Money Yantras

These are various most powerful and specific Money Yantras. Money and wealth is what everyone dreams about; those who don’t have it, dream about it, those who have it want more and more of it. Sad but true! This is the age of Darkness the Kaliyuga and money is that commodity which fulfills most wants in life.

Over a period of time this site has been publishing posts of certain Yantras; normally found in ancient Indian scriptures, which are believed to have the properties of attracting vibrations said to be beneficial to those who desperately seek money.

However as usual I wish to put a disclaimer; you can try these Yantras, only if you have faith in them. If tried for the purposes of experimentation or fun they will not work.

Mahalaxmi Mantra/Yantra
Powerful Yantra for money
Mantra/Yantra for Money
Dhan Yash Devi Yantra
Yantra for immediate success
Yantra for success in gambling
Diwali Yantra for Gambling Success - 2
Yantra [Good Luck Charm] for Horse Racing
Yantra to increase business and trade
Yantra to Progress in Job
Yantras to remove obstacles in job
Yantra - Tantra for Getting Job Promotion
Yantra to Resolve Workplace Problems
Yantra for Chance to Travel Abroad
Yantra to do Business in Foreign Country
Powerful Navnath Yantra to increase Business
Yantra Sadhana for lifelong income
Dhan Prapti Yantra - Mantra
Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra
Sarvopari Yantra
Sarva Kalyan Mantra-Yantra
Money attracting Yantra for Puja Place
Yantras for Walls of Business Premises
Lucky Yantra [Charm] for Partnership Firm
Bhagavad Gita Mantra for Laxmi Prapti
Karz Mukti Yantra Upay
Yantra Tantra For Becoming An Actor
Yantra to Start a Newspaper
Sarva Kashta Mukti Bisa Yantra
Yantra to Get Loans
Money Problems and Shortages Removal Yantra
Yantra for Owning Dream Motor Vehicles
Yantra for Cash Box of Shop
Shiva Yantra Mantra for High Office
Yantra for Business Success
Powerful Bisa Yantra for Shop or Office
Yantra for Victory in Elections
Yantras for Getting Special Work Done
Yantra to Become Independent and Powerful
Sarva Siddhi Dayak Yantra
Yantras to Make Problems Vanish
Vyapar Aur Dhan Vriddhi Yantra
Indian Talisman for Gambling Success
Manokamna Purti Chautisa Yantra
Chamunda Yantra to get Success and Glory
15 Ka Yantra for Business
Chhattisa Yantra for Walls of Shop or Office
Choutisa Dhanda Yantra Siddhi Mantra
Pandrah Ka Yantra Mantra Sadhana
108 Ka Yantra for Success
Nagakesar Swastik Yantra for Wealth
Yantra for Getting Court Verdict in your Favor
Bala Tripura Sundari Bisa Yantra
Powerful All Benificial Yantra
Powerful Yantra for Security and Happiness
Yantra to Get Success By Kula or Ishta Devta
Yantra to Always Have Money
Taweez for Success and Good Luck
Good Luck Attraction Yantra for Ladies
Bahattar Ka Yantra for Good Luck
Talisman to Get Out of Debt and Shortage of Money
Talisman to Increase Sales and Customers of Shop
Talisman to Make a Shop or Office Grow and Prosper
Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra with Gayatri Mantra
Magical Yantra for Luck and Success
Yantra to Accurately Predict Winning Gambling Numbers
Yantra Prayog for Money Gains


  1. Dear Neel sir
    can we keep or carry 2/3 type of yantras in same place and same time.pls help us.

  2. guruji mughe jaana tha ki kanakdhara vidya kaise karte hai

  3. What are uses n benefits of kali haldi

  4. Guruji, kal ka kalyan or mumbai matka number jane keliye konsa mantra chant karna hai.

  5. I am suffering so many finance problems in my life

  6. Guruji, Namastey
    I have tried my level best to succeed and earn money but every time the result is the same. I fail and there is empel loss of money and my moral and confidence goes down.
    I'm suffering from bankruptcy. I owe lakes to people but still I haven't stopped the work I was doing.
    Can you please suggest me some thing that could help me in my work and make it a bit easier for me to grow in my work

    1. (1)अपनी बाधा और परेशानियों के नाश के लिए हनुमान जी की मूर्ति/ चित्र के सामने दीप जलाकर सुंदरकांड का पाठ प्रतिदिन करें .व्यस्तता के कारण यदि प्रतिदिन पूरा पाठ न कर सकें,तो 60 दोहों मे से प्रतिदिन 10 दोहों का पाठ करें
      (2) हर पूर्णिमा को प्रात:पीपलवृक्ष को जल चढ़ाएँ ,इसके अतिरिक्त पीपलवृक्ष की छाया मे खड़े रहकर लोहे के पात्र मे दूध मिला पानी लेकर वृक्ष की जड़ मे डालें .घर मे सुख समृद्धि होकर लक्ष्मी का वास रहता है.
      (3)गूलर की जड़ को कपड़े मे रख उसे ताबीज़ मे डालकर भुजा मे बांधें .
      (4)देवी लक्ष्मी की मूर्ति/ चित्र के समक्ष हर एकादशी को नौ बत्तियों वाला दीपक जलाएँ.
      (5)ऋण मोचन महा गण्पति स्तोत्र का प्रात: पाठ किया करें .छह माह मे ऋण निवारण हो जाएगा.

  7. Myself Deepak.
    If possible then please reply me on

  8. am facing financial problems, and am not working too. can you please assist me with something that could help me in my entire life and make my life better


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