Mantra for getting Hanuman to give Answers in Dreams

This is a Hanuman Mantra Sadhana in complete detail on how to get all your questions answered in dreams by none other than Lord Hanuman himself. This is 11-12 day long Mantra Sadhana during, which the Sadhak has to observe absolute fast, which means only eating once a day and not eating any fast-food items, fruits, or milk during the day. It is said that Lord Hanuman used to the observe toughest of fasts and hence the Sadhak should also do the same- Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
The method of performing the Hanuman Mantra Experiment for getting Hanuman to answer your questions in dreams is given below.
The Hanuman Mantra Sadhana has to be started on a Shukla Paksha Tuesday at night after 10 PM.
2. The Sadhak should sit facing the South Direction on a red colored Aasan.
3. He should make a Hanuman idol of Rakt Chandan and do Pran Prathishta of the Hanuman Murti.
4. The Sadhak should take a the red colored seat,  which is normally used during Ganesh Chaturthi with Shubh Labh, etc written over it and keep a red colored cloth over it and then, keep the Pran Prathishthith Hanuman  idol over it and sprinkle  Sindoor over the idol.
5. In the time between the making of the idol and keeping it on the seat, the Sadhak must make sure that the idol is not touching the ground and keep it on an elevated place. He must also make sure that the idol is kept in an extremely clean place.
6. Then the Sadhak should light a Sesame oil lamp or Mustard oil lamp or a Pure Ghee lamp.  He should use Kaccha Sut (raw cotton) thread for preparing the Baati (wick) for lighting the lamp.
7. Then he should light incense sticks in front of the Hanuman Murti.
8. After this, the Sadhak should offer a Naivedya of Churma.  If Churma is not available then he should offer Gud Chana and keep it in front of the idol.
9. Then the Sadhak should pray to Lord Ganesha, Ram-Sita, and Mahadev for success in the Hanuman Mantra Sadhana.
10. After this, the Sadhak should chant the 11 to 21 rounds of this Hanuman Mantra using a Red Coral Counting Rosary or a Rudraksh Rosary.  The more the Mantra is chanted the more amazing the results.
11. After completing the Mantra Chanting, the Sadhak must eat his dinner and sleep there itself next to the Hanuman Murti on a red colored cloth.
12. The same procedure must be followed for 11 days.
13. On the 11th or 12th day, Lord Hanuman will give Darshan in a dream and solve the problems of the Sadhak and answer his questions.

Rare and Secret Mantra for getting Hanuman to give Answers in Dreams
Hanuman Mantra  to get Answers in Dreams

Guidelines -
1. The Naivedya should not be eaten.  The Naivedya of the first day has to kept in front of the idol for 24 hours. When you do the sadhana on the second day, collect the first day's Naivedya in a vessel and keep it in a refrigerator. Do this every day.
2. On the 12th day in the morning, give the Naivedya collected during the 11 days to a Brahman.
3. On 12th night or within the 11 days itself, Lord Hanuman will give you Darshan and help you out.
4. The more you chant the Mantra, better will be its effects. It is said that if done with intense devotion, Lord Hanuman will give you Pratyaksh Darshan.
5. Maintain complete Brahmacharya during the course of the Mantra Sadhana.
6. There are optional rules - doing the Mantra Sadhana in a remote place, maintaining Maurn Vrat and eating only fruits during the 11 days.  These rules are not necessary but if someone follows these rules then the person will surely get success.
7. Do not eat foods with garlic and onion and do not eat spicy foods.
8. When Lord Hanuman gives Darshan do not get scared and chant "shri ram jai ram jai jai ram" until the fear goes away.
9. During the 11 days only sleep on a red colored cloth next to the Hanuman Idol.
10. After completing the mantra Sadhana, do Visarjan of the Hanuman Mutri according the proper rituals or keep the idol in your home and worship it daily.


  1. ashok sir, what is the common procedure to pranaprathist lord hanuman idol?

  2. Ashok Sir,u have written if this mantra is chanted properly Hanumanji gives Pratyaksh Darshan,but sir i want to know what is the DIFFERENCE between getting darshan of Hanuman by this mantra and by VEER Sadhanas?i always wanted to know about this fact....Please specify me SIR....

  3. Sir if we do this remote place how can we give that naivedya to Brahmin because no people will be there,and naivedya will get spoiled if we keep that for 12 days because in remote places refrigerators will not be there please please suggest sir what can be done in such cases

    1. It would be very helpful sir to me sir if you clear my doubt

  4. has any one benefited by this mantra ?

  5. Can we start it on Saturday?


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