still a way we can restore my dad money back any mantra?

  4. Guruji, does using yantras give you a bad karma, or even a karma? In this life or another life


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