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Shabar Mantra to Balance Shifted Navel

Displaced or Shifted Navel or Nabhi Ukhadna- Sarakna is basically a physical condition, which adversely affects the physical mental and health of the entire body. This condition is specific to Yoga and Kundalini Tantra, more specific to the Nabhi Chakra also called as the Third, Navel, Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra . In this post, I have described a Hindu Shabar Healing Mantra, which is attributed with the paranormal healing powers of balancing and bringing the Displaced Navel back to its original place.

Hypnotism By Eyes Mantra

In this post, a standalone Hypnotism or Sammohan Mantra as it is called in the Hindi language has been described by Ashok Mehta. This Mantra is said to enable the practitioner to cast a Voodoo Hypnotism Spell on any person by making eye-contact with that person. The procedure of attaining Mastery over this Hypnotism by eyes Mantra has be described below.

Laxmi Mantra for Unexpected Money

In this post, I have described a rare and unique Indian Paranormal Mantra Remedy to get a sudden windfall or unexpected gain of money, property or even a hidden treasure. This Akasmat Dhan Prapti Upay-Totka as this remedy for gaining unexpected money is known in Hindi makes the use of the Nagdaman Plant and the Shreem/Shrim Beej Mantra of the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance Laxmi.

Hanuman Mantra to Achieve Anything in the World

This is a very very powerful "Prayog" to achieve the most impossible things in life. Everyone knows about Sahasranamavali. Reciting Sahasranamavali of any god every day gives unbelievable results. Reciting Sahasranamavali of your Isht Dev 3 times in one sitting & taking Sankalp to remove the present difficulties removes the problems immediately.  – Ashok Mehta

Saraswati Mantra for Best Performance

Today I am describing a Saraswat Mantrai Sadhana, which is useful, unique and not published before by anyone for school going students to perform their best in their studies throughout the academic year. College students can also perform this Saraswati Mantra Sadhana for giving the best performance in their studies. – Anit Ranat

Dhumavati Mantra to Remove Enemies Forever

The Goddess Dhoomvati is the 7th of the 10 Goddesses of the Mahavidya or the 10 great knowledge streams of the Ever-Existent Eternal. The Dash Mahavidyas are nothing but the representation of the 10 basic facets of the Divine Mother, each representing a broad stream of Divine Knowledge, which make up the sum total of the whole manifested cosmic energy. The Goddess Dhoomvatii is part of the fearsome faces or attributes of the Divine Mother.

Predicting Future in Women from Symbols on Palms

Hasta Rekha Lakshan means the study of the lines, signs and symbols, which appear on the palms and their meaning and what they foretell.  In this post, I have written about the meaning of certain signs and symbols, which appear of the palms of women and what it predicts for the future.  These interpretations about the lines on the palms of women have been taken from an ancient Sanskrit work on palmistry, which, I have translated into English.

Secret Procedure to Attain Siddhi over Mantras

Today I want to share a secret procedure on how to attain Siddhi [Mastery] over Mantras. Such experiments are not usually shared to the general public. Such Mantra Prayogs are only known to the Aghori Sadhus and Gurus who do penance in the Himalayas. Even the temple Pandits and the everyday Gurus don't know about such Prayogs. – Ashok Mehta

Ram Mantra Remedy for Business Obstacles

This remedy, which makes the use of Peepal [Sacred Fig] leaf and a Shri. Ram Mantra has been shared by Amit Ranat. This particular for removing Business Obstacles, is a variation of the Peepal Leaf Remedy published on this site a few years back. This simple Indian paranormal remedy has many simple variations and any one of these variations can be used equally effectively to resolve and smoothen business and workplace related issues and problems.

Rock Salt Evil Eye Diagnosis and Removal Remedy

In this post, I have described a simple to practice paranormal home remedy, which is suitable for the lay-person who believes that he is a victim of the dreaded Evil-Eve or Buri Nazar as it is called in the Hindi Language. The Evil-Eye diagnosis and exorcism home remedy is practiced using Rock Salt [Sendha Namak or Khade Mith] a most commonly available and cheap ingredient readily available in any grocery store.

Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra for Mass Sammohan

This is the most  powerful Shabar  Kamdev Mantra for Vashikaran, which is to make the chanter of the Mantra appear beautiful, sensual, enchanting and attractive to everyone, including the members of  the opposite sex. This Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra has been shared by me recently but I am sharing a special Vashikaran Sammohan Prayog  through which a person will be able to hypnotize even his enemies and thousands of people in a snap. - Ashok Mehta

Mantra for Child Refusing to Be Breastfeed

The wordings and pronunciations of this Shabar Mantra might not make any kind of sense to most people, however, as per the Shabar Tantra Vidya; this is a Healing Spell for making an infant drink breast milk. This Shabar Mantra is said to be useful in making an infant who is refusing or cries,  hates and avoids to drink the breast milk of his mother do so.

Hanuman Mantras for Sade Sati ill Effects

This is a Hanuman Mantra Prayog which is the ultimate in getting rid of the malefic ill-effects of the dreaded astrological period of Shani Sadi Sati. The Mantra Prayog involves chanting the most powerful Hanuman Mantra which I had shared 2 months back and the Hanuman Chalisa. The procedure is very simple and very very effective in getting  rid of any kind of harmful and dangerous Graha dosh or Graha Peeda especially during   Sade Sati . - Ashok Mehta

Rare Karna Pishachini Mantra Experiment

In this post Ashok Mehta has written about a Karna Pishachini Mantra Experiment, which is different from most other Mantra Experiments, which are practiced to invoke and make the Karna Pishachini manifest and tell the Sadhak about the events which have happened in the past, events occurring in the present and events, which are going to occur in the future. This site has been providing its readers with many rare and unheard of  Karna Pishachini Mantra Prayogas over the past many years, which can be seen in the section of Future Mantras.

Pandrah Yantra for Navagraha Shanti

The Pandrah Yantra also called as Pandrah Che Yantra or Pandariya Yantra is considered to be one of the most powerful of the Hindu Yantras in the world. The Pandariya Yantra and its variations are worn and worshipped for a wide range of purposes including vashikaran, money, job, enemy problems, love, marriage, wealth, money and astrological purposes.  This Pandariya Yantra described by me in this post, which has been shared by Piyush Jaiswal is a variation, which is basically used for Navagraha Shanti.

Haridra Ganapati Mantra for Curing Impotence

In this post is described a Hraidra Ganapati Mantra Experiment shared by Ashok Mehta to resolve and cure the condition of impotence or Erectile dysfunction. By Ashok Mehta This is very simple and effective Ganesha Mantra to remove impotency and Veerya (Semen) Stambhan. The Mantra Siddhi or Mastery over this Ganesha Mantra is achieved by chanting mantra 1 lakh [100,000] times.

Money Attraction Charm using Hijra

In this post, I have written about a very simple and easy to practice Indian paranormal remedy to attract money and wealth, which is practiced making the indirect use of a Hijra or a person belonging to the transgender sex. The Hijra or Kinnar as the members of the third sex , eunuchs or transgenders are called in the Hindi language are a coming sight in the religious ceremonies of certain sections of Hindu society and are most commonly seen singing and dancing in marriage processions and birth ceremonies.

Mantra to Make Saraswati Devi Manifest

In this post, Ashok Mehta has written about a unique Mantra Experiment, which invokes the Goddess of Divine Knowledge and Learning Saraswati Devi to give a Darshan or Vision to the Sadhak. This Mantra Sadhana is said to make the Goddess Saraswati who is also the Mother of the Vedas to manifest in person before the Sadhak, clean his mind of impurity, and fulfill his desires.

Rudraksha Water Therapy for Cough and Colds

In this post, I have explained a simple, yet effective form of healing cough and colds and the accompanying headache using Rudraksha Water Healing Therapy. The Cheh Mukhi Rudraksha or the Six Faced Rudraksha Beads are used to perform this remedy. For practicing this remedy, 2 Six Faced Rudraksha Beads have to be kept immersed in clean drinking water in a washed copper or stainless vessel for about a minimum period of three hours.

Meaning of Dreams About Fruits Trees and Flowers

In this post, I have described unique meanings for dreams about trees, flowers, fruits, greenery and forests and actions connected to them. These interpretations for these specific dreams on vegetation are primarily based upon the Indian Tantra on Swapna Phal and Rahasya. As usual, like in all my earlier articles on dreams and their meanings, readers can take these dream interpretations as basic guidelines because there are numerous other factors, which are essential for dream to become reality.

Complete Details of Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana

I want to share a very very rare and complete Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana. This kind of Mantra Sadhana is not usually shared to the general public as it is a Shakti Siddhi Mantra Prayoga, which is practiced using an extremely powerful Baglamukhi Mantra for getting her Pratyaksh Darshan and getting your wishes fulfilled. This is a very rare Mantra Sadhana and should only be done by advanced Sadhaks or Yogis.  If a person is not an advanced Sadhak then he should do this Mantra Sadhana only under proper guidance.  – Ashok Mehta

Meanings of Dreams About Different People

Dreams in which you visualize different persons performing or doing different actions or activities have been attributed with specific meanings in the Indian paranormal texts, especially the Swapna Phal Tantra and Rahasya.  In this post, I have compiled a listing of the specific meanings and interpretations of dreams about a diverse range of people and the interaction of the dreamer with these persons in dreams.

Gayatri Mantra Remedy for Toothache

In this post, I have described an interesting paranormal Hindu Healing Mantra Remedy for getting relief from toothache. This Mantra Remedy makes the use of the most powerful Gayatri Mantra along with a special Tantra to perform this Gayatri Mantra Remedy. The Tantra used for practicing this Mantra Remedy is somewhat similar to another Mantra Remedy for getting relief from tooth pain, which was published on this site many years back. The earlier remedy, which makes the use of a Shabar Healing Mantra Chant can be seen here – Mantra for paining teeth and gums

Maha Bhairava Mantra to turn Silver into Gold

I want to share a very rare, magical, miraculous and divine Maha Bhairava Mantra Experiment, which magically makes Silver turn into Gold. The Maha Bhairav Mantra has to be Mastered in order to perform this Mantra Experiment. The method of getting Siddhi over the Bhairav Mantra and the procedure of practicing the Mantra Experiment is explained below. – Ashok Mehta

Magical Yantra having Several Different Uses

This is a special Yantra, which can be used in different ways for several purposes. In the Hindi language, this Yantra is known as the Vividh Karya Ke Istemal Ka Shaktishali Yantra. This Yantra, which comprises of the numbers 2, 4. 6 and 8 vibrates to the numerological frequency of the number 20.  In the post, below, I have explained the method of preparing and using this Yantra for three very important applications.

Ram Mantra to Quit Hardest Addictions

In this post, Ashok Mehta has written about a Shri Ram Mantra Experiment, which if performed with firm determination and self-belief will remove even those addictions, which are said to be the hardest to quit.  The Mantra Sadhana will be very beneficial to those people who are attempting desperately to get quit addictions like addiction to cards, gambling and games of chance, drugs and narcotic substance abuse, alcohol and cigarettes .

Mantra for getting Hanuman to give Answers in Dreams

This is a Hanuman Mantra Sadhana in complete detail on how to get all your questions answered in dreams by none other than Lord Hanuman himself. This is 11-12 day long Mantra Sadhana during, which the Sadhak has to observe absolute fast, which means only eating once a day and not eating any fast-food items, fruits, or milk during the day. It is said that Lord Hanuman used to the observe toughest of fasts and hence the Sadhak should also do the same- Ashok Mehta

Hanuman Mantra to Live for 100 Years

In this post, Ashok Mehta has described a most powerful and effective lifelong Hanuman Mantra Experiment to live happily for a 100 years by becoming free from diseases and ailments.  This is excellent Satvik Mantra Prayoga, which ensures good health for life with the blessings of Hanuman. By Ashok Mehta This is a very simple Hanuman Mantra, which has been taken from the Shree Hanuman Ashtottara Shatanamavali, which is a Hindu Devotional Prayer comprising of the 108 names of Lord Hanuman. This Hanuman Mantra has to be chanted 22500 times daily for 40 days.

On Acceptance of Donations By Gurus

This is an interesting article on the acceptance of Donations or Dakshina in return for Divine Knowledge or Mantra, Tantra and other paranormal services like Upay, Totke and Nuskhe sent by Prekshit Sharma. By Prekshit Sharma I pay respects to you for such a selfless thing of giving Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Astrology, Vaastu knowledge and tips.

Mantra for Regaining Lost Strength and Energy

In today’s times of fierce no hold bar competition and one-upmanship in employment or business most people unused to this kind of lifestyle end up being completely drained of energy, strength and vitality. Such people more often than not lose either their appetite or their interest in food, which is essential in nourishing the body. For the people who are feeling drained, lethargic and depressed, I have described a very easy to practice Mantra Remedy for regaining the lost strength and energy.

Yantra to Destroy Sexual Desire

The Yantra described below in this post, which has been sent by Piyush Jaiswal is used for the specific purpose of destroying the desire of having sexual intercourse. This Yantra should be especially useful from those Sadhaks who are engaged in various Mantra Sadhana, which require them to strictly refrain from engaging in any kind of sexual activity during the period of the Mantra Experiment. It could also be useful to those persons whose minds are hyperactive active about anything to do with sex and are all the time thinking about this topic.

Simple Tantric Upay for Court Cases

This is a simple to practice Kali Haldi-Gomti Chakra Upay for getting the upper hand and emerging victorious in court cases, litigations, arbitrations and any other legal disputes before of court of law or any other competent authority. This remedy is from the Indian Tantra to get success in court matter or Court Kacheri Me Safalta Prapti Ke Totke or Upay as it is called in the Hindi language.

Simple Ritual to Worship Brahma Vishnu and Shiva

In this post, I have described a very simple and easy to perform ritual for those Satvik followers of Hinduism who wish to worship the Hindu Divine Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva together at the same time. This simple Tantra of worshipping the Holy Trinity has been described in the Vanaspati Tantra, which says that the Puja Ritual will act and give benefits in the same manner like a strong prayer to the Divine Trinity.

Most Powerful Lakshmi Mantra for Money and Wealth

Today I want to share a Mantra, which is a most powerful Mantra for getting every kind of wealth, including money and property. This Mantra is very quick to show results and is very simple to chant. This is Kamala Devi Mantra, Kamala Devi is one of the 10 Goddesses of the Dash Mahavidyas. She is also known as the Tantrik Lakshmi. This Mantra is more powerful than any Lakshmi mantra or even the Kanakdhaara Stotra. The Mantra Experiment has the power to provide bestow  Raj –Yog upon the practitioner  if done carefully and by adhering to all the rules, which, I have mentioned below- Ashok Mehta

Mantra Sadhana to Activate Shiva Tattva

There are numerous explanations and definitions available for the state of existence known as the Shiva or Shiv Tattva, which is considered to be the highest state of consciousness and existence. Shiva Tattva is that state of consciousness, which is most sought after by true Yogis, Spiritualists, Seekers of the Unknown, Practitioners of Non-Duality and Kundalini Awakening all over the world.

Fast Working Ganpati Mantra for Money

This is a fast working Ganapati Mantra for attracting and getting all kinds of wealth, money, luxuries and wished for items for making life happy and contented. The Ganpati Mantra Sadhana if performed as described below with full faith and belief in Ganesha, provides every type of wealth, food, land, fame, respect, honor, vehicles, etc in a very short period. Post By Ashok Mehta

Hanuman Krur Grah Kalesh Nivaran Mantra

This Hanuman Mantra Remedy to break free from the clutches of malefic and planets in the Kundali makes the use of a very popular and much chanted Hanuman Mantra along with a specific Tantra. This Mantra Experiment is also most useful in removing the harmful effects of badly aspected cruel planets in the horoscope, especially North Node, South Node and Saturn.

Indian Paranormal Experiment using Dog

In Hindu Tantra Shastra, there is a specific Tantra, called the Shvan Tantra, which describes certain paranormal experiments, which are practiced using the body parts of a dog. This Tantra is among those Tantras, which are still practiced in secrecy by some sects of Aghori Tantriks in remote and secluded places like graveyards and mountainous regions. In this post, I have described a few selected paranormal experiments , which make the use of the body parts of a dog.

Venus Mantra for Material Wealth and Luxuries

Apart from Love and Romance, the Planet Venus also symbolizes material wealth and luxuries. Astrology attached great importance to the strength of Venus in the horoscope of an individual to determine whether he or she will enjoy material wealth. There are numerous Mantra, Yantra, Lal Kitab and Astrological Remedies to enjoy the beneficial effect of Venus. The Mantra Experiment to enjoy material wealth described in the post by Ashok Mehta is a most powerful and effective remedy to attract the beneficial vibrations of Venus.

Mantra for Gaining Superior Intelligence

In this post, I have written about a verse from the Narayani Stuti, which has been attributed with the divine powers of enhancing the brain functions of the chanter and making his intelligence superior to that of his peers. Readers should remember that Great things achieved by Great People in the history of humanity were primarily the result of superior intellect.

The Myth and Legend behind Ashwathama

The story, myths and legends surrounding Ashwathama, the great warrior from the Mahabharata, who is believed to be one of the Sapta Chiranjeevi or the Seven Immortals of Hinduism, evoke great curiosity and interest.  It is said that even today Ashwathama exists and many people have claimed to have seen and conversed with him.

Shri Krishna Mantra For Saving Loss of Reputation

In this post, Ashok Mehta has described a simple and easy to perform Mantra Sadhana using a simple yet most powerful Shri Krishna Mantra to resolve specific problems relating to fake allegations, defamation and loss of reputation. The Mantra is useful for those people who are at the receiving end of bogus charges and character assassination done by their enemies, business rivals, jealous colleagues, family members or gossipmongers.

Hindu Prophecies and End of World

The Srimad Bhagavatam also called as the Bhagavata Purana, is considered to be one of the most sacred of the Hindu religious composition, which contains the path to the realization of the true nature of God and achieving Mukti or freedom from the bondage, which prevents the Soul from knowing it real nature. The Bhagavata Purana.also contains some of the most startling predictions relating to end times of the Age of Darkness, the Kali Yuga.

Pomegranate Tree Remedy for Getting Money

The parts of Pomegranate Tree or the Anar Ka Ped are widely used in various Indian Paranormal Tantric Remedies, the most common one being the use of its wood as a writing instrument in the preparation of numerous Yantras. The Pomegranate Tree also has a special place in Vanaspati Tantra .  In this post, I have described an interesting paranormal remedy, which is said to attract the Money and Finance, which is needed to construct a House on a Plot of Land, which has been purchased by the practitioner. This remedy is also relevant and useful for the followers of Vastu Shastra.