Predicting Future in Women from Symbols on Palms

Hasta Rekha Lakshan means the study of the lines, signs and symbols, which appear on the palms and their meaning and what they foretell.  In this post, I have written about the meaning of certain signs and symbols, which appear of the palms of women and what it predicts for the future.  These interpretations about the lines on the palms of women have been taken from an ancient Sanskrit work on palmistry, which, I have translated into English.

The woman who has a sign of a Kamal [Lotus Flower] on her palm is a darling of her rich and wealthy husband. She becomes the mother of a child who is destined to oppose and expose or be the cause of the downfall of powerful people or successfully triumph over powerful people.

A Nandyavarta also called as the Ashtamangala Symbol on the soft palms of a woman foretells that she is destined to be the wife of a Chakravarti Samrat [Emperor]. In today’s times a Chakravarti Samrat could mean a Powerful Prime Minister or President of a powerful nation or a Business Magnate.
Hasta Rekha Lahshan or Hindu Study pf Palmistry

If the lines of the left palm of a woman resemble a Tarazu [Weighing Scale] or Fish, then she is destined to be the wife of a businessman. She will always be adorned with jewels and jewellery and Laxmi will be kind to her.

A woman having a sign of a Lotus Flower, Shankha [Counch Shell], or Chatri Umbrella] is a Pativrata [Chaste and faithful Wife]. Such a woman is beautiful and becomes a Rajmata [Queen Mother]. Rajmata in today’s time means the mother of very powerful and influential persons.

If the lines on the left palm of a woman are deep, well defined, soft and clear then she is said to be most auspicious for her husband.  If the lines are round and circular then she will have a happy married life having good fortune, she will become a mother of good children. She will also hold a high position in activities related to welfare and charity.

A woman having symbols resembling a Bull, Snake, Scorpion, Frog, Fox or Wagtail, Titvi or Cat on her left palm is short tempered and has a quarrelsome temperament.

A woman having the clear symbols of a Goad, a straight Arrow and Plait on her palm has a good character and becomes the wife of a rich and wealth man. If the lines on the palms resemble thick vehicle like shapes, she has an immoral and loose character or is the keep of a businessman.

If a line on the palm of a woman starts from the base of the thumb and reaches the little finger, she will be the cause of the downfall or destruction of her husband.

Symbols resembling a sword. Mace, spear, mridangam or deer on the palms indicate that the woman possesses lady like qualities and has an unselfish and charitable nature.


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