The Myth and Legend behind Ashwathama

The story, myths and legends surrounding Ashwathama, the great warrior from the Mahabharata, who is believed to be one of the Sapta Chiranjeevi or the Seven Immortals of Hinduism, evoke great curiosity and interest.  It is said that even today Ashwathama exists and many people have claimed to have seen and conversed with him.

Ashwathama was the son of Guru Dronacharya, who was the son of Bharadwaja, one of the Saptarishi or Seven Divine Sages of Hinduism and grandson of Devrishi Brihaspati, the Guru of the Devas.

The character of Ashwathama assumed great importance during the closing stages of the Great War of the Mahabharata and became the central personality as the war concluded.

Some sources say that Ashwathama’s birth was the result of  a severe penance undertaken by Guru Dronacharya to please Shiva and gain his blessing in order to beget a most powerful and God-Like son.  These sources also believe that Ashwathama is a manifestation of none other than Shiva and address him as Shivrupi Ashwathama.

As per these sources, after killing the sons of the Pandavas, Ashwathama used the Brahmastra against Arjuna. Arjuna was advised by Shri Krishna to respond with a Shaivastra, Arjuna directed the Shaivastra in the direction of the Brahmastra and was able to pacify the Brahmastra.

However as the Brahmastra was unstoppable it redirected in the direction of the Womb of Uttara, the daughter in law of Arjuna and destroyed the unborn fetus, which was miraculously brought to life by Shri Krishna.

After this, Shri Krishna along with the Pandavas bowed before the feet of [Charno Me Pranam] Ashwathama and started chanting Stuti [Prayer in the form of Praise] of the Shivrupi Ashwathama.

I am well aware that there are major fundamental differences in this article and that of most other versions relating to the events, which are described in this article.


  1. There are only two words (Total Rubbish) that may come to the mind of any person who read original source i.e. MahaBharta by Krishnan Dvepayan or VedVyas as most popular)or the personal who is rational and not blindly trusts or follow books/authors with shallow intellect, motive, or is funded by some miscreants.

    Most Indians are not Intellectuals, they never try to cross-check anything told/written with origional,apply minds or in other words Research on anything thats not going to help them financially.Leave apart the Literary pleasure.
    In India, some 'Chelas' who're mostly always 'Idiots' tend to say X is the incarnation of lord Shiva, so is Y and Z.(Balak Nath, GorakhNath bla bla)
    Actually, their Indian's ancestors were Mega Intelligent and Intellectuals but because of their literary skills and interest they used to write their most works in literary style such as in modern day some most popular newspapers makes huge use of Idioms, new Slangs etc. that most literary people prefer to read to develop their vocabulary.
    In cut Short let us come to the story:

    1- Aswathama is living.
    Fact: Aswathama (son of Dronacharya) is dead. No body can survive 5152 years even incarnations. But, Indeed Aswathama (Characters) do survive who never thoughts even once before doing any heinous crime to women, pregnant ladies, infants and children who can cause no harm to anyone.

    Saying 2:Krishana bowed his head before this heinous criminal.
    Fact: Please do study the original text and you would come to know how strong words and feeling he had and action he suggested.


    1. You are very ignorant, do you even know who is Gorakshnath? He descends down Himalayas whenever the concept of yoga is forgotten. He is shiva Rupa,incarnation of shiva. And he is still alive along with his 84 disciples. And it is possible to live a million years let alone thousand. Do you know about saptarishis? They are existing since the creation. Degradation and corruption of humans is nothing new, it occurs from time to time and then they uplift again.

      Coming to Ashwathama and curse- Curses are real,but there only two ways for your curses to be effective, first is that you never lied even once,then all your said words come true instantly .Second is through tapa, you get the power to curse.

      Ashwathama was immortal till the end of existence itself,such was the boon granted to him,and There are other immortals living too.However,their immortality is restricted to either certain yugas or till the end of existence.

      Ashwathama was already a superhuman,bestwoed with many powers when he was cursed,his immortality turned into a punishment of exile from civilization until the very end(kaliyuga), so he stays away from civilization. With leprosy having it's effects on his body. I too was an ignorant but not as much as you. Yes,there are too many lies around and we sought proof for each and everything.i did.

      But when you dive deeper,you find the truth at the core of the sea of lies.

      You can't meet Ashwathama,unless he doesn't want, he is no random guy you are searching for.He wanders across Bharatwarsha since eons. He was here even before Mahabharata.

      You can live long too.But why do i tell you? For fools like you are better left in their own pithole of delusion and ignorance.
      And Research over Gorakshnath.

  2. If you are so excited knowing this. Then let me tell you about saptarishis, they are still alive and watching us, they have lived for many chaturyugas already... And not just that, Guru dattatreya is still present in Gir forest/parvat of Gujrat. Moreover, there's something called "Siddhashram" which you need to google over. I request you to not publish this comment but read it only for yourself. After researching, you may publish your researches on anything but not siddhashram, it's just for your information ,for you to know that are several thousands, rishis ,yogis, sadhus, sadhaks on advanced levels who live there and not just that, Ancient rishis live/visit there as well. Guru gorakshnath, Guru matasyendranath, both are alive and still live there,both are manifestations of shiva, along with their 84 siddhas, who were their primary students. Shri krishna,Dronacharya,Bhism are alive as well and live there.

    There's too much to tell about that invisible guarded land, called "mahahimalaya"," siddhashram" or "neelkhand", where every true sadhak strives to go.

    1. I fully agree with you Pyiush. One must learn that astha gets stronger by believing and is seen. One must read the book entitled " Bharitya Prateek Vidya" by Dr. Janardan Mishra to get the correct answers to these curiosities.

    2. Fully agree with what Piyush said. But, is it really worth your time arguing with a fool?

    3. how do you know so much about siddhashram? Can you tell me about how to go there? Also please share other high level spiritual secrets...

  3. अश्वथामा बलिर्व्यासो हनूमांश्च विभीषणः।
    कृपः परशुरामश्च सपतैते चिरजीविनः।।


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