Yantra to Accurately Predict Winning Gambling Numbers

This Yantra described by me in this post is a very powerful and effective Talisman to accurately predict or calculate the winning numbers of gambling games, like Satta, Matka, Lotto or Lottery or other number games in which the results are based upon numbers.

The Yantra is a most powerful paranormal and numerical remedy to win in gambling sports and it is composed of special numbers and the very strong and effective Mantra of the Mother Goddess – ॐ श्री श्री जगदम्बायै नमः -  Om Shree Shree Jagdambayai Namah

Jagdamba Mata is the Mother of the Universe and is also called as Ambika Mata, which is another name for Durga Mata, Bhavani Mata, Parvati Mata or the Adi Para Shakti who is also worshiped as the Mother of the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv Bhagwan.

Yantra to Accurately Calculate Winning Gambling Numbers

The Vidhi or procedure of making and using this Yantra to accurately calculate winning numbers in gambling games is given below.

1] The Yantra should be prepared on any auspicious day, like a Shubh Muhurat, Tithi or Yog or on the day of any Hindu Festival or on any Friday.

The practitioner should get up early, have a bath and wear fresh clothes before making the Yantra.

2] The Yantra can be prepared on a Bhojpatra using Raktchandana or Red Sandalwood as the ink and small pointed wooden stick as the pen or on a piece of white paper using a red colored pen.

3] Then, it should be placed on a wooden board or chowki and worshiped by lighting Diya and Dhoop before it.

3] If the Yantra has been prepared on a Bhojpatra, it should be put inside a silver locket and worn on the upper right hand and if it has been prepared on white paper, it can be laminated and kept on the body, in the pocket or purse.

Even though, the Yantra contains the name of the Adi Shakti Jagdamba Mata, the Tantra has not prescribed and special form of worship dedicated to the Universal Goddess for making and using this Yantra. However, the practitioner can always do “Smaran” of the Mantra.

The Hindi language video of this Yantra Remedy to accurately calculate winning numbers in gambling sports can be seen on our YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHN_ogzpVho 

Note- Other powerful Yantras, Talismans and Charms for gaining success in gambling games, speculative markets and number games can be seen in the section on Money Yantras and Remedies and other sections of this site.


  1. एक पुरानी पुस्तक से "जुआ में जीतने का यंत्र "उद्धृत है --
    इस यंत्र को अरंडी के पत्ते पर कौवे की पंख से काजल की स्याही बनाकर रात के समय पवित्र होकर लिखे .यह चौसठ कोष्ठ का यंत्र है .इसमें इस बत्तीस अक्षर के मन्त्र को अनुलोम और प्रतिलोम रीति से लिख लेवे -"मे खै र कं द ये रु पा क जि ज तं द नी च तः । छ दा वी य मं त्रं ते ष हे ष्टि वा मो क्षि ण पा त्रं ॥
    (यंत्र बनाकर धूप दीप से पूजा कर दाहिनी भुजा मे धारण कर लें .)
    नोट-मुझे कोष्ठ बनाकर उसमे अक्षर भरना नहीं आता.8 x 8 के हिसाब से 8 पंक्तियाँ होगी .हर पंक्ति मे आठ खाने होंगे ,इस प्रकार आठ पंक्तियों मे 64 खाने (कोष्ठ )बनेंगे .मन्त्र मे 32 अक्षर हैं .हर कोष्ठ मे एक अक्षर के हिसाब से शुरू के 32 कोष्ठ मे ये आ जाएंगे .ये अनुलोम हुआ .अब अंतिम 64 वें कोष्ठ से शुरू कर 33 वें कोष्ठ तक इन बत्तीस अक्षरों को भरें .यह विलोम हुआ .

  2. Namaste guruji,
    I'm in confusion because i cannot understand the way to use this. It must be only kept in home? or it must be kept on body? The number come trough dream, insights or how otherwise? The preparation is clear, but the use not.
    I'm sorry if this has been explained in video but i cannot understand the language, for the sake of me and the ones that cannot understand, please explain.
    Thanks for all that you are doing, information in this website proved very useful and saved my life even. I bow down to you.

    1. The Yantra should be prepared as described in the post and put in a metal locket and worn on the right upper hand or around the neck or it can be laminated and kept in the pocket or purse.
      The Yantra increases the chances of success in number games and increases luck in these games.
      It is not a Yantra for dream insights.

    2. Namaste guruji, thanks for the answer

  3. Caro swami neel .ti scrivo dall' italia.puoi darmi tu dei numeri ho bisogno.grazie.mia


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