Maha Bhairava Mantra to turn Silver into Gold

I want to share a very rare, magical, miraculous and divine Maha Bhairava Mantra Experiment, which magically makes Silver turn into Gold.

The Maha Bhairav Mantra has to be Mastered in order to perform this Mantra Experiment. The method of getting Siddhi over the Bhairav Mantra and the procedure of practicing the Mantra Experiment is explained below. – Ashok Mehta

1. From an auspicious day like a Shubh Tithi or Muhurat, this Maha Bhairav Mantra should be chanted in a Shivalay facing the north direction.
2.The Maha Bhairava Mantra has to be chanted 125000 times within a period of 40 days in order to gain Siddhi over the Mantra.
3.This is the Anushthan for first time.  This Anushthan has to be repeated 3 times.
4. Every Anushthan has to be done in a Shivalay and has to be commenced from a day, which has great significance in Hinduism.
5. The Sadhak must light a Pure Ghee lamp and incense sticks.  The Ghee Lamp should not be extinguished during the Mantra Chanting.
6. After doing all 3 Anushthan, Dashansh Havan, Tarpan and Maarjan should be performed.
7.After that, on an auspicious day or a Monday, the Sadhak has to take a silver article, which he wants to convert into gold.
8.Then he has to take 3 Parts Mercury, 9 Parts Zinc and mix them in an earthen vessel.
9.After that he should use a Saag-Patra liquid extract and carefully pour it over the mixture of Zinc and Mercury.
10. The mixture will burn away and the ash will remain. The Sadhak has to collect all of this ash and Abhimantrit it by holding a fistful of the ash and chanting the Bhairav Mantra 108 times.
11. After infusing the ash,  the Sadhak should smear the ash all over the Silver Article and the Silver Article will turn into Gold. If the ash falls short then the Sadhak can repeat the procedure.

Magical Indian Maha Bhairava Mantra to turn Silver into Gold
Maha Bhairava Mantra to turn Silver into Gold

Success in such Divine, Magical and Miraculous Mantra Sadhanas are only in the hands of God. Other than converting Silver into Gold, after attaining Siddhi over this mantra, if chanted 108 times daily, the Sadhak’s house will be filled with Gold and he will never be lacking in material happiness.


  1. Sir, could you drop a post explaining marjan and tarpan to the minute details.

  2. गुरु महाराज चरण स्पर्श,
    What if i chant for 125000 times and then after 108 times Daily . Will i b full of rich and blessed whole life.

    1. This post has been written primarily to give educational information on Indian Mantrik Practices.

    2. For getting Siddh over the mantra one has to do the above Anushthan 3 times. After that, one can chant 108 times daily if you want

  3. I want to know what is saag-patra liquid extract guruji can u please tell me.

  4. Could you please post the mantra in english??

  5. 3 anushthan means we have to chant 375000 times to siddh?
    and what is saag patra?

  6. Please can you post translation or pronounciation of mantra in english sir?

  7. how can i get darshan of lord shiva


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